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IWF SD! Week 3
Location: Continental Airlines Arena
Date: April 21st

The pyro goes off and we are here and not live, but let’s pretend we are! This is our third edition of IWF, and what a night it will be!

Cole: Hello, and welcome to IWF Smackdown! What a night we have in store for you tonight!

Tazz: Hell yeah, Cole! Check this out, Orton, the legend killer has a chance to kill the master of the middle of finger, beer drinker among beer drinkers, chief ass whooper of sorry sons of bitches, he will stop a mud hole on you ass and walk it dry, --

Cole: I think we get it; we’re talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin! Also, last week, if it weren’t for JBL, HBK wouldn’t have fell into the trap of Orton, so tonight, Bradshaw will take on the heart break kid, Shawn Michaels!

Tazz: And then, we will witness the tag team championship on the line! Eddie and Rey got into a little argument, but its all cool…

Cole: But will they be able to put their differences aside to put away MNM and the Dudleyz?

‘MOOOO’ JBL’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring in a limo. He gets out and enters the ring. He grabs a mic.

JBL: Ladies and gentleman, in this ring you have the privilege to witness a wrestling god!

Crowd boos

JBL: I have beaten them all! Undertaker, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Big Show, and that’s just the beginning! Tonight, I take out the newest member to my list- Shawn Michaels!

Crowd boos

JBL: He is nothing compared to me! So what he was able to become a grand slam champion, win multiple rumbles, become champion at Wrestlemania after over 60 minutes… so what!?

Crowd boos

JBL: I have accomplished more in this year, than Michaels has ever! I have done things he cannot even fathom! I am the greatest man to ever grace this ring, and tonight, I get that much better! I will prove I belong in that tournament, hell even the title match itself! I am a wrestling god… and I cannot, will not, and I am not going to take this!

Crowd boos

JBL: In 10 days at Fallout, I demand a match, against any damn man in the back! I will not be left out of this! This company might as well just belong to me! Tonight, after I defeat Shawn Michaels, I will take over Smackdown!

JBL’s music hits as he leaves the ring laughing and smiling as the crowd gives him heat.

Cole: Strong words there from John Layfield there.

Tazz: Absolutely, the wrestling god has spoken!

*Commercial Break*

A commercial for Fallout shows, as we head back where Cole and Tazz break down the card.

Tazz: At Fallout, the IWF championship is on the line… in a casket cage match!

Cole: We still don’t know what it is, but The Undertaker and Big Show will battle in it, with pride, and their bodies on the line!

Tazz: Also, Rock/Austin again, and it is building to be a match of the year nominee!

Cole: Absolutely, but what about this match? Both of these men with a point to prove tonight, but come Fallout, who will be the better man? Will it Randy Orton, or Shawn Michaels?

Tazz: I don’t know Cole, only time will tell! Hardcore title on the line, and anything goes! The two masters of the frog splash battle! Eddie Guerrero will take on Rob Van Dam!

Cole: But is that what Eddie is thinking about? Does he have other problems on his mind?

Tazz: On the RAW half of things, Chris Jericho will battle HHH for the World Heavyweight championship! What a match!

Cole: Indeed, but then the Intercontinental title is on the line as well—Muhammad Hassan versus Chris Benoit in a submission match!

Tazz: And more still to come!

Cole: What a card we have for you, what a pay per view it should be!

‘WEELL, well it’s the Big Show!” hits the speakers as Show makes his way down to the ring. He poses as the crowd boos him.

‘BOOM!’ The monster makes his way down to the ring. He is very mad after losing being pinned by a woman last week, and wants to take his anger out on the #1 contender… can he?

