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John Cena Added To All Smackdown Tapings Post HIAC

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John Cena Added To All Smackdown Tapings Post HIAC (CM Punk As Well)


not yet advertised but also CM Punk is supposedly expected to be added a few Smackdowns too during Survivor Series build (due to the European Tour)

reason for this because Cena & Punk (along with Del Rio, The Wyatts, Heyman, Ryback, Axel, etc.) are going to headline Smackdown House Shows meanwhile Orton, Bryan, & Big Show expected to headline the RAW house shows on the European Tour & After as well. Orton/Bryan/Big Show still advertised for all Smackdown (except 5th & 12th due to travel & working other house show)

EDIT: http://www.wwe.com/events/all/all/all/all/all/3000/mi/page-5

more Smackdowns added for Cena: (TLC Go Home Show and Few Smackdowns right after TLC)
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Re: John Cena Added To All Smackdowns Post HIAC

Time to get those ratings back up.
more like give attendance for SD tapings & house shows a big boost. ratings always back & forth for SD so I doubt it matters who is on the show

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We need Mark Henry back on RAW for a ratings boost. Smackdown can have Cena.

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This is good news for Smackdown. Say all you will about Cena, the fact is he's the WWE's biggest asset, him on the show should mean good things for the "B" brand.
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