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Taken from pbwwrestling.com

'TNA Wrestling one of the largest wrestling companies in the world, is ushering in a new era of support for the British industry by sending one of its top stars to make an appearance for the British Wrestling Council’s newest member.

Jeff Jarrett the six-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion and company co-founder, will be flying to the UK on 14th December for a special training seminar with Premier British Wrestling the foremost promotion in Scotland and a welcome new addition to the BWC. This remarkable training opportunity will take place at The Scottish Pro Wrestling Academy. TNA is providing Jarrett free of charge and paying for his flights and expenses – a gesture which many industry insiders are seeing as a real statement of intent with regard to how serious the company is about supporting the UK scene.

Jarrett’s trip comes just a few weeks before TNA’s Maximum Impact Tour arrives on UK shores, with dates in Glasgow, Manchester and London set for the end of January. That tour will be another leap forward in the company’s new alliance with British wrestling: some of the UK’s top stars are expected to compete as part of the tour, and a legion of trainees from British Wrestling Council schools are helping by postering and flyering to promote the tour. In exchange, TNA is providing the BWC with a generous supply of free tickets to their UK events, allowing free entry to the trainees who provide the most help.

"It is only a few weeks since we struck an agreement with TNA but already they are showing the depth of their commitment to British wrestling," says BWC Head Advisor Alex Shane. "Unlike another large American company who has a huge market on UK shores, TNA is proving that it sees us as an asset to be nurtured rather than a resource to be exploited. I’m especially pleased that Scotland will be the first place to feel the benefits of the new alliance – PBW has been in talks about adopting the BWC training syllabus for a year now, and we’re delighted that the deal has now gone through because they are a shining light on the Scottish scene. I expect this will be the first of many joint ventures between BWC promotions and TNA Wrestling in the months and years to come."

For more information on Jeff Jarrett’s seminar and PBW, please stay tuned to www.pbwwrestling.com; for more on TNA’s Maximum Impact 2011 Tour, please visit www.tnawrestling.com.'
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