Match 1
Big Show VS Kane

The two big men stare down. They pose at each other, as Big Show raises his arm in a choke position. Kane quickly punches Show, as he flies backwards. He bounces back as Kane hits a huge uppercut, and Big Show is teetering. Show uses his humongous arm to take down Kane. Show definitely has the size advantage. Big Show picks up Kane and lifts Kane over his head screaming in delight. He lets go as Kane falls behind him onto the mat! Show grins as he knows that he has the upper hand over Kane in the early goings of this match. Show takes Kane and whips him into the corner as he runs and smashes Kane into the turnbuckle by running into him! Kane bounces off as Show hits a powerslam! Show picks up Kane and shushes the crowd. He goes to smack the chest of Kane, but he ducks out of the way and hits an uppercut! Kane starts punching Show in the corner over and over again, as Big Show covers up for protection. Show tries to break loose, but instead Kane just hits a HUGE big boot! Big Show is off his feet and down on the mat. Kane knows he can capitalize this as he goes to the side of the ring. He steps out onto the apron as he climbs the first rope, the second, and is holding onto the third! Show slowly rises, and Kane flies off with a diving clothesline! Kane covers Show! 1…2...NO! Big Show kicks out. Kane gets an angry and disappointed look on his face as he picks Big Show back up. He lifts him and hits a powerslam! The crowd rises to its feet as it admires the strength of Kane! Kane picks up Show and begins punching away. Show is reeling as he fights back and hits a huge body splash, as both men go down in pain. The crowd is confused what happened, as the announcers’ show the replay as both men’s heads collided. Show slowly gets up and punches Kane, but then has to take time to hold his head in pain. Kane takes advantage and hits a boot, but he goes down onto one knee in pain as well. Kane signals for the end as his arm crosses his throat. Big Show gets up slowly. Kane can’t do this! He picks up the 500 pound man over his shoulders in a tombstone position! Show is trying to fight his way out, but Kane flies up and Big Show slips through the back and Kane drops with no one crashing! Kane turns back up and into the hand of Show! Show lifts Kane for a chokeslam, but Kane kicks Show in the midsection! CHOKESLAM! Down goes Big Show! Kane covers! 1…2…thr- NO! Kane thinks he’s won, but the ref tries to tell him he hasn’t. While the ref is trying to tell Kane, Show hits a low blow the ref cannot see! Damn it no! Big Show picks up Kane, CHOKESLAM! Big Show covers… 1…2…3! Kane is put away again!

Winner: Big Show

Big Show celebrates in the ring laughing and taunting that the title is his! All of a sudden, the lights go out and lightning strikes the ring! Show falls down in shock as the screen is all blurry and The Undertaker appears on the screen.

Taker: Big… Show…

Show looks on scared, but trying to keep a straight face. He is screaming ‘I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!’

Taker: In 10 days… at Fallout… you and I will battle for my IWF championship… in a casket cage match! You are probably, along with everyone else in the arena what the idea of this match is… so I shall reveal my idea to the world… there will be a cage! When you climb out the side like usual, there will be only 1 tiny hole on each corner of the ring to escape, because on top of the cage will be a platform! On that platform will be a casket. Place them in the casket, and you win!

Crowd cheers as Show gets an angry but scared look on his face. Undertaker laughs evilly as he slowly disappears off the stage as gongs toll and Show slowly leaves the ring in fog confused.

*Commercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back to IWF Smackdown, and what a night it has been, and we’re just starting!

Tazz: Damn right Cole, let’s kick it into high gear!

Josh Matthews is seen backstage.

Matthews: I am standing here, alongside The Heart Break Kid, the Showstopper, Shawn Michaels!

HBK: Oh yes! What is up?

Josh: I am good, and yourself?

HBK: Well, I’m not really in the best mood, but I am feeling 100% here tonight! Last week, JBL and that punk Orton screwed me out of my Smackdown debut, and tonight, I will get my revenge!

Josh: Does the Cabinet and Orton’s very possible interference seem to bother you?

HBK: Of course not… I can fight every damn one of them… it only takes one second to hit that Sweet chin music, and the bands already tuning!

The crowd begins ‘HBK’ chants.

Josh: Now, tonight is a big match, but what about at Fallout in 10 days?

HBK: You see, at first, I wanted my match with Orton to be a fair, nice, even, battle for respect. But after last week, it’s no longer about that crap! This is personal! I will beat the living hell out of Orton, and then go on to beat either Rock or Austin and become the #1 contender for the IWF title!

Josh: Thanks for your time Shawn. Folks, the Heart Break Kid….


Michaels leaves as Matthews laughs and we head to ringside.

MNM makes their way down to the ring with the paparazzi and photographers not too far behind! They are in nice leather jackets, and the main attraction is the scorching Melina! They slowly make their way down to the ring. Melina does her “special” entrance followed by Johnny and Joey.

‘Drop the Bombshell’ hits the speakers as the Dudleyz make their way down to the ring for this tag title bout. They get in the ring and pose on the turnbuckle as they await their opponents.

