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This is my federation, like TNA but smaller. The owner will be DDP.

Here is my first show.


Show begins with IWF owner Diamond Dallas Page walking to the ring.

DDP: Tonight is the opening of IWF. Tonight we will crown the champions of IWF. Including the IWF title, X title, US title, Tag Team title and the Extreme title.

DDP leaves to the back.

Opening video shows.

Match One
Willow the Whisp vs. Crash Holly
Good fast paced match to begin with Willow the Whisp getting the advantage. Willow the Whisp dropkicks Crash and goes up top. Willow goes for the 450 splash but Crash moves. Crash locks in a headlock. Willow counters and Irish whips him into the ropes. Crash slides under Willow's legs and roles him up. Crash gets a two count and they both get up. Willow the Whisp dropkicks him back down. Willow the Whisp hits a DDT and then Irish whips him into the corner. Willow runs over and attempts a clothesline but Crash ducks. Crash hits a tornado DDT on Willow the Whisp to pick up the victory.

Winner: Crash Holly

We go backstage to see Percival Pringle and Charles Wright. They are talking about Charles's match later on in the night against Vampire Warrior.

We cut to DDP's office and we see him kissing Kimberley. There is a knock on the door and Devon Storm walks in.

Devon Storm: DDP tonight I want Mick Foley one on one in the ring.

DDP: Alright, it can be for the IWF Extreme title. Oh, lets add Terry Funk to that match. Heat things up a little.

Match Two
Demolition vs. LOD for the IWF Tag Team titles
Demolition make their way to the ring followed by LOD. Hawk starts the match off against Smash. Smash goes for a clothesline but Hawk reverses it into an atomic drop. Hawk clotheslines Smash down and hits an elbow drop. Smash gets up and Hawk suplexs him. Smash tags in Ax who clotheslines Hawk down. Ax and Smash go for a double suplex but Animal runs in and attacks them both. Animal drags Hawk back to his corner and tags himself in. Animal hits a powerbomb on Smash and roles him out of the ring. LOD hits the Doomsday Device and pin Ax to become IWF Tag Team champions.

Winners: Legion of Doom

We see Percival Pringle and Charles Wright walk out and to be meeted by Sharmell Sullivan.

Sharmell: Charles tonight you will take on Vampire Warrior, how confident are you?

Percival: He's very confident because he knows he is the superior superstar.

Sharmell: Thank you Mr. Pringle. Charles do you hope to win the IWF US title.

Charles Wright: I know I am going to win tonight, it's going to be a piece of cake.

Match Three
Charles Wright w/Percival Pringle vs. Vampire Warrior
Charles Wright gets the advantage when Vampire Warrior comes into the ring as he kicks him on the back. He hits an inverted DDT and then a suplex. Charles Wright taunts the crowd and Vampire Warrior low blows him. Vampire Warrior Irish whips Charles into the ropes and hits a drop toe hold. Charles Wright Charles Wright goes for a sit out powerbomb but Vampire Warrior topples him over and gets a two count. The two get and Charles kicks Warrior in the mid section. Charles talks to Percival and Vampire Warrior hits a reverse DDT and picks up the win.

Winner and new IWF US Champion Vampire Warrior

Percival Pringle grabs the mic.

Percival: Vampire Warrior you can rum but you can not hide from Charles Wright. Next week, I challenge you to a triple threat IWF US title match. Charles you and me.

Vampire Warrior: You’re on.

Backstage we see Devon Storm kicking Mick Foley to the floor and then throwing him in to a wall, and then through some glass. Terry Funk walks up behind and beats up Devon Storm and takes him to the ring to start the match.

Match Four
Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk vs. Devon Storm
Terry Funk takes Devon Storm to the parking lot. Devon Storm throws some right hands at Funk and throws him into a car. The alarm goes off and lights come on. Devon Storm is blinded and someone comes from behind and gets a two count. It turns out to Mick Foley and he hits Storm with a trash can. Terry Funk climbs on top of a car and hits a moonsault on to Storm but Foley brakes the pin up. Terry Funk and Terry Funk throw rights and lefts at each other. They both pick up a chair and hit each other with them and they fall to the ground. Devon Storm pins Foley but Funk just brakes it up. Terry Funk then covers Foley but Storm brakes it up. Terry Funk grabs a chair and hits Devon Storm, then Foley picks up a chair and hits Funk. DDP runs from inside the building and hits Foley with a chair. They are lying in a triangle and all pin each other.

Winners: Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Devon Storm

DDP: Well what a match, lets hope these three can get along as IWF Extreme champions.

