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Hey guys,

Looking at some of the threads here and been blown away with some of the requests and what people have come up with.

If possible and people want to do it could i request a Jeff Hardy Sig done please

Subject: Jeff Hardy
Size: 500x250 or 500x300
Style: Your Decision really as you are the creator i would like something that matches the picture used.
Text: Bangarang!
Text 2: The Awesome One!
Text 3: Only if it doesn't look too crowded with it. could i have 'PWA' on there somewhere.
Pictures for the sig: I have three suggested pics below but feel free to change this the only thing i ask is he has face paint on in the picture used.



Could i request an AJ Lee Avatar normal allowed size.

Picture to use: http://tinypic.com/m/hv6xjb/4

With the Avatar im just looking for someone to get a little creative and do what they think looks good i mean the picture speaks for itself really :D

And like i said feel free if you do attemp this for me to find your own images for the signature and post them.

Thanking you in advance.
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