‘VIVA LA RAZA!’ Eddie makes his way down to the ring in a low rider… but no Rey in it! Eddie bounces the low rider as he enters the ring. ‘619’ hits the speakers as Rey makes his way down to the ring. He enters and stares at his partner as Eddie pats him on the back.

Match 2
IWF Tag Team Championship
MNM VS The Dudleyz VS Rey and Eddie

The first two men in the match are Dvon and Johnny Nitro. The two square off and lock up in the center of the ring. Dvon uses his power and throws off Johnny before hitting a huge shoulder block! Dvon tags in his partner, Bubba. Bubba jumps up and hits a big splash on Nitro. Nitro screams out in pain as Bubba stomps away at Nitro. Nitro crawls towards his corner where he tags in Joey Mercury. Joey runs in and takes down Bubba with a diving clothesline before getting up and taunting Bubba. Bubba gets up on one knee before getting hit with a huge kick to the skull! Nitro laughs as Rey blind tags himself in! Rey springboards over Nitro and hits a springboard legdrop! Rey spins around posing as the crowd goes wild. Bubba gets up on one knee as Rey bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick right to the skull of Bubba! Bubba lays down unconscious as Rey covers! 1…2… Dvon breaks it up at the count of 2! Rey slowly gets up, but by the time he is, Bubba is already up as he hits a right hand, and a left, a right, he tells Rey to suck it, and hits a big elbow on the head. Bubba walks over into the corner and taunts Rey to get up. While doing so, Nitro tags himself in, but Bubba doesn’t know. Bubba runs into the corner and goes for a splash on Rey, but Rey moves as Bubba crashes and burns into the turnbuckle! Rey drop toeholds him into the ropes and runs for thee 619! But, then, the legal man Nitro runs and hits a vicious clothesline! Rey is picked up by Nitro as Mercury sneaks into the ring. Bubba and Dvon go into the ring to try to stop them as a huge brawl between the teams begin! Everyone is fighting in the ring, except Eddie who is just standing on the apron! Rey is chucked out of the ring, followed by Bubba. The ref is checking on Rey outside the ring, when Mercury and Nitro connect with their double team Snapshot to Dvon! The ref turns around as he sees the cover! 1…2…3!

Eliminated: The Dudleyz

Then there were two. Eddie has not got into the action yet! Rey is thrown back into the ring as he crawls towards Eddie, who won’t extend his hand for the tag! What’s going on here? Rey looks shocked, but angry as he clenches his fists and shoves Eddie off the apron. He turns around into the Snapshot! Not this way! 1…2…3!!

Winners and NEW tag team champions: Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, MNM!

Joey and Johnny celebrate their win with Melina as they head up the ramp as Eddie enters the ring and stares at Rey. He looks up to the crowd and then back at Rey. Eddie closes his eyes and then opens them with a big grin on his face. He goes outside the ring and grabs a chair! He slides back in the ring and sets up the chair in a sitting position… and hits a huge backbreaker onto it breaking Rey in half! Rey still lies on the chair as Eddie heads up top! Don’t do this Eddie! He’s your friend!!! FROGSPLASH! He broke the chair with the impact! Rey has been destroyed by this sick freak. Eddie leaves with the chair as he heads back to the ring after going halfway up the ramp. He punches Rey over and over until he bleeds. Eddie wipes the blood onto the chair as he leaves the ring, carrying that chair.

Cole: God damn it! Eddie has one sick mind!

Tazz: You got that right Cole, and I thought they were friends, “la familia.”

*Commercial Break*

‘IF YA SMELL’ hits the speakers as the Rock makes his way down to the ring. He laughs as he enters the ring and poses for the fans.

Rock: Finally…. The Rock has come back… to New Jersey!

Crowd cheers

Rock: Man, it has been a while, damn… it’s great to be back to the ring, all my movies sucked, don’t you agree!?

Crowd cheers

Rock: I have come back to my true passion- wrestling! To do one thing and one thing only… to win the gold… one… more… time! I want to feel that electricity of the crowd, feel the glory, and all that jazz… and I want to please all of you! The millions…

Crowd: And millions

Rock: Of the Rock’s fans! But… first, I have to win a match at Fallout… that match is said to be one of the greatest matches, on paper, EVER! In the history of sports entertainment and I’m like, really? No way, but apparently, everyone wants to see Stone Cold versus the Rock one more time!

