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God I hated this show.

Watching this show is like going to the supermarket and seeing the price of eggs, reluctantly spending your entire food budget on them and then when you go to your vehicle you try to put them on your car roof as your searching for your keys but mis-judge where the roof is and the eggs bounce out and break all over your windshield. Then when you turn on the wipers to clean it off they just spread across the windshield and make it worse because apparently eggs don't just wash off and egg shells aren't great for the wipers so now you have to get them replaced but the guy at Action Auto looks at you like your the moron after you explain this to him.

Watching Dr. Baker on my screen again makes me wonder if she’s pulling my teeth or her patients.

Family Therapy? I felt like should have been for the viewers and not the talent.

Jungle Hook? That doesn’t even make sense. There are no hooks in a jungle. Wouldn’t a better name have been Boy Hookers?

I am never buying eggs or watching AEW again.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts