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IWF RAW Week 1

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IWF RAW Show 1
Location: Madison Square Garden
Date: April 4th

The pyros go off as the camera scans through the crowd and their signs, and then heads to the announcers table.

JR: Welcome everyone to the first edition of Inferno Wrestling Federation! And what a night we have in store for tonight!

King: You got that right JR! We have the first round of our world title tournament which will be finished up at Fallout, and the Intercontinental title will be on the line!

King is interrupted by ‘If Ya Smell What the Rock is Cookin!’

JR: WHAT!? Can it be!?

King: It is! The Rock is here!

Rock appears on the stage and poses for the crowd as he smiles and high-fives all the fans and heads to the ring, where he rolls in and raises an arm on the turnbuckle as he grabs a mic.

Rock: FINALLY, the Rock has come back… to New York City!

Crowd cheers

Rock: You’re probably wondering, why is the Rock here? Why would he show up tonight? Well, the Rock is here for one thing and one thing only….and that is to treat the millions…

Crowd: And millions!

Rock: Of the Rocks fans to the most electrifying man in all of the IWF! Now, man, its great to be back! Especially in the greatest venue of all time, MSG… well, I—

‘Hay alee’ hits the speakers as Mohammed Hassan’s music hits the speakers. He and Davarai hop out on to the stage.

JR: Now what the hell is this? What do they want?

King: C’mon! How can they interrupt the Great One?

Hassan: Of course, this company is no different from the rest! Still, loving those who are great and charismatic and crap, but are still disrespecting and discriminating me! I think that—

Rock: Wait a second… who in the blue hell are you!?

Hassan: Who am I? You wanna know?

Rock: Yeah, c’mon boy.

Hassan: I am Mo—

Rock: It doesn’t matter who you are!

Crowd cheers as Mohammed and Davarai are going crazy on the stage.

Hassan: Ha, you got me… it’s all a big joke, that’s all it is nowadays isn’t it?

Rock: Wait… so now you’re making fun of the Rock? You’re saying I’m all jokes? Why don’t you come down to this ring and see what the joke is!

Hassan tries to get down to the ring, but Davarai holds him back.

Davarai: Mu hekee Muhammed! No Rokky!

Rock: Wait a second—what does Mohammed like about me?

Davarai now is trying to get to the ring, but is being held back by Hassan.

Hassan: See, once again, all jokes… I will meet you in the ring, but not tonight.

Crowd boos

Hassan and Davarai begin to leave when all of a sudden ‘SCREEEEECH’


King: It’s him! He’s here!

JR: Bah Gawd its Mick Foley!

Mick then begins walking down to the ring as Hassan and Davarai back peddle out of his way until they are in the ring, but then turn around and notice they are surrounded by rock and Foley.

All of a sudden ‘No Chance’ hits the speakers as Vince McMahon walks onto the stage happily.

Vince: Welcome to the first edition of IWF RAW! Well, I have two major announcements here tonight…. The first being that LIVE next Monday here on RAW, there will be a draft lottery where each show will get 5 men switched. ALSO, you guys don’t know who your general manager is yet! So without further ado, I give you, my son, Shane McMahon!!

The crowd cheers as ‘Here Comes the Money’ hits the speakers and the new general manger comes out bouncing up and down as he high-fives all the fans as the four men in the ring watch on in disbelief. Shane takes the mic from his father.

Shane: Your damn right I’m general manager! And as my first act, I’m gonna make a match! Next week, it will be Rock and Foley VS. Hassan and Davarai!

Crowd cheers

Hassan: What!? Davarais not a wrestler! See, another act of discrimination!

Shane: Well, I could make it a handicapped match….

Hassan: Fine, I’ll take Davarai!

All of a sudden Davarai jumps onto Rock with a sleeper, but is flipped off as he rolls out of the ring! Rock begins punching away at Hassan and he falls down in the corner! Foley signals ‘Bang! Bang!’ But Hassan hightails out of the ring and up the ramp as the Rock’s music plays and the Rock ‘N Sock Connection pose in the ring.


JR: Welcome back everyone, and what an announcement that was!

King: A draft lottery right here next week on RAW! And our new general manager: Shane ‘O Mac!

JR: What news that is!

JR is interrupted by ‘Whatever’ as Benoit poses on the ramp for this first tournament round match.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the first round of the world title tournament! Making his way to the ring, now residing in Atlanta, Chris Benoit!

Benoit rolls into the ring as he raises his arms and poses.

Then ‘Break the Walls Down’ hits the speakers as Jericho stands on the stage and poses.

Lillian: And his opponent, now residing in Manhasset, NY, Chris Jericho!

Jericho bounces on the ropes before entering and squaring off with Benoit.

