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Jim cornette

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Is hysterical!!

Anybody seen these WWE timeline shows??

The guy cannot help himself, he's got tourettes!!!

It seems he REALLY dislikes HBK too :D
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Watch any shoot interview that Cornette has ever done (there are many on Youtube). He talks a good bit about how he hates the clique and especially Shawn. He does give Shawn credit and says he's the best in ring performer. He's spoken very candidly about Johnny Ace and Vince Russo, among others. Pulls no punches. Never about a bad word about Jim Ross, for obvious reasons.

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ive seen the shoots but not this one:

you can tell it was on television because he didnt say fuck lol

he goin in...but check the swag tho!

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Cornette is the shit! Shoots are amazing and I feel he tells the truth and keeps it real with everything he says. the dude says fuck every other fucking word!

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it was difficult cause he was right.
Pretty much.... man honestly, the WWE need to bring this guy back, they are hurting in the promo department, even guys that have the skills like CM Punk have been weak lately (probably because creative are making him use their shitty script instead of actually letting this guy run his mouth, which is what the fans want to see). Cornette can read shit out of the dictionary and make it entertaining.
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