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Jan 25, 2023 AEW Dynamite Discussion Thread: Mark Briscoe/Lethal, Darby/Buddy, Danielson/Cage, Toni/Ruby, JAS/Starks & Andretti

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Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara or Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti & Ricky Starks
Bryan Danielson vs. Brian Cage
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Darby VS Buddy should be a freaking banger.
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darby vs buddy a match with no story behind it. looks like no wardlow as well.
Guess you should have watched Rampage. Darby explained why he wanted the match.

That's the story.
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Praying that that Harold makes an appearance during the Gunns/Acclaimed family therapy segment.
That'll be emotional for me.
Going to need a pallet of Kleenex just for the boys and girls backstage.

Going to be super emotional all the way around.
It is for sympathy views don't be naive. Mark is likely never going to be hotter as a singles act than he is right now. I mean Tony could've saved this for later down the road, but no 8 days after his brother died is the perfect time to debut Mark on Dynamite. Because it certainly couldn't wait for after the damn funeral.
Tomorrow would have been Jay's 39th birthday. Mark debuting in a tribute match, a week after his brother's passing, on a day normally reserved for celebrating Jay's life is as perfect a time as there pretty much can be.

Personally I can't imagine trying to tell others who were close, what is and isn't right in their decisions to pay tributes and homage to someone they loved posthumously.
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They can do what they please and I can say its ridiculous.
Do you think Jay Briscoe himself would think this is ridiculous?

Does Mark, who has agreed to this, thinks it's ridiculous?

Do you think Jay's wife and kids would think it's ridiculous?

What's ridiculous is that you can't see how ridiculous you sound by telling others what is and isn't OK in paying tribute here.
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-Darby Allin VS Buddy Matthews
-Toni Storm VS Ruby Soho
-Jungle Hook VS Ethan Page/Matt Hardy
-Jay Lethal VS Mark Briscoe
-Brian Cage VS Bryan Danielson
-Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara VS Ricky Starks/Action Andretti

Plus Acclaimed/Gunns family therapy.

Going to be some good wrestling tonight.
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