DDP walks to the ring.

DDP: Well tonight has been a good night. Well we have one more match for you tonight; it is for the IWF World Heavyweight title. This match will be a ten man battle royal, with the following participants: Hulk Hogan, Jim Duggan, Jake Roberts, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Sting, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and Roddy Piper.

All ten competitors walk out to the ring and the final match starts.

Match Five
Hogan and Savage start the match off by throwing huge lefts and rights. Hogan goes for a clothesline on Savage who ducks and Hogan knocks Bam Bam down. Shamrock locks in an ankle lock but Bam Bam escapes. He uses the ropes to get up and the Ultimate Warrior clotheslines him out. Shamrock comes from behind the Warrior and with help from Hall eliminates him. Hogan and Savage team up and double clothesline Hall and Shamrock out. Savage turns on Hogan and knocks him down. Jim Duggan eliminates Piper and Sting then eliminates Duggan. Jake Roberts goes to eliminate Sting who ducks and throws Roberts out. Hogan walks over and hits the big boot to eliminate Sting. Savage comes up from behind and low blows Hogan, before bundling him out of the ring for the win.

Winner and new IWF Heavyweight champion Randy Savage.

DDP walks out on the stage and grabs a microphone: Thank you for attending the first ever IWF show, we will be back next week.



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thats quite impressive i like it, i give a A Grade, thats taken alot of work to think of cause the story lins are builing up good.

Next week should be good.

DDp as owner is interesting, and whats up wid dat lol

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Meltdown #2

Promo videos start showing what happened last week.

Charles Wright and Percival Pringle walk out to the ring and Charles grabs the mic but Percival is injured.

Charles: Vampire Warrior I want your ass in the ring right now. If not, you are a chicken champ. Oh and it's just me and you Vampire, just you and me.

Vampire Warrior runs to the ring and grabs Charles legs and pulls him out of the ring. Charles whips Vampire into the steps. He then throws him over the barricade and follows him. Charles then drops Vampire on to the concreate and then throws him back over the barricade and then into the ring.

Match One
IWF US title match
Charles Wright vs. Vampire Warrior
Vampire Warrior staggers to the corner and Charles follows and kicks in him in the mid section. Charles hits a side belly to belly slam. Charles hits a legdrop and then locks in an armbar. Vampire Warrior escapes and hits a DDT. The two are out and then they get up. Vampire Warrior hits an brainbuster and then followed up by a powerbomb. Charles Wright then low blows Vampire and hits a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Charles goes for a DDT but Vampire reverses it into a Northern lights suplex but only to get a two count. Percival distracts Charles and Vampire roles him up for the win. Vampire Warrior and Percival Pringle leave together.

Winner and still IWF US champion Vampire Warrior

Charles: You, I can't believe it. Why you screw me? Alright DDP I want Vampire Warrior's ass without Percival at ringside.

DDP: Okay, but their will be a special referee.

In the back Kimberley is talking to Shark Boy.

Kimeberly: Well hello, what do you want.

Shark Boy: A IWF X title match.

Kimberely: okay, you can have the match against Brian Lawler, Willow the Whisp and Crash.

Backstage we see Terry Funk and Mick Foley talking but we can't hear what they're saying. All of a sudden Devon Storm runs in with a chair and hits Funk on the back. Funk falls into a pick up truck which spins off. Storm runs away with Foley in pursuit. They end up in an laundrette in the back. Foley opens a washing machine and shoves Storm's head in.

Legion of Doom walk to the ring and grab the mic.

Animal: Tonight DDP you said we would have challengers but I have not seen one single tag team in the building. So who are they.

Hulk Hogan's music hits and out comes Hogan and Sting.

They enter the ring and the match begins.

Match Two
IWF Tag Team title match
Legion of Doom vs. Hulk Hogan and Sting

Hogan and Sting double clothesline LOD down. Hogan attacks Hawk and knocks him out of the ring. Animal on the other hand ducks a clothesline and hits a back drop. Animal goes up to the top rope but Sting shakes the ropes. Sting gets Animal back down and hits some rights and lefts at Animal who comes back with some knife ends chops. Hogan gets on the apron and Sting tags him in. Hogan goes to work on Animal and he tags in Hawk. Hawk hits a hard clothesline on Hogan and then a suplex. Hawk and Animal attack Sting on the outside and the ref goes outside. Randy Savage runs from the back and hits a flying elbow drop to Hogan. Savage goes at out of the ring and lies down. Animal realises and pins Hogan for the win.

