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John Cena Banner!Rate!

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Alright here is my newest creation. I think it's better than the MNM one.lol. Feel free to give your thoughts.
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not good blending, cutting, background, best thing is prolly the text, keep trying though

Bad Backround, text, cutting. 4.5/10. Not your best.
Ok, keep the wavey bg lines. But change the background (keep the lines tho)..

Try to make the main cena in the middle, a better cut. Maybe brush the edges.

Add another pic or two. Keep the text. But place it differently.

ok just two things. How can you say it is a bad cut? Cena is cut perfectly and there are no mistakes in the cut. Unless you mean I should add a border to the pic or something. And as for the blending I wasn't tryin to blend the pictures into the photo, I wanted them to look like that.But I could have made the banner a little bigger, I think that would have made the banner look a little bigger.
If u wanted the photo to look like that, thats ok. Cena is cut ok, but theres some edges on him that need to be faded out or erased.

Do add a border. I think the size is ok. And remember to add some more images. It will help fill the background.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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