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Jack Swagger would be proud

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Best gut-wrench powerbomb ever! I think the botch was intentional.

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did this happen yesterday or something?

just wondering, considering there's already a thread for this in the anything section, and it was posted like three or four times throughout the forum.

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damn thats awesome 'fuck off you fat cunt' then, POWERBOMBED.
well it wasnt quite a powerbomb but thats good cus he thrown him into the ground with alot of force so that would of fucked him up majorly.

would of been nice to of seen a big boot afterwards.

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When you get a clean shot on a guy, and it does nothing to him. Time to stop trying to be a big bully.

I was like that big kid once, took a bully down to the ground, and with a knee in his back, told him not to mess with me again. Funny thing, we became friends after that.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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