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Jack Swagger vs Cesaro - 4/25 Smackdown

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This Friday, former Real American tag team partners Cesaro and Jack Swagger will square off in a one-on-one battle. There's no love lost between these former friends, and their SmackDown showdown should be nothing short of epic.
interesting to see if it ends clean or not.
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Re: Announced Smackdown Match: Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

or Cesaro wins clean and he costs RVD next week to do Cesaro vs RVD re-match at Extreme Rules with a stipulation

RVD will be on the PPV, he just returned.
Wow you're probably spot on. That sucks, because I was really hoping to see Swagger/Cesaro on ppv. I feel they deserve it.
Re: Announced Smackdown Match: Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

RVD vs Cesaro at a PPV would be horrible. Their match was horrendous last night. And like other posters have said Swagger and Cesaro have history and the perfect makings for a good couple of promos between managers and a spectacular match. I have no idea what the WWE are thinking, but it's clearly not thought out very intelligently.
Couldn't agree more. I don't want RVD anywhere near Cesaro after Monday's disgraceful and selfish performance. All he cares about is getting "his shit in" and that's it.
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