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IWF SD! Week 1

IWF SD! Show 1
Location: Nassau Coliseum
Date: April 7th

The pyros go off and welcome to Smackdown!

Cole: Welcome everyone to IWF Smackdown! This is Michael Cole alongside my partner Tazz, and what a show we have scheduled for tonight!

Tazz: You got that right, Cole! It is our debut show, and we are kicking IWF Smackdown off with a bang!

Cole: Cruiserweight championship on the line, IWF championship, US title tournament, and more right here tonight!

‘No Chance’ hits the speakers as the chairman makes his way down to the ring. He slowly enters and he grabs a mic.

Vince: Welcome everyone to the first edition of IWF Smackdown!

Crowd cheers

Vince: And what a landmark night it will be! We have the IWF Championship on the line! It will be a former WWE champion, who was stripped when WWE went out of business going up against the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker!

Crowd cheers

Vince: We have the Cruiserweight Championship on the line when two former friends turned rivals go one on one in great Cruiserweight action. It will be Billy Kidman… VS. Paul London!

Crowd cheers

Vince: And the US title tournament will begin! But I didn’t make these matches, oh no! Which is why, without further ado, I give to you your general manager for IWF Smackdown!!!

Paul Heyman’s music hits the speakers as Heyman makes his way out onto the stage laughing and smiling. He gladly takes the mic from Vince.

Paul: Welcome to MY Smackdown!

Crowd boos

Paul: As we all know, next week on RAW is a huge draft lottery, where some of the best stars will end up having to go from one show to another… but not my stars… I will make sure that all of my team players stick right here on Smackdown!

Vince: What do you mean, its not like a draft, it’s the luck of the draw!

Paul: Aw, Vinny Mac, you don’t get it, do you? I am a mastermind… I have my ways! But anyway, now onto how I will make Smackdown the premieire brand in sports entertainment. Remember way back when, when I owned E…C…W… remember?

Crowd cheers

Paul: Well, tonight, we were scheduled for a US title tournament… but this is NOT a US Title Tournament!

Crowd is confused

Paul: Tonight, and then next week will be the tournament for the… Hardcore title!

Crowd cheers

Paul: Well, I—

‘CRASH’ hits the speakers as the crowd jumps to their feet as the glass breaks and Austin is here! Paul is in shock as Austin makes his way into the ring. He snatches the mic from Vince.

Paul: what are you—

Austin: What:

Paul: Oh, c—

Crowd: WHAT!?

Austin: You wanna know why austin is here tonight? He is here to drink beer, party, and whoop some ass!

Crowd cheers

Austin: So Im not asking, Im demanding a match right here tonight!

Paul: You want a match, you got it! Tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin VS….. The Big Show! What do yu think of that?

Austin rubs his chin and is thinking, but then hits the Stunner on Heyman as Vince runs from the ring. Austins music hits the speakers as he gets some beers and parties in the middle of the ring. Now all he needs is to whoop some ass.

*Commercial Break*

London’s music hits the speakers as he hops his way out to the ring for the Cruiserweight Championship match. He slaps high five with all the fans as he enters the ring and awaits his opponent.

Then, Kidman’s music hits as he makes his way out to the ring slowly and doesn’t slap any fans five as they boo him and he just ignores everyone before entering the ring.

Match 1
Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman VS. Paul London

The two men start circling around the ring as they grapple and try to get the better of one another but it ends up even as they break the grapple. They lock up again, as Kidman gets an arm drag, as London gets back up and hits an arm drag! London goes for a dropkick, as Kidman catches his feet, and throws him down. Kidman goes for a dropkick, as London does the same! They square off again in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers for this very even matchup. Kidman kicks London in the gut as he starts punching away at the skull of Paul. Kidman throws London over the top rope as he heads out of the ring and starts beating him over the back before throwing London into the steel steps! Kidman picks him up and tries to smash his head into the post, but London blocks it and smashes Kidman into the post knocking him down! London enters the ring as he tries to fly over the ropes to the outside, but the ref doesn’t allow it. He leans over the ropes to wake Billy up, as London runs and jumps over the ref and hits a crossbody on Kidman on the outside! They slowly make their way up as they get back into the ring. London now with the advamtage hits a huge dropkick sending Billy into the turnbuckle. Kidman holds his back in pain as London hits a monkey flip sending Kidman onto his back and neck! Kidman rolls over in pain as he is kicked over and over. London jumps around pumping up the crowd as he brings up Kidman and hits an Enzeguri! Kidman slowly falls down and is down and possibly out! London covers! 1…2…near fall! Kidman slowly is getting back up, as London flips over him into a rollup! 1..2..th—NO!! Kidman gets out of the ring and takes Lonsdon down by the leg as he re-enters the ring and starts beating away at London beafore reeling him in. Gory bomb! 1…2.. whats this? Kidman lifted the arm of London up there! Why??? Kidman heads up top for the shooting star press! He flies up, but London moves out of the way! Kidman lands face first into the mat! Kidman rolls over where we can see a little bit of blood coming out of his nose. London heads up top now, as Kidman shoves the ref into the ropes! The ref flies out of the ring, and London’s happy place is crushed! Kidman hits an Enzeguri on London from the top rope! London falls off the top rope as Kidman now goes for the shooting star press! London kips up as he throws Billy off the top rope! London heads up top! 450 Splash connects!! The ref gets up! The cover! 1…2…th-NO!!!! What a near fall! London is crying to the ref, as Kidman shoves London into the ref, who is distracted as Kidman hits a low blow! The ref is up, but didn’t see it for the split second he was hurt! Kidman heads up top as London lays on the floor in pain and Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press! 1…2…3!

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman!

Backstage, we see Josh Matthews alongside Rey Mysterio.

Josh: This is Josh Matthews, with Rey Mysterio. Rey, we just saw Kidman cheat to win a grueling cruiserweight contest.. will you attempt to go after the cruiserweight championship?

Rey: I don’t know man, I might, Kidmans a great compettitor, but I think I could beat him… but you know, I might be on to bigger and better things, you know?

Josh: I don’t know, I guess—

Eddie Guerrero pops out into the scene.

Eddie: Orale holmes, gue tal!?

Rey: Nada mucho ese!

Eddie: Man, I have a match up next with that punk Orlando Jordan man, I gotta get ready ese…

Rey: Ok man, good luck…

Eddie walks away towards the ring as Rey just stands watching him and shaking his head.

Cole: Eddie, Jordan, Hardcore, NEXT!

*Commercial Break*

‘Viva La Raza!!’ hits the speakers as Eddie makes his way out onto the stage in a lowrider. It bops up and down as he exits and heads into the ring.

Orlando’s music hits as he makes his way out as he runs quickly down to the ring, anxious to get this rodeo started!

Match 2
Hardcore Title Tournament
Eddie Guerrero VS. Orlando Jordan

Eddie circles around the ring as Orlando tries to keep and eye on him. Orlando goes to grapple Eddie, but Eddie rolls under him and wraps his arms around the waist, before lifting him up and slamming him down. Orlando slips out and punches the skull of Eddie causing him to fall down to the ground. Orlando hops onto him and starts punching away at the head of Guerrero. Eddie eventually rolls out and tries to wrap his arm around the waist, but Orlando hits a low blow!! The ref does not call for a disqualification because this is a hardcore match! Eddie lays on the ground as Jordan stomps away at the back of Eddie. Eddie uses Orlando’s body to pull himself up, before Orlando hits a massive DDT as eddie ends up sitting all dizzy. Orlando dropkicks him as he hits him right in the back of the head as Eddie rolls out of the ring to regroup. Orlando takes his time in the ring, before getting pissed and going to check on Eddie, where he is met with a shot with a trash can lid! Orlando stumbles around the ring, before falling, as Eddie throws every weapon he can find into the ring! Table, ladders, and chairs, oh my! Eddie gets back in and takes the chair, lifting it over his head for a shot, but Orlando slides out of the ring, and trips up Eddie by the legs as he takes a chair and gets back into the ring. Orlando connects right across the skull as Eddie falls down to the mat. Orlando just laughs as he sets up the chair and goes for a DDT onto the chair! Eddie counters and hits a suplex on the chair, crushing it! Eddie holds on, and hits a second on the trash can! He picks him up and hits a third! The three amigos! Eddie sets up a table and places Orlando on it! Eddie puts up the ladder as Rey walks out onto the stage with a chair as he sits down to watch the match as Eddie climbs the ladder and hits a Frog splash through the table! Eddie covers! 1…2…3! Eddie is advancing as he nearly squashes Orlando Jordan. Eddie poses in the ring as he stares down with Rey as he claps at the top of the ramp before everyone leaves.

Winner and advancing to Finals: Eddie Guerrero

Paul Heyman is backstage as he is talking on his cell phone. All of a sudden RVD walks in.

Paul: I’ll call you right back, ok? What do you want Rob?

RVD: Pauly! Man, great to have you as GM, I love this Hardcore title oppurtunity!

Paul: Well, you beat Booker, you go to face Eddie, who just won his match… you have that ECW experience… go use it!

Rob: Oh, don’t worry, I will…

*Commercial Break*

‘Colors’ hits the speakers.

Tazz: what the—whos this?

Cole: Its Cena!

John Cena hops out onto the stage in un-Cena like attire as he does not rap, he does not hgh five the fans, or any of that crap. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Cena: I am not John Cena!

Cole: What’s he talkin about?

Cena: I am the Prototype!!! THE greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling! And I know I deserve more than not even having a match tonight! Which is why I am out here, to prove a point! I am calling anybody out here right now to face off with me! Come on, I can take anyone, BRING IT!

The SD! Theme hits the speakers as a man comes out and enters the ring.

Cena: Haha... fresh meat…

Tazz: Whats gotten into him, Cole?

Cena: Whats your name and where ya from?

Man: My name is Josh and I’m from right here on Long Island, New York!

Cheap pop

Cena: You think you can even try to challenge, much less beat me? Somebody get a ref in here! Yo kid, if I cant beat you in, hhmm, 3 minutes, I will retire from wrestling!

The man hits a dropkick sending Cena out of the ring. Cena gets back in as the man heads out and just runs around as the clock keeps running out of time. Cena realizes this and goes out and starts beating the kid sending him into the steps and post. Cena hits an FU on the outside of the ring. He throws the kid back into the ring and hits a Protobomb! 1…2..3! Cena puts away the kid in just over a minute! Cena poses in the ring as the crowd boos.

