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Good 'ole JR.


The Boston WWE fans at WWE's Royal Rumble came through big time with a full house at the home of the Celtics. Great job 'Bean Town' as the late, great Gorilla Monsoon would have said.

I loved the Tom Brady line from the Miz but expected it later in the show. It made me laugh and it was for the live audience primarily as most NFL fans don't like Brady any way.

Miz wins and retains his WWE Title ala Ric Flair and the NWA Title back in the day which add credence to my 'expert opinion' that Miz is a 'beatable champion.' That's not a knock on Miz and anyone who actually understands the biz should know such.

John Morrison's leap of faith to the security wall and show of athleticism will be on many future Royal Rumble highlight packages. I thought Morrison might last a little longer in the RR match but that one interval served Morrison well.

Dolph Ziggler reminds me somewhat of the great Pat Patterson of many years gone by not to mention that the athletic Ziggler has some Mr. Perfect traits as well. Ziggler can become very, very good in time especially when he becomes more comfortable on the mic. However with heat seeking missile Vickie Guerrero aligned with Dolph, Ziggler's need to talk isn't a priority....yet.

Great ovations from where I was sitting at home in my old La-Z-Boy for both Booker T and Kevin Nash. Good to see both men looking physically fit and the Boston crowd ate up both stars surprise appearances. I have no idea if their Royal Rumble appearances were one offs or if they will be hanging around WWE at least on a part time basis. Both have skills that they can add to the mix even if they don't step back into a wrestling ring.

Ezekiel Jackson is VERY strong but when the powerhouse single handily eliminated the World's Largest Athlete it seemed to fly under the radar. Jackson is one guy that does need increased mic time. Zeke has an intimidating look.

Vickie Guerrero may not be called a manager or valet but that's essentially what she is for Dolph Ziggler. With that said, Vickie is very good and is as disliked a TV persona as anyone on either roster along with Michael Cole.

The Sign Guy gets great seats. I wonder if he can get me a pair for the Super Bowl. I need two Rick.

Who would have thought going into the Royal Rumble Match that Hornswoggle would have had such a featured role? Will Horney's success bode well for his hometown Green Bay Packers team in SB45?

I learned that the NFL All Star game has become as compelling as the no defense played NBA All Star game and that the State of Hawaii likely lost a bundle on the game by the looks of all the empty seats in Aloha Stadium.

CM Punk had a MVP like performance Sunday night and impressed me on numerous exchanges both athletically and with his facial expressions. Looks like Punk vs. Orton is going to be on the WM27 menu unless I'm wrong and, BTW, that happens frequently. Bottom line....good night for Punk.

I learned that the King has apparently developed a great deal of patience with his colleague Michael Cole as a couple of times I thought Jerry was going to at least verbally cut loose on the 'Voice of the WWE.' Cole seems bullet proof but is walking a thin line with Lawler.

I suggest that Cole needs to be careful when dealing with King or he just might find himself in a situation that has Cole singing 'A Stranger in Paradise.' Speaking from one as has had some painful in ring experience those moments aren't always so positive.

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lol at the shot at the Pro Bowl. I will say they do play D in the NBA All Star Game...in the second half ...if the game is close.

But that isn't here or there, good insight from JR.
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