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Real Name: Jason Styles

Nickname/Alias: The Natural

Age: 21

Height: 6'1

Weight: 221

Gimmick: Blue Chipper

Hometown/Country of Origin: Crossville, Tenn

Alignment: Face

Theme Music: Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue - Toby Keith

Character Rep: Michael McGillicutty

Ring Entrance Description: Styles comes out from behind the curtain with a burst of energy as his theme hits and pyro with a rain effect falls from the rafters. Styles enters the ring and get the crowd behind him leading a USA chant as he awaits the start of the match.

Top 10 Moves:

1. Stinger Splash
2. Cross Chops
3. Springboard Clothesline
4. Knee Lift
5. Running Drop Kick
6. Spin Kick
7. Spear
8. Eye Rake
9. DDT
10. Fireman's Carry

Signature Moves:

1. Super Kick
2. Hurricanrana

Primary Finisher:

1. Angel's Wings (Christopher Daniels)

Secondary Finisher:

1. Vertical Suplex Piledriver
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