Cole: what has gotten into Cena?

Tazz: It’s not Cena- it’s the Prototype!

*Commercial Break*

‘Can You Dig It… Sukkah!!!!!’ Booker T’s music hits the speakers as he makes his way down to the ring. He poses as the pyros go off, and we are set for this Hardcore matchup.

‘One of a Kind’ hits the speakers as RVD comes out to a decent pop during this first edition of IWF Smackdown!

Match 3
Hardcore Tournament
Booker T VS. Rob Van Dam

Booker chops RVD to kick things off as he continues to chop away at the chest until Van Dam is in the corner, as Van Dam ducks under and starts puncing and kciking at booker as he tries to duck and cover, but to no ovail as Booker goes over the top rope and to the floor! RVD flies over the top rope with a crossbody and it connects! RVD starts punching away at Booker on the outside before throwing him onto the announce table and trying to hit a DDT, as Booker flips him off the whole announcers table! Booker awaits RVD as he flies off the announcers table with a dropkick! RVD is down as Booker throws RVD into the steel post, as he bounces off and flies into the wall! Booker takes a table and throws it into the ring. Then, he gets a chair and hits RVD over the back! RVD gets up, and as Booker goes to hit him, he hits a Van Daminator sending the chair back to the sender! Booker rolls back into the ring as RVD follows with the chair. RVD gets ready to hit booker, but Booker T ducks and hits a huge spinning heel kick! Booker sets up the table and throws RVD on it! Book End!!! RVD is layed out as Booker is too hurt from going through the table, but covers! 1…2….NO!! Near fall! How did RVD have the instinct to kick out!? Booker argues with the ref, but then goes back for a Scissors kick, as he bounces off the ropes, but RVD stand sup and hits a diving kick as he knocks down Booker! He quickly heads up to the top rope, where he hits the Frog Splash! He holds his stomach, as he covers! 1…2…3!!! RVD advances!

Winner and advancing to the finals: Rob Van Dam

*Commercial Break*

Josh Matthews: This is Josh Matthews alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Stone Cold: That’s right…

Josh: I have a lot of questions for you, so I’m gonna make it quick… why come here to Smackdown! When you were so loved over on RAW?

Stone Cold: I came here tonight as I said earlier tonight, I cam here for three reasons: to party, to drink some beer, and to kick some ass…. And my match with Big Show is up next, and all three of those things are gonna go down!

Josh: Well, how—

Austin shoves the mic into Josh’ chest as he walks away towards the entrance for his match.

‘Weeeellll… well it’s the big show!’ Big show makes his way onto the stage with an evil look on his face as he steps over the ropes and awaits Steve.

‘CRASH’ The glass shatters as Austin’s music begins to play over the PA as Stone cold himself heads down to the ring. He enters the ring as he salutes the crowd before getting ready for his matchup.

Match 4
Big Show VS. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The bell sounds as immediately Austin runs and jumps onto Big Show as he tries to [unch him down to the ground, but Show just shoves him right off. Big Show hits a massive boot to the face of Stone Cold. Big Show chops the chest of Austin as Austin starts punching away as big show stumbles on the ropes as Austin chucks him and takes him down with a Thesz Press! He continues punching away before getting up and saluting the fans! Austin signals for show to get up! Show slowly makes his way up. Kick! Stun—NO! Big show counters and wraps his hand around the throat of SCSA! Wait! Kick! Stunner! Bi gShow stumbles as he bounces off the ropes! Austin hits a second stunner as Show drops to one knee… a third Stunner as Show flies to the mat! Austin poses over his fallen body before covering! 1…2…3!! Austin squashes the helpless Big Show!

Winner: Stone Cold

After the match Austin drinks beers and parties in the ring, before grabbing a mic.

Austin: Now, did Stone Cold just whoop Fat Shows’ ass in under 5 minutes, gimme a hell yeah!

Crowd: Hell yeah!

Austin: Is Austin gonna be the best of the best on SD, gimme a hell yeah!

Crowd: Hell yeah!

Austin: Speaking of being the best, I’m keeping a close eye on the main event… cuse whoever wins that title, better be ready for the Texas Rattlesnake! HELL YEAH!!!

Austin drops the mic as he drinks more beer before leaving the ring.

Cole: The title match, the main event, is NEXT!

*Commercial Break*

‘MOOOOO’ JBL’s music hits the speakers as he makes his way out to the ring in a limo. The driver opens the door for JBL as he makes his way down to the ring, where he poses, etc….

‘GONG..GONG..’ The gongs sound before Taker’s music hits the speakers and the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring. He poses, taking off his hat, raising an arm, as the smoke clears and we are ready to begin this main event.

Match 5
IWF Championship
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield VS. The Undertaker

JBL and Taker get nose to nose as they stare down in the center of the ring as JBL shoves Taker as Undertaker gets angry and shoves JBL down to the mat. JBL pulls himself up, as Taker shoves him back down. JBL gets back up as he tries to grapple Undertaker, but kicks him in the gut and beats him over the head with his arm and hands. JBL throws Taker into the ropes as he hits a huge boot as The Deadman falls to the mat. JBL smiles as he punches away at the skull of Undertaker. Taker covers up before shoving JBL off of him. Taker gets up and starts punching JBL right in the face as JBL is tottering trying to keep his balance. Taker hits a huge uppercut sending JBL flying across the ring as Bradshaw gets out of the ring to catch hits breath as Taker slides out to follow as he slams JBL’s head into the steel post! JBL falls to the floor as Taker throws him into the post again as blood begins to trickle down the head of JBL. The ref threatens to disqualify Undertaker if he does it again, so Taker throws him back into the ring and follows him in. Taker hits a boot as JBL goes down and can barely see where he is going with all the blood on his face. JBL gets up as Taker runs at him. JBL runs back and hits a Clothesline from Hell! Taker goes down, but JBL is out as well from pain. JBL pulls himself up as he taunts Taker to get up… Taker makes his ay up as JBL runs at him, a Undertaker grabs him by the throat, CHOKELSLAM! JBL is down, possibly out! 1…2…NO! JBL gets a foot on the rope as Taker begins to celebrate, but the ref tries to tell Taker it was only a two count. This gives JBL time to get back up as he hits a Clothesline from Hell!!! JBL covers Taker! 1…2…NO! Undertaker kicks out! JBL cant believe it, as Undertaker sits up! He makes an evil face as he picks JBL up over his shoulders and his a snake eyes! He grabs his arm and climbs the ropes and hits and old school! JBL rolls out of the ring in pain. JBL is standing right next to the announcers table. Taker goes to leave the ring, but thinks twice and re-enters. He then bounces off the ropes and dives over the top for a diving clothesline out of the ring! JBL moves out of the ring as Undertaker crashes through the announcers table! Crowd begins “Holy S**t” chants as JBL and Undertaker are both out cold on the outside of the ring. The ref runs over to check on the two men as we see that a little bit of blodd is trickling down the head of Undertaker. JBL gets up first as the ref tries to tell him to get back in the ring, JBL shoves him into the steel wall as he goes down and out! JBL takes Taker and hits a powerbomb on the outside of the ring! He throws him back into the ring, and covers, but there is no ref! JBL siganls for something at the top of the ramp, as The Bashams make their way out to the ring and start stomping away at the lifeless body of The Undertaker! They pick him up and hold him up as JBL gets ready to hit a Clothesline from Hell! He runs as Taker shoves The Bashams toward JBL, as he stops running. The Bashams turn around as Taker takes each with one hand and hits a double chokeslam! JBL runs at him and hits a Clothesline from Hell!!! Another ref runs down into the ring as he covers the deadman! 1…2…th-NO!!!! How did Undertaker have the will and fight to kick out!? JBL cannot believe it as he begins to cry. He picks up Taker and throws him into the ropes as he goes for another clothesline, but Taker ducks it and hits a chokeslam! Taker doesn’t pin and signals that the end is not near, the end is here! He picks up Bradshaw and picks him up for a Tombstone! It connects! 1…2…3!!!! Taker wins the championship!

Winner and NEW IWF Champion: The Undertaker

Taker sticks his tounge out as we see the little trickles of blood go down his face as he rolls his eyes back and the ref places his title around his neck as the show ends with the view of Undertaker and his title.

End of show
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IWF RAW Week 2

IWF RAW Show 2
Location: Does it matter?
Date: April 11th

The pyros go off as the opening video plays and the camera scans through the fans and shows the ring already set up for the Highlight Reel.

JR: Bah Gawd! What a show we have for everyone tonight!

King: We have HHH/Michaels, the draft lottery… and the highlight reel!

As King says the words, ‘Break the Walls Down’ hits the speakers as Jericho poses and makes his way down to the ring.

Jericho: Welcome to Raw… is… Jericho!

Crowd cheers

Jericho: Oh boy, what a night it is going to be! Not only do we have great matches such as The Rock ‘n Sock Reunion, but we have The Game, HHH, taking on HBK, Shawn Michaels! We will have 5 men drafted…

Crowd cheers

Jericho: It could be anyone- even me! But the best part of the show is when you get to see me, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, Y2J! Now, on the Highlight Reel, we have a very special guest… we used to be tag team partners, then we were arch rivals, now I will face him next week in the title tournament… Christian!

Crowd boos as ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ hits the speakers as Christian and Tomko make their way to the ring. They enter the ring as Jericho hands him a match.

Christian: This is nice, how nice, THE HIGHLIGHT REEL!

Jericho: Isn’t it great?

Christian: Of course, but really man, everyone knows the Peep Show is ten times better! And everyone also knows that next week, Captain Charisma will use his power of the peeps, his super power and take down the self proclaimed king of the world… you!

Jericho: Oh yeah, you think that, don’t you, jackass?

Crowd cheers

Christian: C’mon Chris, this is a kids show, isn’t it? Where’s your sportsmanship? I mean, just because we know I’m gonna kick your ass doesn’t have to make you cry or anything, its all cool man!

Jericho: You’re so confident, why don’t you take that little jacket off so I can take you downtown, to china town, and go on to the finals and win that world title!!

Christian: I’m sorry Chris, but our match is scheduled for next week, but your beating is scheduled… for tonight!

Tomko runs as Jericho, but Chris fights him off and hits an Enzeguri! Tomko flies out of the ring as Christian runs at Jericho, who drops him and attempts to lock in the Walls! Christian kicks him off and gets out of the ring as he backs up the ramp as Jericho grabs the mic.

