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Jericho - Miz Twitter 'War'

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Twittered by Jericho...

"Not sure how WWE champ The Miz is going to be able to explain this one...."


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· Lucy Snorebush
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How is this a war? First of all that's just one random ****** that tweeted that picture. Second of all, Miz has spent the past week plugging Jerichos appearance on that dancing show he's appearing on.

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Miz and Jericho did had a real war on Twitter a couple of months ago... before they team up. It was quite entertaining.
I suspect one (or both) of then wanted to show the WWE how to use such social media, and they made the thing up. It's really a bro jab on shoulder thingee, n ot real-ment insults. It should be somewhere in the internet.

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See the previous tweets:

Chris Jericho: Ladies and gentlemen, your WWE Champion.... @mikethemiz http://t.co/UQiv3u5
The Miz: Really? Ur gonna make fun of old pics of me Really? Sweet pony tail my mom had the same one. http://plixi.com/p/82205814
Chris Jericho: Pre fauxhawk, the Miz had Beiber fever... http://bit.ly/ib5U0i
The Miz: @iamjericho or simple jack? "You never go full retard." http://plixi.com/p/82220064
Chris Jericho:The Miz steals yet another gimmick..... http://obsessedwithwrestling.com/pic...ralphus/03.jpg
The Miz: Team cherichos debut outfits for dwts. http://bit.ly/ghf5BR
Chris Jericho: Not sure how WWE champ The Miz is going to be able to explain this one.... http://t.co/57U4H1h
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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