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JBL dvd?

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Would anyone else like one? I think it would be great, it could start from his debut of the JBL gimmick on Smackdown and chronicle his historic year long title reign as WWE champion which was great. I would say start it off from his days with Farooq but i doubt they would put that much into a JBL dvd by chronicling his whole career. Hey if John Morrison and Kofi Kingston can have a dvd why not JBL?
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Yes definitely. If Zack Ryder of all fucking people can get a DVD, there's no excuse why a legend like JBL doesn't have one. I'd want a JBL DVD to include every PPV match from his epic WWE Title reign and some of the good TV matches he had (such as the steel cage match with Eddie Guerrero).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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