Jericho: Now, give it up, for the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon!

The crowd cheers as Vince comes out to the stage where there are two bingo type spinners placed on either side of Vince.

Vince: Welcome to IWF RAW! Tonight will be a landmark night in the history of the IWF… there will be a draft lottery! First, welcome, all the way from SD! Paul Heyman!

Heyman comes out and goes to his little stand.

Vince: Now, the RAW GM, Shane McMahon!

Shane ‘O Mac makes his way out to the stage.

Vince: Now, backstage we had an intense rock paper scissors match, where Heyman won- that means he will pick first! Paul, make your pick!

Paul smiles as he sticks his hand into the spinner.

Paul: As the first pick for Smackdown, I receive… hahaha… starting off with a bang, the monster, KANE!

JR: Oh mah gawd!

‘Chemical’ hits the speakers as they show Kane shocked in the RAW locker room as they then show the SD! locker room shocked as well. Kane comes out and puts on the Smackdown! Shirt.

Shane: Very impressive, good drawing skills… but I’m making sure I make an impact too!

Shane takes a ball out.

Shane: Hmm… this should be interesting… Charlie Hass!

Paul rubs his chin as they show the SD! stars saying goodbye to Hass and then they show Benjamin in the RAW locker room. Hass comes out and happily puts on the RAW shirt.

*Commercial Break*

‘Whatever’ hits the speakers as Chris Benoit makes his way down to the ring as he raises his arms and poses for the crowd in the ring.

‘IT WASN’T MY FAULT’ hits the speakers as Gene Snitsky makes his way down to the ring for this singles matchup.

Match 1
Chris Benoit VS. Gene Snitsky

The two men square off in the center as they lock up, and Snitsky gets in a headlock. He throws Benoit into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulderblock. Snitsky stomps at Benoit as Benoit rolls out of the way. Snitsky punches away at the head of Benoit, as Benoit chops Snitsky over and over as his chest begins to become red. Snitsky grabs Benoit and throws him into the corner, where he runs as squashes him! Snitsky poses as Benoit bounces off towards Snitsky where he is lifted and slammed to the mat. Snitsky grabs the head of Benoit and starts punching away at the side of the head. Benoit slowly gets up as Snitsky runs at him, but Benoit trips him up sending him into the ropes. Benoit wraps his arms around Snitsky and hits a german suplex! Snitsky holds his back and neck in pain as Benoit now begins to take advantage over Gene. He kicks away at Snitsky where he gets him in an armbar. Snitsky holds his arm as he Benoit starts kicking the arm of Snitsky. Snitsky slowly gets up as he is met with a running clothesline! Benoit poses as he tries to lock in the Sharpshooter! He is fighting, but Snitsky kicks him off, and hits a HUGE clothesline! He gets Benoit and lifts him up for a Pump Handle Slam! He gets him up, as Benoit slips under the back and hits a German! He keep shis arms latched as Snitsky hold onto the ropes and elbows Benoit off of him! Snitsky gets him up, and slams him down! Pump Handle Slam! He covers! 1…2…NO! Benoit got a foot on the rope! Snitsky thinks he has won, as Benoit rolls him up! 1…2… Benoit breks up his own cover and rolls it into a Sharpshooter! Snitsky screams in pain, as he grabs the ropes! Benoit gets off, and hits a German! Snitsky lands right on his arm, as he is holding it in pain! Benoit keeps it locked in, as he hits a second! Snitsky tries to fight it, but Benoit hits a third! Benoit signals that the end is not near, the end is here!! Benoit goes up top and hits a diving headbutt on the arm! He covers! 1…2…NO! Snitsky kicks out! Snitsky grabs the ropes as he runs at Benoit, who counters it into a Crossfade into the center of the ring! Snitsky fighting! How long can he last! He taps!

Winner: Chris Benoit

Benoit raises his arms as he leaves the ring as Snitsky rolls around in pain in the ring. All of a sudden Shane comes out followed by Heyman. Heyman goes first in the lottery now.

Heyman: The newest edition to IWF Smackdown is….. oh yes! The peoples champ! THE ROCK!

Crowd has a mixed reaction as The Rock comes down to the ring with a shocked look on his face. He puts on the SD! Shirt as he poses for the crowd.

Shane: Damn, two great picks for SD, congrats…. But lets see how my luck is…

Shane takes a ball out of the lottery wheel.

Shane: I gladly welcome to RAW…… Booker T!

‘Can You Dig it Suckah!?’ hits the speakers as Booker makes his way out happily and take a mic from Shane.

Booker: Yo Dawg, it is great to be back on RAW! But man, how would it be if I could have one last match against a Smackdown superstar… tonight!

Shane: You know what, it’s done… you will face another man that has joined RAW… Charlie Hass… and your match is next!

*Commercial Break*

Booker T is already in the ring hopping around when Hass’ music hits the speakers and comes out to a decent pop. He slides in the ring and starts circling around Booker.

Match 2
Charlie Hass VS. Booker T

The two men begin circling around the ring as they wait for their opponent to attempt a move. Charlie runs in as Booker hits a hard right hand to the head. Hass stumbles back, as he jumps and hits a splash barely moving Booker, who stays up and tries to get back to work on Charlie. Hass tries to pull himself up using the ropes, as Booker kicks him right in the head. Hass goes down as he holds his head in pain. Booker picks up Hass and starts chopping Hass non-stop. Hass in the corner, as they exchange chops over and over. Eventually, Hass hits a knee to the gut and an arm drag. He walks over and jumps up and hits a elbow to the head. Booker holds his head as Hass picks him up and connects with a DDT! Booker goes down and flips up as Hass pulls him back down and covers! 1…2..NO! Near fall! Booker pulls himself up using Hass’ body as Hass begins slamming away at the body of Booker, as Hass throws him into the ropes and hops over him before connecting with a sick superkick! Booker is laying in the center of the ring out of it as Hass crawlas over to make the pin. 1…2..Booker gets a shoulder up! Hass doesn’t know what else to do, so he gets in the corner and taunts Booker to get up. Booker does, as Hass runs at him, and is met with a Spinning Heel Kcik from Booker! 1..2..NO! Booker cannot believe it as he goes for the Scissors kick, as Hass stands up out of the way, and locks in a roll up! 1…2..Booker gets a hand on the ropes, but Hass thinks hes won! The ref shakes Hass telling him the match is not over, as Booker gets up. Hass turns around… Bookend- countered! Hass elbows him off! Hass hits a solid dropkick and crawls over the body of Booker! 1..2..another near fall! Hass smiles an evil grin as he locks in the Hass of Pain! Booker has nowhere to go! He has to tap! He crawls.. crawls.. and reaches the ropes! Hass cannot believe it, as he drags Booker back to the center! Booker flips over and kicks Hass off as he bounces off the ropes and hops over Booker, who quickly gets up and kicks Hass in the midsection! Bookend! Connects! Hass is down and out! Booker does not cover and taunts Hass who slowly makes his way up, where Booker runs and hits a perfect Scissors Kick! He covers! 1..2..3!!

Winner: Booker T

Shane: Congrats on your first win on RAW, but we have some more picks to do! C’mon Paul, we don’t have all day!

Paul: Alright, alright… my third amazing pick to come to Smackdown is!...... Gene Snitsky!

Shane: Sorry Paul, but he had a match already, he won’t be able to try that shirt on, isn’t it sad? Anyway, I take from Smackdown to add my excellent roster of superstars…. Oh man! KURT ANGLE!!!

‘Medal’ hits the speakers as Angle comes out happily and poses for the crowd and tries on the RAW shirt as he takes a mic.

Angle: You know, RAW will now completely outdo Smackdown… because they know have an Olympic gold medalist!!!

Shane: Yeah, we get it… you’ve told us that already…

Angle heads backstage as we head to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage we see Hass holding his head as he is walking towards his locker room. All of a sudden, shelton Benjamin runs up to him.

Benjamin: Yo man, what’s up?

Hass: I’m alright, could be worse… just lost a match to damn Booker T…

Benjamin: Yeah, I saw… but it’s gonna be great with you here on RAW! We can wreak havoc all over the tag division!

Hass: You know man, I was kind of setting my sights towards the IC title man…

Benjamin: C’mon, we have to re-unite at least one last time man!

Hass: You were the one getting destroyed last week, so I wouldn’t be talking man…

Benjamin: What has gotten into you man?

Hass: Nothing man… I’ll see ya later…

Hass walks away as Benjamin shakes his head.

We head back to ringside, where Paul Heyamn is making his fourth pick.

Paul: The next man who will come to my glorious show of Smackdown is…. RANDY ORTON!

‘HEY!’ hits the speakers as Orton’s music begins to play as he makes his way down to the ring and poses as he puts on the SD! Shirt and laughs.

Shane: Nice pick, you need stars like him to keep your show alive… but let’s see how my pick rolls! The fourth pick for IWF RAW is… Carlito!

‘I SPIT IN THE FACE’ hits the speakers as Carlito comes out and poses as he puts on a RAW shirt. Carlito says to Shane without a mic. “Carlito on RAW… now das cool!”

Everyone clears the area as Hassan’s music hits the speakers as he and Davarai make their way down to the ring for the huge tag match. They enter the ring as they pose.

‘IF YA SMELL’ hits the speakers as Rock and Foley make their way down to the ring and high five all the fans. They slowly make their way down to the ring.

JR: This will be a one tiem reunion, because The Rock was drafted to Smackdown earlier tonight!

King: The Rock ‘N Sock make a huge comeback last week, and now it’s over! Haha!

JR: We will see this match, right after the commercial break!

