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Jeff Hardy

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is here anybody who miss J. Hardy in wwe.I want to see Hardy vs Punk v2
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Yeah, you pretty much have to think of the safety, and comfort level, of the guys you're going to be in the ring with. NFL is different in WWE in that I don't think THC use should be banned, b/c you're not going to injure anyone but yourself, unless you're a lineman :cool2. In wrestling, I just don't think you can be high and be precise and that's where accidents happen and that "liability" word goes flying around. Jeff is one of the greatest spot performers ever, so it's a shame really we can't see him perform against the best in the best organization (there, I defended WWE lol), but there's just too much at stake. I don't think THC is banned for recreational use after shows, but he's proven he can't stick to that (yeah, I know he was high on far more stuff), so it just is what it is. Hopefully he can get another chance, clean, while still near prime.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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