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JR has to call Wrestlemania

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Think about it, the 2 main announcers, Cole and Lawler have a match, so obviously they cant call the whole show. I would keep them off camera the entire time until its time for their match. Josh Matthews is too inexperienced to call PbP on the biggest show of the year. Booker and Striker are color not play by play so the only choice is JR. Unless im missing someone.
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You think he is going to do the whole show or part of it?
doubt he'll call the whole show.

if Cole calls Wrestlemania, JR should not. Cole is fucking annoying with JR and doesn't know how to keep his character in check. besides, no one wants bickering through wrestlemania, save that shit for shows and stuff. no, JR won't be paired with Cole on the chair.

however, after Cole vs. Lawler, for the last two matches, they can bring JR out and he can call the main events.
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