*Commercial Break*

Match 3
Rock ‘N Sock VS. Hassan and Davarai

Hassan and Rock start the match off as they stare down and Hassan starts talking trash as he slaps Rock right in the face. Rock all of a sudden bursts out and begins to lay the smackdown on Hassan! Rock continues punching and smacking away as Hassan covers up in the corner and Rock finishes him off with one big punch. Hassan falls to the mat on his knees as Rock goes to pick him up. Hassan punches away at the stomach of Rock as Hassan begins punching visciously to the head of Rock. Rock is stumbling around the ring as Hassan picks up Rock and hits a flapjack as Rock falls flat on his face. Hassan poses as Davarai screams and cheers on Mohammed. Hassan begins beating away at Rock as he tries to put him away early as he grabs rocks head and goes for a camel clutch, but Foley runs in the ring and hits a clothesline breaking it up as the ref goes to put Foley back in his corner as Davarai comes in and they begin double teaming him, until the ref comes back to the action. Rock is on the ground as Hassan laughs and stomps away at the lifeless body of the Rock. Rock crawls towards the corner, but Hassan drags him away and tags in Davarai who is confused and enters the ring. Hassan distracts the ref as Davarai nails a thumb to the eye and then gives him a huge kick to the “grapefruits.” Rock goes down in pain as Hassan is tagged back in. Hassan goes for a DDT, but Rock flips Hassan over, and tags in Foley. Foley comes in and punches away at Hassan, who pretty much refuses to tag in Davarai. Hassan is being destroyed as Foley hits a DDT as Hassan is down and out! Foley covers! 1…2… Davarai runs and breaks it up and then quickly leaves the ring. Foley chases Davarai around the outside,as Hassan sneaks up and sends Foley into the turnbuckle! He slams Foleys head into the steel post twice in a row, before hitting an inverted DDT on the outside as Foley is busted open! Foley rolls back into the ring as Hassan continues to work on him. He locks in the Camel Clutch as Foley has nowhere to go! Foley punches Hassan right in the nose, as he quickly breaks free as he rolls out of the ring in pain. Foley slowly gets up confused, as Hassan lifts his head on the apron as his nose is gushing blood all over his face. Foley runs and hits a suicide dive over the top rope as Foley’s face is a crimson mask of blood. Rock goes to help out Foley, as Hassan hits a DDT on Rock. Hassan is thrown back in the ring by Foley. Foley signals BANG BANG! He runs to the corner, but Hassan moves and Foley ends up smashing where the sun don’t shine! Hassan poses as he goes for that inverted STO! Foley elbows him in the head as he hits the same move Hassan went for as both men are out! The crowd cheers as Hassan sits in his corner, but will not tag in Davarai. Rock desperately needs a tag, as Foley tags him in! Rock runs as he clothelines Hassan, Davarai runs in but he too is clotheslined. Hassan runs at Rock who hits a spinebuster! Rock poses for the peoples elbow, but Davarai runs to stop him, as he is met with a spinebuster! He poses now for the peoples elbow on Davarai, but Hassan runs in and smashes Rock in the side of the head! Hassan goes for the STO! Rock counters and throws Hassan into the corner, where Davarai goes back and pats Hassan on the back, as the ref calls for a blind tag! Hassan rolls out of the ring in pain. Davarai is in shock. He begs for mercy, as Rock flips him into the ring! Foley comes in as he takes something out of his shoe… MR. SOCKO! He locks in the Mandible Claw as Davarai is passing out, as Foley breaks it and Davrai stumbles into the Rock! ROCKBOTTOM! 1…2..3!

Winner: The Rock and Mick Foley

Rock and Foley embrace in the ring as they shake hands and hug as it will be the last time they are in the ring together for a while now that Rock is going to Smackdown! The crowd cheers and gives the two a standing ovation as Rock poses for the crowd.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, we see HHH and Ric Flair.

Coach: Hey guys, how are ya doing!?

HHH: How are we doing? That’s what your going to ask me? I have a match to get ready for, but I take some of that time off to be asked a few questions, and this is the question you ask me?

Coach: Well, um, yeah…

HHH: Well, tonight I defeat the has-been, the heart break kid, and I will make sure of that! Me and Ric here, we know what it’s like to be a winner, to be a champion. Ric is a 16 time world champion, and I have 10 behind me as well… the boyhood dream will not come true tonight, because I will not allow it! I will do what I have done to everyone else that has tried to beat me! I will put them down! Last week, I defeated the animal, Batista, with ease!

Coach: Wait, you did get a lot of help from that man...

HHH: He had nothing to do with the match! I wouldve won anyway! He just gave a little of help!

Coach: Speaking of that man, can you tell us or at least give us a hint on who it is?

HHH: Here’s a hint- he will be here tonight, and we will know who he is when the dust clears! Whether he is on RAW or Smackdown! after tonights lottery, he will still live on with Evolution, and he will be a factor… did I answer your questions Coach?

Coach: Yeah, um, I think that is all…

HHH: Good, lets go Ric.

Flair: WHOOO! You got him champ!

‘Sexy Boy’ hits the speakers as Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He drops on his knees as the pyros go off, and he enters the ring for the main event.

JR: We’re gonna have to take one more quick commercial break, don’t go away!

*Commercial Break*

‘The Game’ hits the speakers as HHH makes his way out to the ring. He does everything as usual as the crowd boos him and he enters the ring and stares down with Michaels.

Match 4
World Title Tournament Semifinals
Hardcore Match
HHH VS. Shawn Michaels

The two men stare down as HBK looks around the arena and sees all the screaming fans. He says something to HHH as he nods his head and the two grapple in the center of the ring and try to get the better of their opponent. HHH squeezes on HBK’s arms and shoulders, as HBK is fighting and it is an even test of strength, until HHH kicks Michaels in the gut, causing him to keel over in pain. HHH punches Michaels right in the head as he drops to a knee and HHH grabs his head and keeps punching away at the head. Michaels is being beaten by Trip’s vicious punches. HHH kicks HHH in the gut and reels him in where he hits a forearm to the back. HHH takes Michaels and knees him right in the head. HBK falls down to a knee, where HHH bounces off the ropes and goes for a knee. HBK is laid out as HHH laughs and whips Shawn into the ropes and hits a huge spinebuster! HHH takes HBK and hits a DDT as HBK bounces and flies out of the ring. HHH follows him outside as he throws Michaels into the steps. Michaels has not landed one move all match, until now, as he punches HHH and smashes his head into the steps. HBK whips HHH right into the steel post, and then into the rail around the announcers table and the time keeper. Michaels walks over as he takes the chair and smashes it over the back of HHH. Trips screams in pain as he is slowly getting up and HBK hits him again before throwing the chair into the ring, followed by HHH. HBK waits for HHH to get up as he smashes the chair right between the eyes of the Game! HHH slowly rises as he low blows HBK in desperation. HHH takes the chair and hits one of the sickest chair shots in the history of sports entertainment. HBK falls down and out as HHH sets up the chair and picks up HBK as he delivers a sidewalk slam on the chair to HBK’s bad back! HBK screams in pain as HHH locks in a submission as HBK screams in pain. HBK reverses it and hits a huge clothesline before rolling out of the ring and taking a trash can from underneath the ring. He throws it into the ring as he slides in as HHH meets him with stomps as HBK rolls back out of the ring and trips up HHH as he begins punching away on the outside as HBK throws HHH onto the announcers table as the crowd cheers loudly. HHH runs off and back into the ring as the crowd boos. HBK takes the trash can and levels HHH with it in the head as HHH collapses to the mat. Michaels takes the trash can and chucks it out of the ring. He takes the chair as he awaits HHH to get up! HHH does, as HBK swings the chair, but HHH catches it! He smashes HBK over the head as he is now bleeding from the skull! HHH taunts Michaels as he gets up. He goes to hit him over the head, but HBK Superkicks the chair back into his face!!! Both men are out cold, as HBK rolls out of the ring to get a breather, but rolls under the ring and rolls back out with a table! He places it in the ring as HHH begins to get back up. HBK continues searching under the ring as he takes out… a ladder! The crowd bursts into cheers as Michaels rolls into the ring as both men are bleeding profusivley from the head as they stare down similar to the very start of the match. Michael once again looks at all the fans and HHH nods! The two men lock up in the center, as HBK is too tired to hold on as HHH kicks him in the gut and reels him in for the pedigree! WAIT! HBK backbody drops HHH and the adrenalin picks up! He clothesline HHH and goes down, but kips back up! He sets up the ladder as HHH gets back up to be met with a backbody drop again. HBK climbs to the top of the ladder as he flies off and connects with the elbow drop! Both men are down! HBK slowly crawls into the corner as he is tuning up the band and HHH is slowly getting up! HBK runs at him! Ban-NO! HHH catches his foot as he spins him around and goes for the Pedigree! All of a sudden, HBK drops HHH by his legs and rolls him up! 1…2…NO! HBK can’t believe it as he argues with the ref. HHH slowly gets up behind him, as HBK hits a Sweet Chin Music! HHH is down! All of a sudden, Flair runs down to the ring, where he runs right into a Sweet Chin Music! HBK sets up the table, as all of a sudden the man in the sweatshirt comes in and taunts HBK behind him. HBK turns around, as the man picks up Michaels and slams him through the table!!! The man places HHH over Shawn as the ref counts! 1…2…3! NO!

Winner: Triple H

All of a sudden the man, Flair and HHH raise arms in the middle of the ring, when all of a sudden Heyman interrupts.

Heyman: Sorry to break up the little gang bang over there, but I still have one more pick! So, the final pick for Smackdown is…. HBK! Shawn Michaels!

HHH, Flair, and the man laugh as they look at Michaels out cold in the ring.

Shane: Not bad, but my pick is… JOHN CENA!

Cena’s music hits the speakers but no one comes out. All of a sudden, the man in the hooded sweatshirt takes off his hood. It’s Cena!!! He laughs and poses in the ring as Shane is shocked, as is everyone else in the arena.

JR: Bah Gawd! Cena is now on RAW, and in Evolution!

King: This is gonna be huge JR!!

JR: I believe that’s all we have time for tonight… see you next week!

The scene closes as the new Evolution stands posing in the ring.

End Show

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IWF SD! Week 2

IWF Smackdown! Show 2
Location: Nobody Cares
Date: April 14th

The pyros go off as the theme hits and we head to the announcers booth.

Cole: Welcome everyone to IWF Smackdown! And what a night we have for you tonight!!!

Tazz: That’s right Cole, coming right off Mondays draft; we have huge new stars for a huge new night!

Cole: We have a huge card tonight, and we will see just how good our new talent really is!

‘HEY!’ hits the speakers as Orton’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring in a suit and tie. He slowly enters the ring as he grabs a mic.

Orton: You are looking at the future of the IWF in this ring before you! I am the next World Champion, and nothing and nobody can or will stop me!

Crowd boos

Orton: I was drafted from RAW to over here on Smackdown, and I admit at first I wasn’t too pleased… but now I see how great it really may turn out! Which is why tonight, I will prove to the world why I deserve to be the top dog!

