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Jim Ross On Dean Ambrose, CM Punk & Daniel Bryan, RAW commentary

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-Ross on Dean Ambrose: Ambrose has always reminded me as having some Brian Pillman and some Roddy Piper in his personality. So, if Ambrose doesn't get institutionalized (Only kidding) with those perceived personality traits, he's going to be outstanding. A little of The Loose Cannon and some of Hot Rod equates to money to me. Rollins, from day one in NXT, has always reminded me of CM Punk and I'm not sure exactly why but I perceive that it's a good thing nonetheless. Rollins match several weeks back from Daniel Bryan was one that I could watch every night.

-Ross on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan: "Punk/Bryan are a great team. For now. I hope that they are back on their own sooner than later but I've really like them as a duo in recent weeks. Can't say that I loved the kidnapping storyline as it challenges reality. For some, that may not be an issue at all which is fine. Perhaps Kane can find Daniel Bryan. Just saying."

-Ross on Raw commentary: "Really busy night at the announce desk with all three guys challenged to bring forward and provide tons of information that often times took my attention from the action in the ring. When audio is about one topic that isn't tied to the video one is watching, things have a way of disconnecting." http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/WWE/article10034564.shtml

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