Match 1
World Title Tournament Round 1
Chris Benoit VS. Chris Jericho

The two men stare down in the center of the ring as they get nose to nose as they shake hands to a good reaction from the crowd. They grapple in the center of the ring, as Benoit attempts to get an advantage with an armbar, as he snaps Jericho’s arm, as Y2J rolls under it and now has Benoit’s arm as he begins to apply pressure and is shoving Benoit down to the mat and flips over him, getting the armbar in as Benoit is holding his arm in pain. Benoit tries to kick Jericho off, but cant. Benoit rolls himself over as Jericho hops on top of him regaining the advantage. Benoit then slides under Jericho and rolls him up, but grabs his legs and tries to get an early Sharpshooter. Benoit tries to turn over Jericho, but is kicked off, as he bounces off the ropes and hops over Jericho, who has gotten up and they shoulder block each other sending them both down. Jericho slowly makes his way up, but Benoit beats him to his feet as he chops Jericho away until they are into the corner! Benoit chops Jericho, Jericho chops him back! Both men’s chests are bright red from the viscous chops. Benoit then places Jericho on the rope and goes for a superplex on Jericho! Jericho throws him off as he awaits Benoit to get up! Benoit gets up as Jericho flies off the top rope with an elbow to the side of the head as Benoit stumbles around the ring as he attempts to run at Jericho, but is picked up and placed on the apron. Jericho looks at Benoit, then the ropes. Jericho runs and bounces off the ropes with a springboard dropkick! Benoit is laid out on the floor as Jericho poses in the ring.

JR: We’re gonna have to take a quick commercial break! Don’t go away!

*Commercial Break*

When we come back, Benoit is back in the ring being punched by Jericho in the corner as Jericho Irish whips him into the opposite corner. Jericho runs at him, but Benoit hits a huge clothesline and shakes it off. Jericho rises, and is met with a snap suplex sending Jericho down. Benoit then taunts Jericho as he wraps around the waist as he hits a German! He keeps holding on as he hits a second! And a third sending Jericho head first to the mat! Jericho holds his neck as Benoit taunts that the end is not near, the end is here! Benoit heads up to the top rope and dives off for a headbutt, but misses! Jericho rolls out of the way in desperation! Benoit down as Jericho gets off and bounces off the ropes and goes for a Lionsault, but Benoit moves! Jericho lands on his feet, but Benoit locks in the Crossface! Jericho fighting it, as he rolls Benoit over into a rollup cover! 1….2…NEAR FALL! How close was that? Jericho now panting for breath as Benoit runs at him, and is met with an Enzeguri! Benoit stumbles and lands on the ropes! Jericho poses as he bounces off the ropes and meets Benoit with a knee to the back and neck! Jericho is all fired up as he taunts Benoit and goes for a Bulldog, but Benoit slips under it! Benoit now tries to lock in the Crossface yet again! Jericho sweeps down Benoit by his legs and now is trying to apply the Walls of Jericho! Benoit fighting, but Jericho gets it applied! Benoit has nowhere to go! Benoit crawling, as he grabs the rope! Jericho just pulls him farther away as Benoit has no choice but to tap!

Winner and advancing to Round 2: Chris Jericho!

Backstage, we see Coach with HBK.

Coach: This is the Coach, alongside Shawn Michaels, who has a HUGE match tonight in the world title tournament… his opponent, the monster Kane! How ya feeling?

HBK: Your gonna ask me how I’m feeling? Well, I’m probably feeling better than I have ever before, sure it’s a challenge having to go up against a man like Kane, but I have an can beat him. It just takes one second, any second to hit that Sweet Chin Music, and tonight, that one second, will be the downfall of the monster!

Then, we see Kane walking by as he just stares at Michaels as they stare down and Kane just walks away.

JR: Bah Gawd! That match is next!

*Commercial Break*

‘Chemical’ hits the speakers as Kane makes his way down to the ring with all the fire and pyros.

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is apart of the world title tournament! First, weighing in at 326 pounds, Kane!

Kane goes over the ropes and into the ring as he lifts his arms and slams them down.

‘Sexy Boy’ hits the speakers as HBK struts his way on the ramp as he greets the fans before dropping to his knees as pyros are set off behind him.

Lillian: And his opponent, from san Antonito Texas, the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Michaels poses some more in the ring before the match officially begins.

