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Jan 25, 2023 AEW Dynamite Discussion Thread: Mark Briscoe/Lethal, Darby/Buddy, Danielson/Cage, Toni/Ruby, JAS/Starks & Andretti

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Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara or Daniel Garcia vs. Action Andretti & Ricky Starks
Bryan Danielson vs. Brian Cage
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Buddy Matthews is gonna put the 50 pound emo kid over. It's visually gonna be ridiculous.
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Mark Briscoe vs Jay Lethal could be used to set up moving RoH Tag Titles. Lethal/Jarrett vs Mark Briscoe alone as he refuses to ever choose another partner and refuses to relinquish tag titles. Could get monster heat on Lethal/Jarrett when they'd win the titles.
This is a great idea. And I do actually think Jay would like that idea too.
Jay Lethal shall lose again. He basically loses almost every match?
It's got to be better than last week's opener.

That was embarrassing all around for everybody involved.
Yeah the folk already prepping how sad they'll be tomorrow are ridiculous.

And there's nothing edgy about it, folk get way too ridiculous and phony when death is the topic. Death is brought up and suddenly folk can't just keep it honest about things.

Lets pretend Jay hadn't died and this was just the first official Briscoe match in AEW proper.

Who the fuck would want this?

I'll quickly concede people would be happy the Briscoes were finally allowed a proper national spotlight. That I get because they are 1 of the greatest tag teams of all time and especially this generation.

But lets be honest after the

"Fuck yeah WBD stopped being bitches and let the Briscoes on TV like they deserve" talks wore off the sentiment would be

"Oh God they aren't going to saddle the Briscoes with a Jeff Jarrett feud as their introduction are they? That carny JJ knows how to get some spotlight doesn't he"

With or without death this is a "who asked for this" match
I agree with you. Last week Jay was a heel and jobbing to comedic wrestler with an awful punch.

The next week he's doing a tribute match for a dead wrestler.

Kayfabe wise it don't make sense.
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well, Top Bins agrees with you Rap

you’ve now entered a next tier of posting group with all these takes

All these shots at me, and facepalms etc. It's a forum people are going to have different opinions and express things. Just because I don't rate James Cipperley that means I'm a lower tiered poster. That's a pathetic way of thinking as I've never taken any shots at you. And I think you need to understand a forum works, where people ain't gonna have the same opinions.

Yet you haven't asked why do I agree?

Mark Briscoe in my opinion should refuse to appear on Warner media productions anyway. And now his brothers dead he should appear. Mark should think nah fuck the network don't give a fuck otherwise they'd let him and Jay on the show.

The match with Jay Lethal doesn't make sense unless they do an angle at the end. Where Briscoe beats Jay, and then Jeff Jarrett and Singh comes along and attacks Mark and Jay saves the day.

Or Jarrett, Singh and Lethal jump Briscoe at the end of the match.

I have no problem with a tribute match I just want it to make sense.

Like Rap says the show has to go on. I understand it's Jays birthday but it's 8 days since the passing.

They need to do an angle which gets heat and people will say oh it's bad taste. Nah because I see Jay Briscoe agreeing that's best for business.
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all of these are horrible opinions and you should be ashamed
Nah I'm not ashamed it just doesn't align with your opinions why don't you just put me on ignore so we don't have to deal with each other 😜😘

A grown-up way would accept that we have different opinions, and that we can agree to disagree. Instead of taking childish shots at me. Am I dealing with a child?

Just put me on ignore classy. Thanks xx
i can accept your opinions - I just think they're horrible

a grown up would accept my opinion that i think your opinions are horrible
Likewise. We can agree to disagree 👍🏾
There was no Cipperley so the show automatically gets a high grade. .

MJF as much as I love the guy, the storyline of jumping through hoops is boring. Danielson is having 15 minute matches, where the outcome is obvious. So it kills the match.

I'm sick to death of Darby Allin and Jungle boy they ain't pillars. Darby in particular annoys me.

When I think MJF said the pillars are Darby, Jungle boy and Sammy. Three out of the four I'm sick off.

Pillars should be MJF, Ricky Starks, Swerve and Powerhouse Hobbs.
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