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Jim Ross' Extreme advertising

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A bit of a silly thread I know but who knows it could go viral....

So the other day I left work and saw a pad lock with a logo "master". This made me think OMG Master lock!, Master lock in good ol' J.R's voice.

I started thinking of other brand endorsements that could be possible.

Here are some other brands, items, terms or other random things

Pedigree- dog food

Debt management program (I hit Rock bottom) :no:

Hot chicks (Stunner) :no:

Forgot the others I thought of so maybe you lot have some more (better too)ideas...
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Delicious!! Fruity!! FRUITY!! DELICIOUS!!

hilarious if you have not yet seen. JR marking the fuck out for some skittles. :lmao :lmao :lmao
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