Crowd cheers

Rock: Ya’ll don’t need to worry, because I will walk out winner, beat either that punk Orton, or the heart break kid, get my shot, beat either the undertaker, or that fat slob that calls himself a man, and become the champion!

Crowd cheers

Rock: And that’s the bottom line, because the Rock said so! If ya smeeeeellallalalalow… what---

‘HEY!’ hits the speakers as Orton’s music hits and the young, arrogant, talented man makes his way down to the ring. He enters as he grabs a mic.

Orton: Rock, Rock, Rock, you just don’t get it! You’re calling me a punk? The only punk is this ring, is YOU! And maybe that ring announcer guy Tony or whatever….

Crowd boos

Orton: Rock, you’re wrong, you will not be the next champ, I WILL! Tonight, I will prove I am better than you when I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin, and kill the legend of Stone Cold! Then, he will be beaten bad enough that he is an easy win for you at Fallout! Then, I will take on the heart break kid, and the only heart broken will be his when I dump him into the trash! And then, I can beat you, and prove I am the greatest wrestler… in all of sports entertainment!

Crowd boos

Orton: So, Rock, think long and hard about this, because in a couple of weeks, I’ll be champion- not you!

Rock: Is that really what you think?

Orton: He—

Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think!!

Crowd cheers

Orton: How did I fall for that, you aren’t a wrestler, you’re just the entertainment!

Rock: You think that?

Orton: He—

Rock: Well, it doesn’t matter!’

Crowd cheers and laughs as Orton paces around the ring furious.

Rock: Rock is the next champion, if ya smeellalalallllelelelellow! What the Rock… is… cookin!

Rock leaves the ring as he backs up the ramp never taking his eyes off the furious Orton. Rock heads backstage as Orton leaves not long after.

Backstage, we see Josh Matthews with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Josh: Hi, this is Josh Matthews alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin. Steve, tonight you face the self proclaimed legend killer. Does he intimidate you at all?

Steve: Intimidate me? Intimidate me? Do you know who you are talking to? I am Stone Cold Steve Austin! I aint scared of nobody! Especially some punk named Randy Orton…

Josh: Well, how do you, uh, well, feel…

Steve: I am confident, hell, I am more than confident, that I will stomp a mudhole on his ass and walk it dry!

Crowd cheers

Steve: I don’t trust anybody, I don’t trust Rock, I don’t trust Shawn Michaels, and I sure as hell don’t trust Randy Orton. If you think Austin’s gonna whoop Randy Keith Orton’s ass gimme a hell yeah!

Crowd: Hell yeah!

Josh: Hell yeah!

Steve stares at Josh.

Josh: Sorry…

Steve: Austin 3:16 says Orton is a deadman, and that’s the bottom line… cuse Stone Cold said so!

Austin walks away as Josh stares in the camera and sighs.


*Commercial Break*

‘Sexy Boy’ hits the speakers as HBK, Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He struts, and drops to his knees as the pyros grace the stage. He poses in the ring.

‘MOOOOO’ hits the speakers as JBL’s music hits. JBL pulls up in his limo. He gets out and poses for the crowd. He enters the ring and stands on the top rope raising his arms.