Orton pauses as he licks his lips and fixes his collar

Orton: Tonight, I will make an impact that no one will ever forget! Tonight, Randy Orton, the legend killer, will take what is mine!

‘IF YA SMELL’ hits the speakers as The Rock makes his way down to the ring and poses as the crowd erupts for the People’s champ. He enters the ring and takes a mic.

Rock: Woah, woah, woah…. Who do you think you are!?

Randy: I am the Legend Killer, Rand—

Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think!

Crowd cheers

Rock: You say you’re the only one on this damn show that deserves a title shot, well you are dead wrong! Let’s see who the millions…


Rock: Of the Rock’s fans think who deserves a title shot… is it… Randy Orton?

Crowd boos

Rock: Or the Rock?

Crowd cheers

Orton: Rock, I’m sorry to break it to you, but this company is not a popularity contest! This business is about being the best anyone has ever seen, and quite frankly, I am ten times better than you ever have or will be!

Crowd boos

Orton: That’s right; I am the youngest world champion of all time! I cannot and will not be beaten!

‘CRASH’ hits the speakers as Austin makes his way down to the ring as he grabs a mic and stares down both men.

Austin: I was listening to you guys flapping your mouths and I thought that it was some sort of joke, because we all know Austin 3:16 is the greatest to ever wrestle in this here ring.

Crowd cheers

Austin: So what the hell are you two guys doing in MY ring?

Rock: Your ring? Since when is this your ring?

Austin: Since… right about… now!

Austin hits the Stunner on Rock as he taunts his fallen body as he gets up and turns around and is met with an RKO! Orton poses over the two as all of a sudden Heyman appears on the stage.

Heyman: Wait a damn minute! You guys all want a title shot so bad, you will have to fight for it! In two weeks, at Fallout, it will be The Rock… VS. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

Crowd erupts into cheers

Heyman: And Orton, as for you, standing so proud and confident, at Fallout in two weeks you will go up against… HBK, Shawn Michaels!

Crowd cheers as Heyman drops the mic and we cut to commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Cole: What an announcement, and well, now we have two matches for Fallout set in stone!

Tazz: And look at the statistics, 3 of the 4 men fighting for that #1 contenders spot are from RAW!

Cole: That shows you how much the draft really helped!

*Commercial Break*

Akio’s music hits the speakers as he makes his way down to the ring for the next matchup.

Cole: Are you ready for some cruiserweight action??

Tazz: Hell yeah Cole!

Paul London now makes his way down to the ring for the opening match here tonight on Smackdown!

Match 1
Paul London VS. Akio

The two men hop around and circle around the ring as they grapple in the center of the ring. London gets caught into a headlock, but he quickly gets out of it and throws Akio into the ropes as he hops over his body and goes for a dropkick, but Akio holds onto the ropes as London lands on his side and back. Akio stomps at the body of London as London slowly gets up and shoves Akio into the ropes as he flips over him and into a roll up! 1...2… Akio quickly gets out of the pin as he flips over London into a headlock. Akio rips and tears at the head of Paul as he screams out and gets onto a knee as he elbows his way out of it, and hits a spinning wheel kick! London picks up Akio as he hits a dropkick to the jaw. Akio bounces off the ropes, but he stays up as he bounces off the ropes and flips over London as he takes the neck and hits an amazing inverted neckbreaker! London holds his head as Akio quickly covers. 1…2…NO… A long two count as the crowd cheers for the amazing move. Akio heads up top, as he jumps off, but London moves, as Akio lands on his feet. London runs at London, but Akio uses his Japanese heritage to hit a huge kick right to the nose of London, as his nose is busted open. Little blood comes out, but it is nothing serious. Akio laughs, as he has re-busted open that injury from last week! Akio punches down London as he hits another neckbreaker as London goes down. London uses the ropes to pull himself up, as he tugs on the ropes, and Akio flies over the top rope! London runs against the ropes, but the ref stops him as the crowd boos. The ref goes to check on Akio, as London leaps over the ref as he corkscrews over the ref and the rope as he connects on Akio on the outside perfectly, as they fly and smash their heads onto the steel barricade! The crowd begins a “Holy S—t” chant as both men are down on the outside of the ring! The ref begins counting, but after about 6 London rolls in, and then back out to break the count. London chucks Akio towards the steel post, but Akio does a very athletic spider like spin up the turnbuckle as he lands on top and flies off with a cross body on the outside! The ref doesn’t know how to keep control of the match as he cannot believe the ability of these two men. Akio rolls London back in the ring, as he hits a piledriver laying out London! Akio heads up top, as he flips off the top rope for a Corkscrew 450! London rolls out of the way as Akio goes head first as his foot hits the ref, causing him to hit the ropes and he holds his head in pain. London heads up top as out of nowhere comes Billy Kidman as he tries to get London! London kicks him off the apron, but Kidman provided as a vital distraction, as Akio hits a huge Enzeguri as London flips off the top rope! Akio covers! 1…2…3!!

Winner: Akio

Akio holds his head as he rolls out of the ring and heads backstage. Kidman sits up and he holds his belt tight as he slides in the ring. He stares at London as he slowly gets up. He laughs, as he hits London right over the skull with the belt as he raises his belt for the crowd as they give him heat.

Cole: It had to end that way, didn’t it!?

Tazz: What? Kidman did nothing, it was all Akio!

Backstage we see Shawn Michaels walking down towards the ring.

*Commercial Break*

‘Sexy Boy’ hits the speakers as Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring as he poses and slides into the ring. He grabs a mic.

HBK: I was watching the opening segment backstage, and I am pleased to be able to face Orton in a match at Fallout… but as for tonight, I want to show all these Smackdown fans how I do things around here!

Crowd cheers

HBK: So right now, I’m challenging anyone in the back to come out here, and fight me like a man!

Cole: Michaels making a challenge, who will accept!?

Tazz: I don’t know Cole, but—

Orlando Jordan makes his way down to the ring as he poses and taunts Michaels as Shawn shakes his head and sits on the ropes awaiting Orlando.

Cole: Well, I guess we have an answer!

Orlando slides in the ring as he begins to punch away at the body of Shawn Michaels!

Match 2
“HBK” Shawn Michaels VS. Orlando Jordan

Orlando continues to beat HBK in the center of the ring, as HBK drops to a knee. Jordan continues the solid right hands as HBK blocks one, and starts punching back at Orlando, as he whips him into the ropes and takes down OJ with a shoulder block. HBK poses for the crowd as he hits a clothesline and Jordan quickly gets back up, as he catches Michaels off guard with a dropkick! Shawn pulls himself up using the ropes, as Orlando runs and hits a splash in the corner of the ring, as HBK bounces back towards the center of the ring, where OJ flips over HBK and locks in a headlock! HBK fights and tries to reach for the ropes, but Orlando has it locked in tight! Michaels tries to fight the pain as he stands onto one knee and raises an arm shaking it. He elbows Orlando in the stomach as he gets out and throws Orlando into the ropes as he hits a scoop slam! Orlando is down as Michaels starts punching away at the skull of OJ. Jordan stumbles around the ring as Michaels hits a power slam. Orlando uses he ropes, as he kicks a running Michaels and hits a neck breaker taking down the Heart Break Kid. HBK holds his neck in pain, as Orlando locks in an STF hold! Michaels screams in pain as Orlando gets an evil grin. Michaels rolls over as he has a rollup! 1...2...NO! Orlando gets a shoulder up at the last second, as he quickly gets up, as he runs right into a Super kick!!! Both men are down as the ref counts in the center of the ring. Michaels crawls after a while as he pushes his hair to the side of his head. He pulls himself up as he grabs Orlando and whips him into the turnbuckle, as he bounces back into a diving clothesline from Michaels! Both men are down… HBK kips up, he hops up! Michaels poses as he hits numerous right hands before hitting a backbody drop! The adrenaline rush has picked up as he heads up top and hits an elbow drop! Michaels heads around the ring as he begins to tune up the band! All of a sudden, the Basham’s run down to the ring and are punched down by HBK. Shawn throws them both out of the ring, as Orlando rolls up Michaels! 1...2...NO! HBK just gets a shoulder up! Jordan cannot believe it, as HBK kips up again! The crowd is going wild, as Michaels hits a Sweet Chin Music to a running Orlando! Wait a minute, JBL runs into the ring, as Michaels begins fighting him off, as he moves back, and hits a Superkick sending JBL to the outside! The ref is looking out at the rest of the Cabinet, as Orton runs into the ring. HBK turns around… RKO! HBK is down and out as the crowd boos and Orton runs from the ring. Jordan crawls over HBK’s fallen body as he covers! 1….2….not this way...3!

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Cole: God damn it! Jordan stole the win!

Tazz: Stole the win, what do you mean?

Cole: God damn the Cabinet and god damn Randy Orton!

Tazz: C’mon, why so down ‘cause Orton is dominating the Smackdown! roster tonight?

Backstage, we see Josh Matthews.

Josh: I am standing here alongside a man that has jumped shifts to here on Smackdown, and he goes by the name… of Kane!

Kane: I don’t need an introduction, I don’t need to be asked questions, I just have one request… a match for the IWF… championship!

Josh: It’s your first night here, you sure you’re ready?

Kane: I am MORE than—

Kane is cut off as he is attacked by Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury at the command of Melina! Melina screams as Kane is thrown into the backstage set and is helpless as the two men start stomping away, but Kane overpowers them and throws them off. Melina comes from behind, as she hits Kane with a chair! Kane doesn’t seem hurt as he turns around and grabs her by the throat. Out of nowhere, Nitro hits a low blow and Mercury picks up Kane over his head as Nitro hits an inverted DDT from the top of Mercury’s shoulders. The two laugh and runs away as Melina stomps at Kane one last time as we cut to commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back, and Kane storms into Paul Heyman’s office with blood trickling down his forehead.

Kane: I want those two punks tonight!

Heyman: You’re in no condition to fight…

Kane: I don’t even know what there names are, but I want them, in a handicapped match, tonight!!!

Heyman: Sorry, no can do…

Kane grabs Heyman by the throat.

Heyman: Ok! Ok! Fine, you want them so bad, you got them… but it wont be a 2 on 1 handicapped match… it’ll be a 3 on 1 handicapped match! It will be Kane VS. All 3 of MNM... That’s right, Nitro, Mercury… and Melina!

Kane laughs as he leaves Heyman’s office with an evil grin on his forehead.

We head to ringside where we break down the Fallout card.

