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JBL dvd?

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Would anyone else like one? I think it would be great, it could start from his debut of the JBL gimmick on Smackdown and chronicle his historic year long title reign as WWE champion which was great. I would say start it off from his days with Farooq but i doubt they would put that much into a JBL dvd by chronicling his whole career. Hey if John Morrison and Kofi Kingston can have a dvd why not JBL?
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I respect his mic talents, but didn't like the ring work, don't think I would purchase a whole dvd ...
I dunno i always liked his ring work, he had a real brawler kick you in the face style. And his Clothsline From Hell was just brutal. Just watch his match with Eddie from Judgement Day i believe, or with John Cena in the i quite match 2 of the bloodiest matches in WWE history.
I enjoyed those matches, but I kind of always felt that the "Wrestling God" got carried by his opponents to his best performances ... Eddie worked his ass off to put the feud over ... I still hope we get JBL on commentary though (Y)
Ya Eddie did a whole lot to make that feud awesome, but JBL did just as good, i mean just look at that powerbomb in the clip i posted, it literally shakes the whole ring and looks brutal as hell. JBL was one of the greatest heels of that era, he played the ass hole wall street character to perfection. He wasn't the greatest wrestler or anything but his moves had alot of power in them and made you go "DAMN!" when he would do them alot of the time.

Alot will probably disagree but i would put JBL up there with Triple H's heel character. I'm not saying he was better but imo he's right up there with him. Just a guy you despised but kept on winning and thrived on being the champion and would do anything to keep it.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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