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Jeremy Borash Believes TNA is the #1 Wrestling Company

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Sorry if it's been posted.
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And don't even start with "at least it's not defended in a 90 second ME", because at least the two guys in the ME had some credibility!
Too bad one of them didn't leave with any.

And by the way Unsexed , fixing someone else's posts is fucking retarded and lame! And just for the record when was the last time you saw Red cutting promos on Impact? While I see the embarrassment of guys like Miz, Morrison, Swagger, Ziggler, Cena, Orton and others who cut awful promos almost every week!
RVD, Hogan, Bischoff, Matt Hardy, Hernandez, Kaz, Jeff Hardy, Velvet Sky and of course Ken Anderson.

Both companies are spewing out garbage. You just have to pick which one to wade through.
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