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IWF- Intense Wrestling Federation

General Manager-Eric Bischoff


Main Event-

John Cena-(Heel)
Chris Jericho-(Face)
Kurt Angle-(Face)
Big Show-(Heel)
Shawn Michaels-(Heel)
Rob Van Dam-(Face)

Mid Card-

Randy Orton-(Heel) w/Ric Flair
Rene Dupree-(Heel)
Matt Hardy-(Face)

Tag Team-

Worlds Greatest Tag Team-(Face)-(Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)
Dudley Boyz-(Heel)-(Bubba Ray & D-von Dudley)
La Resistance-(Heel)-(Sylvian Grenier & Rob Conway)
Harlem Heat-(Face)-(Booker T & Stevie Ray)

Cruiser Weights-

Rey Mysterio(Face)
Ultimo Dragon(Heel)
The Hurricane(Face)
Shannon Moore(Heel)


Trish Stratus(Face)
Torrie Wilson(Face)
Molly Holly(Heel)
Gail Kim(Heel)


IWF Champion-Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Champion-Randy Orton

Tag Team Champion-Harlem Heat

Cruiser Weight Champion-Shannon Moore

Women’s Champion-Victoria

First Show: Orlando Flordia

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and the fans start booing as he walks down to the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome to first IWF show in history. Oh Boy, what a show we will have for you tonight. Every title will be on the line. There will be a battle royal for the womens championship. Every Diva will be involved. The Cruiser weight title will be on the line in a singles match between Shannon Moore and The Hurricane. The Tag team titles will be on the line when Harlem Heat go up against the 18 time tag team champions The Dudley Boyz. Randy Orton will defend his intercontinental title against Christian. And Finally the most important title in the IWF, the heavyweight title will be defended in a cage match between Chris Jericho and the challenger, Kane. Have a great night, and I hope you enjoy the show.

Commercial Break

All of the women are in the ring for the women’s battle royal. The bell rings and Molly Holly attacks Trish from the side. Gail Kim throws Torrie Wilson out after a sneak attack from behind when Torrie tried to help Trish. Molly and Gail are double teaming Trish as Victoria and Lita are battling. Victoria throws Lita down and helps with Trish. Lita jumps on Victoria’s back and Victoria throws Lita over her shoulder and out of the ring. Victoria goes under the bottom rope as Molly and Gail Kim toss out Trish. Molly hits Gail Kim and Gail goes flying over the top. Molly celebrates because she thinks she won and Victoria comes from behind and tosses Molly over the top rope.

Winner and still Women’s Champion: Victoria.

Next up is the Tag Team Championship!

Commercial Break.

Eric Bischoff is shown in the back getting coffee. Randy Orton comes up from behind and demands that Bischoff cancel the match. Bischoff answers Orton and tells him that he can’t cancel the match because it is already signed and that the Board of Directors told him to put on a good show and if he is biased to any wrestler he will be fired. Orton leaves in disgust.

The Tag Team Champions come down. Next the Dudley Boyz enter, this is for the Tag Team Championship. First in is Booker T and D-Von Dudley. They Hook-up and D-von is put in a headlock and whips Booker T into the ropes. Booker T does a flying forearm to the head of D-Von and knocks him down. D-Von gets up and is knocked back down with a kick to the head. Booker T tags on Stevie Ray. Stevie clotheslines D-Von and hits Bubba off of the apron. Bubba lays on the outside as D-von clotheslines Stevie Ray from the side. D-Von starts pounding on Stevie as Booker T comes in and makes the save. Bubba thows Booker T out of the ring out of nowhere. Stevie Ray throws D-Von out of the ring and goes after him. Bubba and Booker T battle back into the ring. Booker T kicks Buuba and does the Scissors Kick. He pins Bubba for the 1..2..D-Von makes the save. Bubba gets up and throws Booker off of the ropes and they hit a 3-D for the 1…2….3.

Winners and new tag team champions: The Dudley Boyz.

Commercial Break.

