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Jake 'The Snake' Roberts is Cancer Free :)

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On a podcast from 12/5/2014 on "PIPER'S PIT WITH RODDY PIPER" he said that he is cancer free :)
He is talking about it at ~50:00

Robberts said that if it happened to him years ago he wouldn't fight the cancer and he would've let it kill him.
And now he was strong enough to fight it.

He also said that Scott Hall is still dealing with his problems nowdays :(

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I listened to that Pipers Pit a few days ago, and am convinced that Roddy Piper is the worst interviewer I've ever seen/heard. If you weren't a wrestling fan, and didn't know about Jake the Snake, you still wouldn't know after listening to that show. It was more like two guys just shooting the shit rather than an interview.
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