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History of John Cena's 10-time WWE Champion, one of the greatest superstars in WWE history. Still the biggest star with many years left in the company.
Astonishing accomplishments.
Amazing legacy.
Incredible career.

By: Joey Styles

1. APRIL 3, 2005
As WrestleMania 21 went Hollywood at the STAPLES Center, Cena won his first WWE Championship from the double-tough Longhorn Loudmouth, JBL with an Attitude Adjustment.

2. JANUARY 29, 2006
At the 2006 Royal Rumble in Miami's American Airlines Arena, Cena regained the WWE Championship he lost to Edge just three weeks earlier. The Rated-R Superstar had cashed in the first-ever Money In The Bank contract at New Year's Revolution, moments after an exhausted Cena had just retained the title within the Elimination Chamber.

3. SEPTEMBER 17, 2006
A Toronto crowd was evenly split in their allegiance as the hometown favorite, Edge, lost the WWE Championship at Unforgiven in a match he pioneered; Tables, Ladders and Chairs. In handing the Rated-R Superstar his first-ever TLC Match loss, Cena used an Attitude Adjustment from atop a ladder to send Edge crashing through stacked tables. Cena would hold this particular WWE Title for more than a year before ultimately having to relinquish it due to injury.

4. SEPTEMBER 13, 2009
After chasing Randy Orton for months, Cena finally captured his sixth World Title in Montreal's Bell Centre, trapping The Viper in the STF at Breaking Point and making him scream “I Quit!”

5. OCTOBER 25, 2009
Beaten but not broken after losing the title to Orton inside Hell in a Cell, Cena received his WWE Championship rematch in a grueling One-Hour, Anything Goes WWE Iron Man Match at Bragging Rights. Forget Iron Man - it seemed all of The Avengers combined couldn’t stop Cena once he entered Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena!

6. FEBRUARY 21, 2010
With Elimination Chamber experience on his side, Cena captured the WWE gold within the steel structure after outlasting former champion Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston and Ted DiBiase. The victory in St. Louis' Scottrade Center represented the shortest title reign in Cena's history, as Batista has been granted an impromptu match moments later and took the championship from Cena's prone, unconscious body.

7. MARCH 28, 2010
With the brightest spotlight in of all entertainment upon him at WrestleMania XXVI, John Cena bested “The Animal” Batista at the University of Phoenix Stadium, winning his seventh WWE Championship in a match the WWE Universe is still buzzing about.

8. MAY 1, 2011
At Extreme Rules in Tampa's St. Pete Times Forum, John Cena defeated both titleholder The Miz and the gravity-defying John Morrison in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. The Superstar who was once known as the "Dr. of Thuganomics" was now becoming recognized as WWE’s man of steel.

9. JULY 25, 2011
Upon winning the WWE Championship declared vacant after CM Punk’s WWE contract expired while The Second City Saint was still the titleholder, Rey Mysterio defended his first WWE Championship the same night he won it: on Raw, in Green Bay, and against John Cena. Despite almost pulling off the upset, defeating both The Miz and Cena on the same night proved too much for Mysterio, and Cena’s WWE Championship reign count had climbed to nine.

10. SEPTEMBER 18, 2011
Cena lost the Undisputed WWE Championship Match to CM Punk at SummerSlam as a result of referee Triple H’s bad call. He then witnessed Kevin Nash’s shocking return to WWE as the 7-footer powerbombed Punk after his monumental victory. To make matter worse, Cena could could only watch in disbelief as Alberto Del Rio finally fulfilled his self-professed destiny by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and defeating a barely conscious CM Punk. However, at Night of Champions, there would be no controversy in Buffalo, N.Y.'s First Niagara Center - Cena decisively defeated The Mexican Aristocrat, and cemented his place in history as the first and only 10-time WWE Champion.

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John Cena can go fuck himself. And I bet WWE expect us to put him ahead of all the other great champions. They do realise that having one strong title reign is better than having 10 shitty reigns, right? Unbelievable.

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While I hate that he's won 7 titles in no time at all, I disliked his long reigns way more. I couldn't stand him during that three year odyssey where he was the champion basically the entire time...now I almost like him, though I hope that once he drops the strap they give him a rest before starting reign number 13

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He has 10 titles in the span that Bruno Samartino was the sole champion 30 years ago. Just the changing times, tv exposure and PPV's have changed a lot of the old biz. People will know that Flair booked his own titles, people will know that Cena and Orton passed titles like Kelly Kelly/CM Punk gets passed around the locker room/divas. Not that big of a deal.
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