Winners and still IWF Tag Team titles Legion of Doom.

Savage gets up and enters the ring and attacks Hogan, and Animal helps him. The three take Hogan and Sting to the back and continue the assault.

Mick Foley storms to the ring in a bad mood and challenges Devon Storm. Storm comes out a bit knocked up. DDP walks out on stage and says this is to unify Storm's and Foley's 1/3's of the title.

Match Three
Devon Storm vs. Mick Foley
Storm stumbles in the ring and Foley knocks him down. Foley goes outside and grabs a chair, a trash can and a table. Mick puts the trash can on the table and puts Storm on the top rope. Foley throws Storm through the Table and trash can. Foley goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Foley exits the ring and when he goes to get back in the ring Storm kicks a chair into Foley knocking him abck out. Storm gets up and picks Foley up and drops him on the barricade. Storm goes to the back and comes out with a ladder. Storm sets it up in the ring and goes out and brings Foley in the ring. Storm climbs the ladder and then Foley does. They exchange rights and lefts before both falling off. Devon Storm eventually gets up and throws the ladder and Foley. He gets a chair and repeatedly hits the ladder which hits Foley. Storm the puts the ladder over Foleys throat and climbs it. Foley toples it over send Storm flying back into the ring. Storm goes out of the ring and grabs a sledgehammer but Foley low blows him. Foley grabs the hammer and throws it out of the ring and gets some thumb tacks. Foley sets the ladder up and climbs it. Storm pushes the ladder over and Foley's body hits the tacks. Storm pins him for the win.

Winner and 1/2 IWF Extreme champion Devon Storm.

Paramedics come out and take Foley away. From nowhere though Terry Funk comes from the crowd and knocks Storm down. Storm and Funk stare each other down and Foley comes back. Funk suggests Storm to turn round but he doesn't and Foley hits him on the back with the sledgehammer. The paramedics rush out again and take Storm to the back as Foley and Funk celebrate.

DDP: Well what a match, next week Funk and Storm will go at it to become the full IWF Extreme champion.

Shark Boy enters the arena and says it is time for him to win the IWF X title. Brian Lawler enters, followed by Crash and then Willow the Whisp.

Match Four
IWF X title match
Crash vs. Willow the Whisp vs. Brian Lawler vs. Shark Boy
Shark Boy starts the match off by attacking Lawler from behind. Willow the Whisp turns round to assist Shark Boy when Crash jumps on his back and locks in a sleeper hold. Willow tries everything but Crash won't let go so he intentially falls over squashing Crash who let go. Shark Boy and Willow continue the attack on Brian Lawler and end up on the outside. They get bakc in the ring and continue the double team. Willow turns his attention to Crash and kicks him. Lawler and Shark Boy end up fighting on the outside. Willow goes up top. He attempts a 450 splash but misses and he then locks in a sleeper hold. Eventually Willow the Whisp falls unconsious and Crash wins.

Winner and new IWF X champion Crash.

After the match Shark Boy runs in the ring and attacks Crash and takes the X title with him. Willow gets up and is attacked by Lawler. Crash and Lawler beat up Willow and eventually stop when security runs out.

In the back Ken Shamrock and Scott Hall are arguing about who should number one contender to face Savage. DDP says they will go one on one next for the number one contendership.

Match 5
Number One Contendership for IWF title
Ken Shamrock vs. Scott Hall

Shamrock and Hall walk to the ring together and shake hands. They both turn round but Shamrock kicks Hall in the knees and locks in an armbar. Shamrock grabs the ropes for the unfair advantage. The ref stops the hold and Hall turns round and punches the hell out of Shamrock. Hall whips Shamrock into the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz press. Hall goes for a leg drop but misses as Shamrock moves. Hall goes for a powerbomb but Shamrock escapes and clotheslines him down. Shamrock locks in an ankle lock. Hall evenually stands up and punches Shamrock until he releases the hold. Hall goes for a powerbomb but Shamrock almost escapes. This time Hall locks him in and hits the Insiders Edge and gets the victory.

Winner and number one contender for the IWF title.

Randy Savage runs out from the back and beats Hall up. He is assaulting Hall until Shamrock gets up and hits a German suplex. Hall and Shamrock shake hands and then Hall attacks Shamrock. Hall gets Savage up and they shake hands and continue to assault Shamrock until the camera leaves the arena.


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Grade A
Good Promos
Good Matches

But one thing not sure about when everybody asks the owner for a match or a title shot they get accepted. U could add a few rejections possibly.
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