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Japanese Hardcore Wrestling VIII
Originally aired on September 4th, 2005
Commentators: Buck Woodward and Eric Gargiulo

From “OZ Academy Mayumi Ozaki Produce ~ Going Up” on January 1st, 2005
Weapons Deathmatch
Mayumi Ozaki & Takako Inoue vs. Kaoru Matsumoto & Eriko Tsuchiya
This was just an absolute clusterfuck. Too many people were in the mix. It wasn’t just the four women advertised; there was a bunch of people from their respective entourages so it ended up being something like 4 on 3 or 5 on 4. Kaoru Matsumoto may be one of the worst wrestlers I’ve seen in my life, even for hardcore wrestling. She just stood in the corner and watched her partner get pummeled.
Winners: Mayumi Ozaki & Takako Inoue

From BIG JAPAN PRO WRESTLINGs “Big Japan Fighter Declaration 1998” on August 9th, 1998
Glassboard and Fire Barbedwire Deathmatch and Final match in the Big Japan Pro Wrestling Deathmatch Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Mr. Pogo vs. Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
There was so much smoke in the ring that the wrestlers had to bail out a few times so they could breath. It was pretty bad.
Winner: Mr. Pogo (new Big Japan Pro Wrestling Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion)

From DYNAMIC DREAM TEAMs “Day Dream Believer 2—4” om November 2nd, 2004
For the KO-D Tag Team Championships
Hero & Kudo (champions) vs. Seiya Morohashi & Tanomusaku Toba
This was an actual wrestling match and I didn’t sign up for that. But these guys were really good, especially Kudo and Tanomusaku Toba.
Winners: Seiya Morohashi & Tanomusaku Toba (new KO-D Tag Team Champions)

100 Florescent Light Tubes Death Match
Mad Man Pondo w/2 Tuff Tony vs. Daisuke Sekimoto
This was a pretty one-sided mauling building off it being Daisuke Sekimotos first death match and Mad Man Pondos (probably) thousandth. It built up Sekimoto really well though.
Winner: Daisuke Sekimoto

JWP and M’s Style
Interpromotional Match
Kayoko Haruyama (JWP) vs. Mika Akino (M’s Style)
This was another actual wrestling match and these two ladies were pretty good.
Winner: Kayoko Haruyama

Super Hardcore Allstar Deathmatch
Ito, Abdullah the Kobayashi, Numasawa & Gosaku vs. Kanemura, Yamakawa, Shadow WX & Bad Boy Hido
There was a lot going on in this match and at times it was too much to take in. Not all of it was that great but it had its moments.
Winners: Kanemura, Yamakawa, Shadow WX & Bad Boy Hido
I found this video on YouTube for free and it was good enough for what I paid. The two actual matches were really good and the Mad Man Pondo match was a good deathmatch. Obviously if was just a compilation of matches that whoever the presenting company had probably got on the cheap. But I enjoyed it. It was nice to see Japanese wrestling that wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of neckbeards circle jerking over it or fuckface Meltzer. Or Okada.

Fuck Okada.

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Yes, a fan of picking
Any memorabilia fans in here? Just picked up this beautifully signed Jun Akiyama piece from the Toudoukan store in Japan :)
Yep, we ship a lot of stuff from Japan actually. We have customers purchase stuff the normal websites, but also from Yahoo auctions and other sites like Mercari.

As such I get to pick up / bid on things on Yahoo when I’m on there looking at other things for customers.

rare signed cards or programs are good or maybe the odd DVD that haven’t watched etc.
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