Match 2
World Title Tournament
Kane VS. ‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels

Kane and Michaels stare down in the center of the ring as Michaels slaps Kane in the face and starts to talk trash, and Kane doesn’t seem too pleased, as he punches HBK as hard as he possibly can, sending him down to the mat. Michaels holds his chin as he slowly gets up, but is shoved back down. Kane talk’s trash as Michaels rolls out of the ring holding his hips. Kane follows him to the outside, where Shawn knees him in the gut and sends him into the steel post! He then chucks him into the steps. Michaels rolls into the ring and taunts Kane as Kane sits up on the outside and gets back in. Kane runs at Michaels who ducks the clothesline and hits a right hand, then a left, right, over and over until the Big Red Machine is covering up in the corner, before powering off Michaels. Kane starts beating away at Shawn as HBK is trying to get back up. Kane reels in Michaels and hits a sidewalk slam! Michaels holding his lower back as Kane just kicks him, and begins to stomp away at Shawn. Kane picks him up and picks him over his shoulder and drops him face first into the turnbuckle! HBK starts punching at Kane, getting that adrenaline rush! Shawn Michaels bounces off the ropes, and hits a diving clothesline! He kips up! He starts hopping around, but Kane wants nothing to do with this little party as he quickly gets up and connects with a boot! He covers… 1…2...kickout! Kane can’t believe it as he heads up top. Kane comes off with a diving clothesline, but Michaels puts a leg up, as Kane jumps right into a Sweet Chin Music! Both men are down and possibly out! After a while, HBK gets up and heads to the top rope! He jumps off, and hits an elbow drop! Into the corner! Michaels tuning up the band! He goes! BAN—NO! Kane catches him! Spins him around! CHOKESLAM! The cover! 1…2….NO! The heart of Michaels to kick out! Kane cannot believe it as he picks up a lifeless HBK and puts him up for a tombstone! Michaels slips out the back and taunts Kane! He turns around! BANG! Sweet Chin Music! Michaels falls on top of him! 1…2…3!!! Michaels wins!

Winner and advancing to Round 2: Shawn Michaels!

King: I thought Kane had it!

JR: Well, it only took one second to hit that Sweet Chin Music, and once it connects, it’s all over!

*Commercial Break*

JR: We are back here live in New York City, and what a show it has been King!

King: I can’t believe Rock and Foley were here, Shane’s our GM, and oh so much more!

The infamous workout video theme hits the speakers as Simon Dean makes his way out to the ring with a workout bag in hand.

Simon: You may wonder why I am out here... it is for two reasons... to request a match, and to sponsor my patented Simon system!

Crowd boos as Simon gets a shocked look on his face.

Simon: Oh c’mon! What do you think I am? Chopped liver- oh no you can’t, cause then you’d eat me!

Crowd boss yet again as Simon Dean laughs at his not funny joke.

Simon: I mean, it’s not completely your fault that you can’t help but to grabs 3 cookies when you could have taken none, and that you are all extremely overweight, but that can change... if you take my patented Simon system pills, and exercise video!

Crowd boos as Simon walks over to his weight bag and opens it.

Simon: HHmmm, who’s our lucky volunteer for today?

Simon steps out of the ring and looks around the arena until he finds a huge obese man and tells him to come into the ring as he has a super angry look on his face.

Simon: C’mon, I don’t bite, but I do have a background in amateur wrestling!

The man makes his way into the ring as Simon gives him a hug as the man shoves him off.

Simon: uh, so, what’s your name? Please don’t tell me you’re related to Andre the Giant... oh, I’m so funny, aren’t I?

Man: I’m Bill.... what the hell do you want?

Simon: Whatdya think silly? To promote my patented Simon system!

Man: I don’t need it, thanks anyway...

Simon: Oh but its a great deal, and, trust me, you could lose a couple pounds... not only is there workout gloves, weights, videos, pills, belts, but you get a free best of IWF DVD! Only for 17 payments of 5.99! 5.99, what a deal!

Bill: How many payments was that?

Simon: That’s not important! It’s the material that counts; you can turn your flab to fab!

Bill: still not buying it, leave me alone!

Simon Dean puts his hand on Bills shoulder as he is about to speak, and Bill throws him down n the ground.

Simon: Hey! Security!

Bill runs up to Simon and tries to grab him as he picks him up as Simon slips out and locks in a submission as Bill is screaming in pain.. The security is trying to restrain Simon. He lets go as they look at Bill as Simon pulls out the weightlifting belt and begins to whip Bill viciously with it as Bill friend hops over the guardrail to save him, who is fat also. The man doesn’t think Simon sees him and Simon has the bag in hand. He goes over to him as he smacks him over the head with bag full of material! The man is bleeding as Simon runs from the ring and his music plays over the speakers as the crowd boos him and he tries to escape backstage.

JR: Oh c’mon, those two helpless men just got beaten by the lousy Simon Dean!

King: They deserved it! They should have taken the deal!

‘You Think You Know Me’ hits the speakers as Edge makes his way down to the ring and enters the ring.

