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"The storyline got him over the top to be someone that you would by a ticket for. I was such a fan of his before he even came to WWE. The whole idea of making him lose in 18 seconds to Sheamus did more for him than winning by cheating. That was good for Daniel Bryan (it led to the YES chant the next night on Raw). The fact that the entire company (on the storyline) is ganging up against him, (is a result of the fact that) you wouldn’t do that for someone that you weren’t ready to hand the ball to.”

He does have a point.
Did they hand the company to Orton in 2004, despite giving him that big Summerslam title win and a feud with Evolution? Did they hand the company to Punk in 2011, despite his pipebomb, huge feud with Cena and Vince and walking out with the title (which was the hottest angle in years)?

No. A big storyline doesn't equate to someone being given the reigns to support the entire company on their star power.

Besides, this is Joey Styles, who is still a WWE employee. He's putting somebody over, just like the WWE put over Booker T at NoC by saying he was the greatest WCW champion ever (above Ric Flair). Just because you say it doesn't make it so.
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