Cole: At Fallout, we will see the great one, The Rock; take on the Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Tazz: And then, the young, talented, Randy Orton, will take on HBK: Shawn Michaels!

Cole: The Hardcore championship is on the line as Eddie Guerrero takes on Rob… Van… Dam!

Tazz: We will also see the Cruiserweight title, IWF title, and more on the line come Fallout in a few weeks!

‘GONG’ hits the speakers as the lights go off and the crowd erupts as Undertaker makes his way out on the ramp. He slowly enters the ring as he grabs a mic.

Taker: Last week… I beat JBL and his whole Cabinet for this title… and I will defend it against whoever the hell comes to face me!

Crowd cheers

Taker: Which is why, anyone who thinks they can beat me can get there ass out here right now…

‘Well! Well it’s the Big Show!’ hits the speakers as Big Show sneaks up behind Taker as Undertaker turns around into a Chokeslam! Big Show poses as Taker sits up! Big Show now turns into a Chokeslam! Taker signals for the Tombstone, but Big Show hightails from the ring. He takes the mic as he leaves.

Big Show: Undertaker… I have a proposal! At Fallout, I want you for your title!

Undertaker: You’re on!

Big Show: I wasn’t done yet… in a Steel Cage match!

Undertaker: That’s all you got?

Big Show: Fine… you want to be like that, then so be it! I’m going to the GM now, and I’m getting me vs. you for the IWF title… and you know what, you’re so confident, “deadman” I’ll let you pick the match!

Taker: Fine... at Fallout… you will rest in peace… in a casket cage match….

Cole: What the—

Tazz: A casket cage match?

Cole: Maybe we’ll find out more later tonight!

Tazz: I hope so!

*Commercial Break*

MNM make their way down to the ring posing as the paparazzi come out taking pictures as they pose laughing. They enter the ring, followed by Melina’s super hot slide in.

‘Chemical’ hits the speakers as Kane makes his way down to the ring with blood still on his head and he is angry! He runs down to the ring and slides in the ring!

Match 3
Kane VS. MNM

Kane runs and cleans house, clotheslining down Mercury, and then throwing Nitro out of the ring. Melina runs to her corner as she escapes out of the ring. Kane picks up Mercury by the head as he punches him as he falls down. Kane yells out in anger as he whips Mercury into the ropes and hits a big boot, taking down Mercury! Nitro runs in the ring and jumps onto the back of Kane applying a sleeper hold on Kane, but Kane flips him over his back. Kane hits a sidewalk slam on Mercury, and then one onto Nitro. The two men scream in pain, as Kane now pays attention to Melina, who is avoiding getting in the match. He grabs her by the hair, and flips her into the ring. She yells as he grabs her by the throat, but the two men make the save as they hit Kane over the back. The two men hit a double back drop as they begin to stomp away. Melina talks trash as they beat Kane on the ground. Kane sits up as Melina screams and runs into the corner. Kane stands up as hits an Uppercut on Mercury, and then grips the throat of both men! HE lifts them up for a double chokeslam, but Melina begins to slap Kane over and over on his back. Kane drops the two as he turns around and is angry! Melina jumps into the arms of Kane to distract him as Kane enjoys this, but eventually, Nitro gets in and punches Kane. Kane boots Nitro down. Kane turns back around as Melina lifts her skirt and Kane stares in awe as he is distracted, as is the ref, where Mercury hits a low blow, but the ref himself was in awe! The two men lift him over their shoulders, as they connect with the inverted DDT! Kane is down! Nitro laughs as he points at Melina, who covers!!! 1…2...3!

Winners: Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, and Melina

Tazz: Can you believe it Cole!?

Cole: The monster Kane has been defeated by two new guys and a woman!

Tazz: And the woman pinned him! Yeah! Go Melina!

Cole: This is a disgrace…

Tazz: C’mon, it’s all fine, ‘cause Melina showed us what she’s really made of! And it wasn’t her wrestling ability!

Backstage, we see Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

Eddie: Orale Holmes! We gonna kick some ass out there ese!

Rey: Yeah, I saw how you took care of Orlando last week…

Eddie: Yeah Holmes, we got this covered… The Dudleyz won’t know what hit ‘em!

Rey: Let’s go get ‘em!

The two exchange some words as they head towards the ramp.

Cole: That match is next!

*Commercial Break*

‘VIVA LA RAZA’ hits the speakers as Eddie Guerrero comes out in a low rider next to Rey. Rey hops out of it with the 619 Cam taking pictures of the crowd. Eddie bounces in his low rider as he gets out and enters the ring.

Match 4
Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio VS. The Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz run from behind as they attack the two men. They throw Rey over the top rope as they begin double teaming Eddie. Eddie tries to get up, but they continue stomping on him. Eddie rolls over as he hits a double clothesline, sending D-Von out of the ring. Bubba and Eddie start off the match as Bubba starts punching away at Eddie. Bubba hits a headbutt, sending Eddie down hard. Eddie holds his skull in pain as Bubba jumps up and lands on Eddie with a splash. Eddie holds his stomach in pain, as Bubba quickly covers, but gets a near fall. Bubba gets up licking his lips as he hits a scoop slam on Eddie as Eddie holds his back. Bubba tags in D-von, who hits a reverse DDT. Eddie holds his head and neck, as D-von taunts Eddie as he locks in a headlock. Eddie tumbles out of it, as D-Von flies out of the ring. Eddie bounces off the ropes, as he catapults over the top rope as he crashes and burns on the outside as he connects with a crossbody. The crowd cheers as Eddie rolls in the ring, and tags in Rey. Rey heads up top, as he hits a Senton bomb on the outside as D-Von crawls back in the ring. D-Von hits a desperation diving clothesline out of nowhere as Eddie tries to enter the ring, but the ref stops him, as Bubba goes in the ring illegally and hits a suplex. The ref now runs over to get bubba out of the ring, as D-Von hits a low blow! D-Von tags in Bubba, who heads up top!? Bubba flies off and Rey rolls out of the way in desperation as Bubba misses a “Belly Flop” off the top rope. Rey goes to tag in Eddie, but D-Von runs in and drags Rey back into his corner. Bubba gets up as he punches Rey twice followed by and elbow to the head. He tags in D-Von. Rey kips up as he hits a huge huricanrana! D-Von flies into the rope as he hurts his elbow possibly. Rey jumps onto the back of D-Von, as he spins around with a huge DDT! Bubba runs at Rey, as he trips him up into the ropes! Now, D-Von does the same! Rey bounces off the ropes! Double 619! Both men are down and out as Rey poses. He awaits them as they both get up! He pulls himself up and bounces onto the ropes and jumps and hits a double clothesline! Rey tags in Eddie as Eddie runs in and is cleaning house! He takes Bubba over the top rope! D-Von hits a knee out of desperation as he hits a DDT! Rey bounces off the ropes as he goes for the West Coast Pop! D-Von moves, as Rey takes out Eddie! Eddie falls out of the ring in pain. Rey reaches through the ropes to try to awaken Eddie! RVD comes out of nowhere as he attacks Eddie on the outside! Rey goes to stop RVD, but is turned around, and met with a 3D!! D-Von covers! 1…2…3!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz leave the ring victorious as Rey slowly gets up as he sees RVD destroying Eddie on the outside. Eddie is sent into the steel post as all of a sudden, RVD slides into the ring, and starts brawling with Rey! Rey goes for a huricanrana, but RVD counters it into a powerbomb! Rey asks Eddie for help, but Eddie gets an angry look on his face and watches, as RVD hits a leg drop. Rey tries to get to Eddie, but Eddie backs away and RVD hits a frog splash! Rey is down in pain as RVD leaves the ring. Eddie gets in the ring finally. Eddie goes to help up Rey, but Rey gets up on his own and shoves Eddie. The two exchange words as Eddie shoves down Rey and leaves the ring. Rey stares down Eddie as Eddie backs up the ramp. All of a sudden, Paul Heyman appears on the titantron.

Paul: Hey, you two! You better put your differences aside, because I’m forcing you two... because next week, you two will fight for the tag titles! It will be The Dudleyz VS MNM VS you two!

Paul goes off the ‘tron as Eddie and Rey stare down as the show goes off the air.

End Show

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IWF RAW Week 3

IWF RAW Week 3
Location: Nobody Cares
Date: April 18th

The pyros go off, the theme music hits, and we are live here on IWF RAW!

JR: Welcome everyone! What a night last week, some of the greatest matches, and bah gawd what a draft!

King: Couldn’t agree more JR! We picked up so many great stars, Carlito, Cena, Angle, oh baby its going to be good!

‘Evolution’ hits the speakers as HHH, Flair, and Cena walk out onto the stage all in a suit and tie. They strut down to the ring as they slide in as HHH and Cena grab a mic.

HHH: We are Evolution!

Crowd boos

HHH: Three of the greatest stars in the history! The past, Ric Flair!

Crowd: WOOOO

HHH: The present, myself, the game, the cerebral assassin, Triple H!

Crowd boos

HHH: And, the greatest new athlete, John Cena!

Cena: Excuse me Hunter, but I would like to be known… as the Prototype!

HHH: The Prototype, eh?

Cena: You see, for months, years I stood in that ring as you applauded me for the phony rap crap! It was embarrassing, I was not a normal person like you, I am 10 times better!

HHH: You see, Cena made the right choice when he chose to join us in our domination of RAW! Cena is our next Intercontinental champion, and I am your next World Heavyweight champion!

Crowd boos

Cena: Actually, I wanted the world title too….

HHH: We all do John, but you have to leave some time for the veterans…

Ric: Like me!

HHH: Sorry Naitch, but your past your prime… way past…

Ric: WOOO?


HHH: Everyone keep your eyes open, because we are elite, we are dominant, we are good, we are… Evolution!

Evolutions music hits the speakers as they head up the ramp and pose at the top together as the crowd boos.

King: Evolution is back baby!

*Commercial Break*

‘Legs’ hits the speakers as Stacy Keibler, Maria, Candace, and Victoria make their way down to the ring. They each enter in their own “special way.” Stacy grabs a mic.

Stacy: How y’all doing tonight!

Crowd cheers

Stacy: Are you ready to party!?

Crowd cheers

Stacy: Alright then, bring it on!

All of a sudden, Muhammad Hassan’s music hits as he and Davarai make their way down to the ring. Hassan shakes his head in disgust as the ladies run for their lives out of the ring.