John Cena’s music hits as the show comes back on.

Cena: Yo Yo Yo Yo…cut the music
Welcome to the Intense Wrestling Federation,
Most of you people out here look like you forgot to get your medication.
Everybody wishes that they were John Cena,
I’m the only real man in this entire arena.
I hate everything about this city,
Nobody here gets any of my pity.
Every man is sexually sick,
And every girl wants John Cena’s …..

Commercial Break.

Next is the Cruiser Weight Title.

The Hurricane makes his way to the ring. Next Shannon Moore comes out. Tajiri sneaks behind the hurricane from the crowd and spits kicks him in the back of the head. He spits mist into the eyes of the hurricane. The EMT’s come out and take the Hurricane out of the arena. Bischoff comes out and tells the crowd that there will not be a Cruiser Weight Title match tonight. But next week Tajiri will face the Hurricane for #1 contendership for the Cruiser Weight title.

Commercial Break.

Intercontinental Title is next.

Christian makes his way out to the ring. Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring being accompanied by Ric Flair. The bell rings and Christian taunts Orton. Orton runs and attacks Christian, stomping and punching him. The ref breaks it up. Christian crawls over to the turnbuckle and gets up. Orton runs over and is very aggressive to Christian. Christian is being stomped on and the ref throws Orton back and is being distracted as Flair chokes Christian. Christian gets up and clotheslines Orton. Christian then chases Flair around the ring. Flair runs in the ring and past Orton, as Christian runs past Orton, he tries to hit an RKO, but Christian pushes him against the ropes and low blows him. The ref calls for a DQ and Christian goes out of the ring and gets a chair. He tries to hit Orton with it but Flair pulls Orton out. Christian celebrates with the chair in his hand.

Commercial break.

Finally the Heavyweight title is on the line.

Kane comes down the ramp and awaits Jericho. Y2J comes down and goes through the cage door. Kane runs over and pounds on Jericho as he is entering the ring. Kane tries for a chokeslam at the beginning, but Y2J kicks kane in the gut. Y2J runs against the ropes and does a flying forearm, but Kane doesn’t fall. Jericho does a drop kick and knocks Kane down. HBK runs down the ramp and over the cage. He does a flying crossbody onto Chris Jericho. He gets up and pounds on Jericho making Y2J bloody. Kurt Angle comes down and goes over the cage. Kurt Angle attacks HBK and throws him against the cage door and breaks through the cage. Kane is ready to go out the door with Y2J knocked out when the lights go out. The lights come on 5 minutes later after we here somebody getting a move done to them. When the lights come on Kane is knocked out and Y2J is laying outside. The ref rings the bell and announces the winner.

The Winner and still IWF champion: Y2J Chris Jericho.

Eric Bischoff comes out and announces that next week there will be a tag team match with Kane and HBK Shawn Michaels Vs. Kurt Angle and Y2J Chris Jericho

Please Rate this and tell me if it is any good. This was the first time I ever made a show.

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Not bad but not having the Cruiserweight or Intercontinental Title matches not happening properly was a downer. Overall i thought it was a bit rushed, use a different variety of moves in your matches and also i have no idea why John Cena only came out for a rap and not a match. Try to add more backstage action and interviews. Use bold to make you match titles obvious.
1 more thing, there is no way that the lights would go out for 5 minutes
Overall 6/10.
Add more backstage chat, more moves in matches and a longer show and your rating could go up to an 8 or 9.
I'll keep reading to see who took out Kane although i suspect The Undertaker did it.

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I thought it was rushed too, but it took me about 2 hrs. to do. I tried to do short matches because I know how much people hate reading and I need to work on how to do matches, like I said it was my first time doing a show like this. I need to practice matches if I decide to do another.

Chopped Liver
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Well at least you realised where you went wrong Superbeast. Just keep trying and it will soon get better.
You need to use bold and maybe some colour on your shows to make it look more presentable.
Dont give up!! You have a good roster (not enough cruiserweights), and I can see it taking off if you keep at it.
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