Match 3
“HBK” Shawn Michaels VS John “Bradshaw” Layfield

JBL quickly runs at Shawn to start the match as he takes him down with a shoulder block. JBL runs against the ropes and comes down on Shawn with a running elbow drop. He picks him up and punches HBK. Shawn punches as well as they exchange rights and lefts. Shawn comes out on top as he whips JBL into the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Shawn stomps away at JBL as JBL rolls into a leglock on Shawn, but Shawn quickly escapes. JBL gets up and runs at Shawn who jumps over him into a backslide! 1…2…NO! JL quickly gets up and stares down HBK. He looks extremely angry as the two square off in the center of the ring. JBL slaps Shawn right across the face and hits a powerslam! JBL goes on top of Shawn and starts punching away. JBL is merciful as he punches Shawn over and over again. JBL gets off and lifts Shawn by his head. He punches HBK as h e falls to the mat. JBL throws Shawn into the ropes as he flips up onto the turnbuckle into the Tree of Woe. JBL runs and hits a knee to the helpless HBK. Shawn flips over and onto the mat as JBL stretches out his arm. JBL runs off the ropes and kicks Shawn through the middle rope. JBL laughs as he raises his arms to heat from the crowd. JBL goes to the outside where Shawn is trying to pull himself up. JBL throws HBK head first into the steel post! Shawn lies on the floor unconscious as JBL picks him up and throws him back in the ring. JBL follows him as he gets in the corner of the ring and starts taunting Shawn. HBK pulls himself up using the ropes as JBL runs at him for the Clothesline from Hell! Shawn puts his foot up and Bradshaw runs right into the Sweet chin Music!!! Both men are down! Shawn lies in just as much, if not more pain than Layfield. Shawn rolls over and tries to put an arm over JBL! 1…2…NO! JBL kicks out! Shawn was too hurt and took too much time to make the cover! JBL gets up and regains the advantage as he kicks away at Shawn. He heads outside the ring and takes a chair. The ref runs over to him and yells at JBL not to take the chair. JBL shoves down the ref out of the way. JNL goes to hit Shawn in the back, but out of nowhere he gains life and kips up. JBL runs at him and swings the chair, but Shawn hits a flying clothesline! Shawn runs around posing for the crowd as JBL rises. Shawn runs at JBL and he jumps onto him as they both fly over the top rope! They both lay in pain. Shawn then sits up smiling. He takes the chair and goes to hit JBL with it, but from behind a man takes the chair and smacks it over the skull of HBK! The ref runs over, but not in time to see the damage is done. The man runs into the crowd and through the audience. He stands at the top of the crowd as he watches on. He takes off his hood, etc. to reveal none other than Randy Orton! JBL throws a lifeless Shawn back into the ring as he makes the cover! 1…2…NO! HBK shows heart as he kicks out! JBL cannot believe it as he cries to the ref to make it three, but no can do. JBL picks up Shawn and goes for a powerbomb. Shawn drops him by the legs and locks in the Sharpshooter!!! JBL screaming in pain, as he crawls trying to find the ropes. He is crawling as he kicks Shawn off and into the ref, sending him down and out of the ring. Now, JBL signals to the stage as down comes the Cabinet. Shawn gets up as he punches down JBL. JBL rolls out of the ring with his Cabinet. They surround the ring, HBK has nowhere to go. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, “I am a Real American” hits the speakers! It’s Hulk Hogan! Hogan makes his way down to the ring as JBL runs into the ring and start attacking Shawn. The ref is starting to get up, but Shawn throws Doug Basham out of the ring onto the ref. Hogan gets in the ring as he boots Danny Basham over the rope. Shawn throws Orlando Jordan over the top rope. JBL runs for a Clothesline from Hell, but Hogan ducks and screams “YOU!” He hulks up as he punches away and throws him into the ropes. BOOT! Shawn heads up to the top rope as he flies off with an elbow drop! Shawn is tuning up the band as Hogan helps up JBL and flees the ring. BANG! Sweet Chin Music! The cover. No ref! Wait, here he comes! The slow count! 1…..2……3!!!! Shawn Michaels beats John “Bradshaw” Layfield!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match, Shawn and Hogan pose in the ring for what seems like forever, until they leave the ring together.

Cole: Oh man, who thought Hogan would show up here tonight?

Tazz: Well, apparently, he felt it was right to make an appearance right here tonight, to help out an old pal.

Cole: Do you even know what you just said?

Tazz: Nope, not at all….

*Commercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back here on Smackdown, and wow, what a night we have had so far tonight…

Tazz: I know Cole, the main event is revealed, MNM wins the tag team championship, Eddie goes crazy, we see an outstanding match in JBL vs. Michaels, and, hell, we’ve still got the main event coming up!

Cole: You’re—

‘HEY!’ hits the speakers as Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring.

Cole: This arrogant bastard has made several appearances tonight, being his own cocky self, and now he thinks he can beat a legend in Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Tazz: Well, Cole, he is the Legend Killer! Maybe he can pull this one off!

The glass shatters as Austin’s music hits the speakers to an amazing pop. Austin gets in the ring and salutes the crowd as we prepare for our main event here tonight.

