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Travis Blake defeated Mo Sexton

Alicia defeated Sara Del Ray

Danny Demanto defeated Bandido Jr

JAPW NJ State Championship
Grim Reefer defeated Archadia

Samoa Joe defeated Diablo Santiago, B Boy, and Eddie Kingston

Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Deranged

JAPW Tag Team Championship
Homicide & Hernandez defeated Jay Lethal & Azrieal to become the new champions

JAPW Championship
Low Ki defeated AJ Styles

Post Show Notes:

JAPW Returns with Ultimate Rumble on July 21 in Carteret NJ

Oman Tortuga of the Outkast Killaz was involved in a car accident on his way to the show, he is ok but his car was totalled.

No major injuries stemming from the show.

The original BLK OUT member we wanted to book had personal commitments and the other members were commited to previous bookings, so I take full responsibility for the snafu, we are looking to have an increased BLK OUT presence on future shows.

Sara Del Ray impressed JAPW management once again and will be back on future shows if she is available.

Several younger members of the roster also impressed as they stepped up and showed there commitment to JAPW.

No Joe vs. Kingston & BLK OUT member vs. B-Boy is a real down for me. Sucks what happen to Turtoga tho, glad that he is ok. It's cool that LAX won the tag titles, here's a pic of from with the titles...


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I'm so glad they didn't straight up have Joe vs Kingston, now I don't feel the slight bit bad about not going last night.
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