Hassan: This is disgusting! I am scheduled to fight, and meanwhile, ugly, sluts are dancing in the ring during my ring time! Last week, I came closer than probably anyone ever has to beating Rock and Foley last week! And yet, I am excluded from the World title tournament!

Crowd boos

Hassan: I am discriminated against by you people, the general manager, and everyone in the back! I deserve to be treated 10 times better than I am being treated now! I was not pinned last week, and tonight, I will not be pinned!

Crowd boos

Hassan: I am the greatest star on this roster, and I should be facing Benoit or Benjamin, or even Christian or Jericho! I demand a match, a title shot or not, I want a match.

Edge appears on the titantron.

Edge: Hey you, down there… hi! How ya doin? You want a title shot so bad?

Hassan: I don’t want a title shot, I deserve it!

Edge: You know what, your pissing me off, I would LOVE to kick your ass!

Edge leaves the scene as Hassan takes off his shirt as ‘Mettalingus’ hits the speakers and Edge runs down towards the ring.

All of a sudden, ‘Here Comes the Money’ hits the speakers and Shane walks onto the stage.

Shane: Hey you two, I make the matches around here, not you guys… but this match is fine by me!

Crowd cheers

Shane: BUT, this is a title match, lets make it interesting… how about Davarai is banned from ringside!

Crowd cheers, but Davarai will not leave the ring. The ref tries to back him up the ramp as Edge watches laughing. Out of nowhere, Hassan hits a low blow as now Davarai decides to leave. Edge turns around into an STO! The ref runs in and rings the bell.

Match 1
Intercontinental Championship
Muhammad Hassan VS Edge

Hassan quickly covers as the ref pins! 1…2…not this way! Edge kicks out barely at 2 and ¾! Hassan can not believe it as he throws a fit in the ring. He attempts to lock in a Camel Clutch! Edge rolls up Hassan out of nowhere and gets a great near fall. Edge hits a clothesline and pulls his hair as he heads to the corner and goes for a spear! Hassan hits a huge kick as Edge goes down. Hassan walks around the ring as he grabs Edge by the hair and throws him out of the ring. Edge holds his arm in pain as Hassan slides under the ropes and goes to smash his head into the ring barrier, but Edge blocks it! Edge chucks Hassan into the steel steps as Hassan holds his back in pain. He slowly rises, as Edge goes for a Spear, but eats steel as Hassan jukes out of the way! Edge is now bleeding, but very scarcely from the nose. Edge wipes it off while on the ground, but Hassan makes it noticeable as he smashes Edge’s head into the steel yet again! Hassan throws Edge into the ring and quickly covers! 1…2…NO… kickout from Edge! Hassan can not believe it again as he picks up Edge and hits a huge DDT! Edge holds his head as the blood coming from his nose is now huge as Edge leaves the ring walking around it as he tries to help himself. Hassan gets impatient as he throws Edge back in the ring. Hassan hits a neckbreaker. He laughs and poses as the crowd boos him as he gets a headlock on Edge. Edge lays on the floor trying to fight, but slowly fades away. The ref lifts his arm… once… twice… Edge is able to hold his arm up as he fights his way to his feet. He elbows Hassan as he breaks the hold and bounces off the ropes. Edge runs and hits a shoulder block. Edge runs again, as Hassan kips up and hits a huge clothesline as Edge falls out cold. Hassan pins! 1…2… NO! Hassan cannot believe it as he throws Edge into the ropes, but Edge counters and accidentally bumps into the ref who flies out of the ring! Edge tries to wake up the ref, but Hassan turns around Edge and connects with an STO!! Hassan covers, but there’s no ref! Hassan goes to wake up the ref now, as Edge crawls to the corner, and hits a Spear! He covers, but now he feels the pain of having no ref! All of a sudden, another ref runs down from behind as he tells Edge, and Edge reacts backward as he shoves down the ref by accident. He tries to say he’s sorry, but Hassan’s not going to take that as he takes down Edge from behind and kicks him. He walks over him as he lifts his head. He signals over Edges throat, as he locks in the Camel Clutch! Edge scream in pain, but is fighting! Don’t do it! No! Edge taps! New champion!

Winner and NEW Intercontinental champion: Muhammad Hassan

Hassan keeps the hold in as the ref tries to take him off, but he refuses to break the hold. Eventually, he breaks it as he grabs the title and kisses it before raising it before the crowd laughing and taunting the crowd.

*Commercial Break*

JR: We are back live, and I cannot believe what we have just seen.

King: Muhammad Hassan is the next IC champion! Wow!

JR: But the question on everybody’s mind is “who will he face?”

King: And later tonight, we will find out who that person is! Either Chris Benoit, or Shelton Benjamin, what a match!

‘Evolution hits as “The Prototype” John Cena makes his way down to the ring with Flair not too far behind. He enters the ring and hops around awaiting his opponent.

Viscera makes his way down to the ring as Cena rubs his chin and Flair looks shocked. Cena doesn’t seem scared as he taunts Big Vis as he slides in the ring.

Match 2
John Cena VS Viscera

Cena runs at Viscera for a shoulder block, but he runs into a brick wall as he collapses as Viscera stares at Cena with an evil look. Cena backs away as he pulls himself up in the corner. He slowly circles around Big Vis as he tries to attack, but is only met with a huge shove sending him to the mat. Cena gets up and looks at the crowd as he runs and jumps up as he hits Viscera with his shoulder, causing him to teeter backwards. Cena runs again, but Viscera picks up Cena over his head as he scream before dropping him backwards. Viscera picks up Cena and throws him into the corner before running into Cena as he bounces off. Viscera lifts Cena over his shoulders and drops backwards with a Samoan drop! Flair hops on the ropes as the ref is distracted, and Cena clotheslines Viscera from behind. Big Vis stumbles as he turns around, and into an FU! Viscera is down and out, but how did Cena lift him!? 1...2...NO!? Viscera kicks out of a huge FU! Cena cannot believe it as he taunts as Viscera slowly rises. Cena lifts him from behind with a huge side slam! The Protobomb!! 1…2…3! This ones over!

Winner: “The Prototype” John Cena

JR: A demanding win for Cena! Not even 5 minutes!

King: How did he—Cena is stronger than I thought he was!

JR: If that’s a sign of things to come, Evolution may be what HHH says they will be!

*Commercial Break*

‘Aint No Stoppin Me NOOOOW’ hits the speakers as Benjamin’s music hit the titantron and he makes his way out to a huge pop. He enters the ring and poses awaiting his opponent.

‘Whatever’ hits the speakers as Benoit makes his way down to the ring. He poses for a while, before entering the ring and squaring off with Shelton.

Match 3
#1 contenders match for the IC Title
Shelton Benjamin VS Chris Benoit

The two men stare down in the center of the ring. They are nose to nose as they circle around the ring. Benjamin backs up as he extends his arm to Benoit. Benoit shakes his hand, but then shoves it away. Benjamin raises an arm as Benoit latches on and the two fight for a battle of strength. Benjamin twists the arm of Benoit as he locks in an armbar. Benoit tries to fight him off, but Benjamin locks it in tighter. Chris rolls out of it as he chops Shelton taking him down. The crowd cheers as Benjamin backs away in shock before pulling himself up using the ropes. Benjamin gets up as the two circle again. Benoit locks in a headlock and flips over Benjamin as he holds him on the ground screaming as he applies pressure. Benjamin fights off as he shoves Benoit off against the ropes and hits a huge flying clothesline. Benjamin tries to pump the crowd up as he grabs the ropes and jumps up and down. Benoit breaks up the dance as he hits a huge shoulder block as Benjamin flies into the corner and bounces back to the center where Benoit hits a huge belly to belly suplex! Benoit stretches out his arm and neck before Benjamin rises and punches Benoit right in the mouth. Benoit flies back, but flies back forward harder as he levels Benjamin with a chop. Benjamin jumps up and down as he holds his chest as the crowd “Woos’ Benoit goes for a german, but Benjamin elbows him off and grabs the ropes, as he catapults off and hits a diving crossbody! Benoit flips as he rolls out of the ring. Benjamin takes a breath, as he bounces off the ropes as he jumps up and flips over the ropes and connects on Benoit! The crowd goes crazy as both men are down in pain. Benjamin sits up and smiles panting for breath. He takes Benoit, but Benoit breaks his arms and throws him into the steel steps! Benjamin screams out, as Benoit throws him back into the ring. Benoit hits a german, and keeps the arms clenched! A second german connects, followed by a third! The “hat trick” of suplexes! Benoit signals that the end is not near, the end is here! He heads up top and flies off for a Headbutt! It connects! Benoit holds his head and shoulder in pain, but gets a cover! 1…2...NO! Near fall! Benoit cannot believe it as he gets up holding his bad arm. Benjamin gets up and hits a hard right hand. He backs up and hits a Superkick! Benoit flies backwards as he hits the ropes, still standing! Benjamin tries for another Superkick, but it is blocked by Benoit! He spins Benjamin and CRACK! A dragon whip! What impact! 1….2….NO!!!! Benoit kicks out! Shelton holds his head in frustration. He picks up Benoit and places him on the top rope. He climbs up himself as he starts punching away at Benoit. Benoit chops Benjamin and starts headbutting him! Benjamin falls off the top rope and hard to the mat! Benoit looks at the crowd as they give him a huge reaction! HEADBUTT! Missed, Benjamin rolls out of the way! Benoit is down and possibly out. Shelton hooks the leg! 1…2…NO! Benoit fights his shoulder up. Benjamin whips Benoit into the corner as he runs and connects with a Stinger splash! Benoit walks backwards as Benjamin gets him set for the T-Bone! He lifts Benoit, but it is countered in mid air! Benoit flips to his side as he grabs the arm and locks in the Crossface!!! Benjamin screams out as the crowd goes wild! Benjamin starts crawling, squirming towards the ropes! Benjamin reaches but Benoit tumbles over! There in the center of the ring! Benjamin is forced to tap!!!

Winner and #1 Contender: Chris Benoit

Benoit keeps it applied for a few seconds, but breaks the hold as he heads on the turnbuckle and raises his arms. He helps up Benjamin as the two hug in the middle of the ring. Benjamin raises Benoit’s arm as the crowd cheers his sportsmanship. Out of nowhere comes Hassan who attacks the tow from behind. He hits the STO on Benjamin who rolls out of the ring. Benoit stumbles to his feet, and is leveled with the IC title. Hassan taunts Benoit as he locks in the Camel Clutch! Benoit screams in pain as he is tapping.