Match 4
Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Randy Orton

The two men circle each other around the ring as they grapple. Orton applies a headlock to Austin as he whips him into the ropes. Austin ducks under a clothesline attempt and hits an armdrag into an armbar. Austin holds the ropes for leverage as the ref forces him to break the hold. Orton grabs Austin as he pulls him down by his leg into a submission maneuver. Austin flips over and kicks Orton off, before quickly getting up and hitting a huge shoulder block on Orton. Austin picks up Orton as he chops him. HE punches away until Orton is in the corner. He stands on the middle rope as he punches Randy repeatedly. Austin steps down as he throws Orton into the opposite ropes. Austin runs at him, but Orton moves as Austin flies off the turnbuckle. Orton hits a big uppercut type hit to Austin’s jaw sending him reeling on the ropes. Orton punches Stone Cold right in the head as he gains an advantage, Orton throws Austin out of the ring as he lands on his bad knee. He holds his knee as Orton heads outside the ring. He throws Austin leg and knee first into the steel steps. Austin grabs it still in pain as Orton licks his lips in hunger for glory. He rolls Austin back into the ring as he kicks the leg of Austin. He picks Austin up and places him on the top rope. Austin punches Orton, but he hangs on hitting a huge superplex! Austin lies in pain as Orton rolls on top of him. 1…2…NO! Austin fights to get up, but Orton runs and hits a running knee to the leg of Austin sending him flying to the ground. Orton gets on top of Austin and starts punching away at the head and skull of Austin. Austin rolls out of the ring to regain his breath. Orton bounces off the ropes as he flies over the top rope with a crossbody! Both men lay out on the outside of the ring. Orton tries to get up, but he stumbles and falls back down. Orton gets up as Austin pulls himself up using the announcers table. Orton bounces his head off the table as he sends him flying into the steel barricade! Orton runs at Austin, but Austin dives out of the way sending Orton shoulder first into the wall taking it down! Orton flies through the wall!! Crowd begins “Holy Sh-t” chants as it flows throughout the arena. Orton is out and Austin doesn’t show much sign of life. Austin rises as he picks up Orton and throws him back into the ring. Austin salutes the crowd as he taunts Orton to get up. Orton uses Austin’s body to try to pull himself up. Austin laughs, but Orton hits a straight shot right into the knee of Austin! Austin drops to a knee in pain as Orton hits a big clothesline in desperation! Both men down as the ref begins his 10 count. Both men begin to stir as they both rise at 7! Orton stumbles over to Austin as he hits a big snap suplex. Orton rises as he locks in a move patented by Ric Flair. Austin screams out in pain as Orton smiles and laughs. Austin flips himself over as he reverses the pressure! Orton screams out as he kicks Austin through the ropes and to the floor! Orton throws Austin on the announcers table as he clears it of monitors and wires. Orton goes on the Spanish announcers table as he jumps from there to Austin as he goes for an RKO! Austin slips out as Orton crashes into the table! It doesn’t break as Austin taunts Orton getting up. Austin lifts him up for a suplex, but he slips out and hits a huge german suplex as Austin flies to and through the Spanish announcer’s table neck first!!! Orton drops to his knees as he pants for breath. He rolls off the table and picks up Austin. He tosses him back in the ring. Orton quickly covers! 1…2…NO!! What? How did Stone Cold have the heart, the will to win, to kick out!? Orton cannot believe it as he sets up for an RKO. Austin shoves Orton off him into the ref who flies down and out! Austin slides out of the ring, followed by Orton. Orton grabs a table and sets it up outside the ring. Austin takes advantage of the time wasted as he throws Orton head first into the turnbuckle! He tosses Orton in the ring. He goes for the Stunner, but Orton hits a low blow!!! Orton heads up top as he jumps up trying to land in an RKO! Austin catches him and throws him out of the ring through the table!!! Austin lies down in pain as his sweat is stained into the mat. Orton is rolled back in the ring by Austin as the ref slowly rises. Austin goes for the Stunner, but Orton counters and goes for an RKO, but Austin counters into a spinebuster! Austin heads up top and taunts Orton to get up. Orton shoves the ref into the ropes as Austin falls crushing his grapefruits! Orton gets up, jumps, and connects with an RKO from off the top rope! He lies on Austin! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Randy Orton

Cole: Damn it! Orton cheated to win!

Tazz: What? What is there to complain about? That was an amazing match, no doubt about it!

Cole: Well, that is true, well, that’s all we have tonight folks, goodnight… see you at Fallout, this Sunday!!!

End Show
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