‘Here Comes the Money’ hits the speakers as Shane ‘O Mac makes his way out to the ring.

Shane: You, Muhammad, get off him! In two weeks at Fallout- it will be Benoit VS Hassan for the IC title… in a Submission match!

Crowd cheers

‘Here Comes the Money’ hits the speakers as Shane leaves and Hassan seems shocked at first, but then becomes confident. He stomps Benoit one more time before leaving the ring showing off his IC title.

*Commercial Break*

‘I SPIT IN THE FACE OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO BE COOL’ hits the speakers as the newcomer here on RAW makes his way down to the ring. He has an apple in hand and is taunting the crowd. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Carlito: Carlito is here on RAW to stay… now dat… das cool!

Crowd has mixed reaction

Carlito: But what’s not cool… is all of you fans!

Crowd boos

Carlito: And what’s also not cool, is that there is no competition, I can beat anybody in the back! I should just be handed the title!

Crowd boos

Carlito: Now, if anyone thinks they can beat me, get your ass out here right now!

Carlito waits a second, but nothing happens. He goes to speak when ‘Medal’ hits the speakers and Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring. The crowd gives him a huge reaction, but still chant that he sucks. Angle enters the ring and takes a mic himself.

Angle: Now who the hell do you think you are!?

Carlito: I am Carlito… Caribbean… Cool!

Angle: More like Carlito Caribbean Fool!

Crowd doesn’t laugh at Angle’s attempt to be funny.

Angle: You see, compared to me, you are nothing! I won an Olympic gold medal with a broken fricken neck!

Carlito: Well, you didn’t win an award for apple spitting, now did you?

Angle: Wha—apple spitting? What the hell is that!

Carlito: Lemme explain…

Carlito takes a bite out of his apple and begins to chew. He spits the apple in the face of Angle. Angle holds his face as he holds back his anger. He hits Carlito over the head with the microphone as Carlito goes down. Angle tries to lock in the Ankle Lock! Carlito spins and kicks him off as he slides out of the ring. Carlito runs holding his head. Angle taunts him and poses as his music hits. Carlito backs up the ramp.

Backstage, we see Batista with Coach.

Coach: This is the Coach alongside the Animal Batista! Batista, what are your plans now that you are out of the title tournament two weeks ago!?

Batista: Hmm… my plans? Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t know…

Coach: You don’t know?? How are you supposed to be here on RAW, without a plan!?

Batista: You know, when I think about it… I do… yeah… hahaha…

Coach stares confused as Batista walks away laughing.

*Commercial Break*

Chris Masters makes his way down to the ring. He taunts the crowd as he enters the ring. He grabs a mic.

Masters: I am the Masterpiece!

Crowd boos as Chris poses in the center of the ring.

Master: No one and I mean no one can escape the Masterlock! Which is why… I am challenging ANYONE in the back to a match, right here… right now!

‘Hello Ladies’ hits the speakers as Val Venis makes his way down to the ring. He poses, he taunts, etc. He is ready for a challenge!

Match 4
Chris Masters VS Val Venis

Masters runs up to Venis who just shoves Masters away. Venis hits a scoop slam. Masters holds his lower back in pain as Venis picks him back up. Venis goes for a suplex, but Masters slips out from behind. He hits a huge blow to the back of the head, as he then runs against the ropes and smashes Venis as hard as he can with his hand and arms! Venis goes down and possibly out. Masters laughs as he drags up the body of Venis. Venis counters the pickup as he hits a huge suplex! Venis heads to the top rope as he flies off! Money Shot… misses! Masters rolls out of the way. Masters sneaks up behind Venis as he slowly rises. He applies the Masterlock! He throws Venis around and about as he drops him to his knees out cold. The ref call for the bell as Masters picks up another win.

Winner: Chris Masters

Chris poses as he shows off his body and muscles. He heads to the back as Venis is helped out of the ring with a bloody nose.

Backstage, we see Maria with Y2J.

Maria: Next to me is the King of Rock, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Jericho: You got that right baby! But you missed one part… the first Undisputed champion in WWE! But his is IWF! I have not won a singles title match since that Undisputed title! I would do anything to get another shot at the title, and tonight begins that dream!

Maria: How will your plans be facing Christian, up next here on RAW?

Jericho: My plans will be same as usual! Entrance, posing, fighting, kicking some ass!

Crowd cheers

Jericho: And tonight, that little CLB Christian will be no different… him and all of his so called peeps won’t know what him ‘em! Tonight, the greatest entertainer will get one step closer to his dream!

Jericho walks away as we head to our final commercial break!

*Commercial Break*

‘Just close your eyes’ hits the speakers as Christian makes his way out to the ring… without Tomko. He poses for all his peepulation before entering the ring and getting ready for this important one on one bout.

‘Break the Walls Down’ hits the speakers as Jericho makes his way down to the ring with a determined look on his face as he poses on the ropes and enters the ring as he gets face to face with Christian.

Match 5
Semi Finals
Christian VS Chris Jericho

The two men start walking around the ring before Christian gets all up in Jericho’s face. He starts trash talking him and yelling as he is pointing to all his peeps. Jericho starts talking back, as he slaps Christian. He cannot believe it as he shoves Jericho. Jericho comes back and shoves Christian harder, knocking him to the mat. Jericho now is trash talking the CLB. Y2J picks up Christian and applies a headlock. Christian quickly breaks the hold and hits a huge hip toss. Jericho screams out in pain. Christian smacks Jericho in the side of the head. Jericho slowly gets up as Christian punches him right in the side of the mouth. Jericho fights back with a right hand of his own. Christian quickly fights back and applies a quick headlock. Jericho shoves Christian off into the ropes as he runs at him, but the CLB ducks a clothesline as he gives Y2J a thumb to the eye. Jericho holds his eye as Christian picks up Jericho and slams him hard to the mat. Christian smacks his chest and points to his peeps as he picks up Jericho and latches his arms. He lifts Jericho and flips him with a belly to belly suplex over the top rope! Jericho flies to the outside! Jericho screams and is hurt. Jericho slowly uses the ring to pull himself up, but Christian runs towards the ropes and catapults himself with a springboard crossbody! Captain Charisma just flew! Christian tries to lift Jericho back up, but Jericho drops him by the legs and tries to get in the Walls of Jericho! Christian fights as he trips him up into the steel post! Jericho bounces off as he lays out cold on the floor. Christian throws him in the ring as he quickly covers! 1…2…NO! Christian cannot believe it as he lifts up Jericho and punches him before hitting a huge snap suplex. Christian signals to all his peeps as he lifts Jericho, who quickly trips him into the ropes. Jericho curses off Christian before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a huge knee to the back jumping on him! Jericho gets up and poses pumping up the crowd! Jericho bounces off the ropes and hits a Bulldog! Christian is down and out! Jericho bounces off the ropes for the Lionsault! Christian puts up hit knees, as Jericho crashes and burns as he flies to the outside. Jericho pulls himself onto the apron, as Christian lifts him over his head and places him on the top rope! CLB climbs up as he punches Jericho twice. He grabs the head of Jericho, as he turns around and hits a huge reverse DDT off the top rope! This one is over! 1…2…NO!! Jericho kicks out! Christian can’t believe it as he punches Jericho. Christian lifts up Jericho and signals that this one is all over! Christian goes for the Unprettier, but Jericho shoves him off! Christian bounces off the ropes, as Jericho hits a huge Enzeguri! Christian is drowsy and barely standing as Jericho lifts Christian and places him on the apron. He uses the ropes and hits a springboard dropkick! Christian flies out of the ring in pain as Jericho heads up top! He flies off for a crossbody, but Christian grabs Jericho and hits a powerslam on the outside of the ring! Both men are laid out on the outside as the ref counts up to 6 when Jericho slides in, and then back out to break the count. Jericho takes Christian and goes to throw him into the post, but CLB was playing possum as he trips up Jericho into the steps as he begins to bleed right above the skull. Christian grabs Jericho and hits the Unprettier!!! Jericho is out cold on the outside of the ring! Christian throws Jericho back in the ring and pins him. 1….2….NO! What!? How did he kick out! Christian sits up and is nearly crying. He cannot put Jericho away. Christian goes to unexpose the turnbuckle, as he does. The ref yells at him as he places it back on, but while doing so, Christian grabs brass knucks out of his tights! He goes to hit Jericho over the head, but he dodges it by ducking! He drops Christian by the legs, and locks in the Walls! The Walls of Jericho! Christian screams in pain. He crawls, as he grabs the rope! Jericho drags him back to the center! Christian raises an arm! He’s going to tap! Wait! Christian rolls under Jericho and has a roll up! 1….2…NO! Another near fall! Jericho quickly rises as he drops Christian by the legs again! Christian rolls Jericho up again! 1…2…Jericho flips over Christian into a roll up of his own! 1…2…NO! The two men get up as they stare down similar to the very start of the match. Jericho smiles as Christian seems confused but then gets an angry look on his face. He goes to punch Jericho, but Jericho blocks it and starts punching him as he throws Christian off the ropes. He goes for an Enzeguri, but CLB side steps it! He hits the Unprettier again! Both men lay unconscious in the center of the ring. The ref counts to 7 as Christian gets on one knee. He rises at 8, and Jericho is up soon after. Christian runs at Jericho, but Jericho drops him by the legs! Walls of Jericho!! Christian screams in pain! He raises an arm, holds back, he will not tap! He crawls towards the ropes, but Jericho sits down on Christian and he can’t get any closer to the ropes! He has no choice! He taps!!!!

Winner and advancing to finals: Chris Jericho

Jericho falls over in pain as the crowd gives him a well deserved standing ovation. They cheer as Jericho has his arm raised in victory. Out of nowhere, HHH comes from behind and starts to attack Jericho! Jericho is a bloody mess, as HHH hits a spinebuster! HHH picks up Jericho, and reels him in! He points to the crowd, as he destroys him with a Pedigree! Cena slides in the ring with a devilish look on his face. HHH goes out of the ring mouthing, “He’s all yours.” Cena laughs as he lifts up Jericho. He hits a huge Protobomb in the center of the ring as Jericho lays out cold. Cena leaves the ring as he meets up with HHH and Flair on the stage. They all raise arms as they laugh at the unconscious Jericho lying in the ring.

End Show
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