Lillian: the following contest is scheduled for on fall and it is for the Intercontinental Championship! Making his way down to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Edge!

‘Aint No Stoppin Me NOW!’ hits the speakers as Shelton Benjamin is making his way to the ring. He highfives all the fans.

Lillian: And his opponent, from Orangeburg, S.C, Shelton Benjamin!

All of a sudden ‘Here Comes the Money’ hits the speakers and Shane ‘O Mac hits the speakers as he gets onto the stage with a mic already in hand.

Shane: You see, since this is for the Intercontinental championship, it cant just be any ordinary match, oh no! This match will be a… Last Man Standing Match!!!

Crowd cheers

*Commercial Break*

Match 3
Intercontinental Title- Last Man Standing Match
Shelton Benjamin VS. Edge

Selton Benjamin goes righ to work on Edge as he pounces as begins to pummel away at Edge! Edge covering up as Benjamin is destroying him. Benjamin chucks Edge into the corner and runs with a Stinger Splash! Edge is teetering as Benjamin hits a Superkick! We are only 2 minutes into the match and Edge could be put away here!

1….2….3…4..Edge up at 4….

Benjamin cant believe it as he goes right back to work on Edge! Edge is defenseless as Benjamin hits a suplex and Edge gets up slowly as he gets a right hand on Benjamin and grabs his head and hits a massive DDT! Edge laughs and starts punching at the head of Benjamin! Shelton kips up out of the way and goes for a Superkick, but it is ducked and Edge hits a Edgucator! Benjamin is down!

1…2…3…4… Now Benjamin is up at 4 as well! Edge waits in the corner!

Edge runs and hits a spear! Benjamin goes down and seems out of it. Edge slides out of the ring and takes a chair and throws it into the ring, then takes a second chair and throws it into the corner! He smashes Benjamin in the head with a chair, busting him wide open! The ref is counting, but Edge doesn’t want him to, and sets up the other chair and hits an Edgecution on the chair! Benjamin is out of it, as he sets up a chair underneath his head! He takes the other chair! NO!! One man conchairto! Benjamin is out of it!

1..2…3..4..5..6..7..8..9…..10! Benjamin is put away in less that 10 minutes!

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Edge

Edge is handed the IC championship as he hugs it and backs up the ramp.

Backstage is HHH and Ric Flair in their locker room.

Ric: HHH, you are a genious! That is the greatest plan in the history of sports entertainment! That’s why you are the best, that’s why you are the next big thing here in this business!

HHH: Ya see, im not the next big thing, I already am.. that thing…. And once Batista is done, put on the shelf, I will go on to win that title!

Ric: WOOOO! You got him champ! Your right, he will make a great addition to Evolution!

JR: What? An addition to Evolution?

King: A new member JR! I cant believe it!

*Commercial break*

‘Hey!’ hits the speakers as Randy Orton’s music begins to play as Orton makes his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction. He poses with all the pyro and everything as usual.

Lillian: The following contest is cheduled for one fall and is a round 1 match of the World title tourny! Making his way to the ring, from St. Louis, MO. Randy Orton!

Orton gets in the ring as ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ hits the speakers and Christian makes his way out with his problem solver Tyson Tomko not far behind.

Lillian: And his opponent, being accompanied by Tyson tomko, Christian!

Match 4
World title Tournament
Christian w/ Tyson Tomko VS. Randy Orton

Christian and Orton square off in the center of the ring. Orton whips Christian, but CLB counters with a kick to the gut. Christian pummels away at the back and head of Orton as he backs him into the corner where he pats his chest and poses for all his “peeps” Orton regains advantage with a huge dropkick! Christian backs Orton into a corner, and instead of a clean break, Christian punches him. Christian now has control of this match as he chokes Orton in a corner. Christian continues to choke him in the other corners, and then he backs off. This allows Orton to recover and regain some momentum. He takes Christian to the outside and he runs off while Orton and Tomko argue. Christian tries to run around the ring and ambush Orton, but Orton turns around and clocks him before he can do so. In the ring, Orton sets up Christian in a corner and hits the 10 punches and follows it up with a clothesline. Orton goes for the cover, but Christian kicks out. Christian is able to regain some control as he dumps Orton to the outside after Orton charges after him. With the ref distracted, Tomko sends Orton into the steel stairs. Christian is going for a pin on Orton. Orton kicks out, so Christian puts a headlock on Orton. Orton tries to fight out of the headlock, but Christian clubs his back and whips Orton into the corner. Orton counters out with a sunset flip, but it doesn’t help him. tomko grabs his leg! the ref sees this and ejects Tomko from ringside! Christian quickly regains the offensive as he takes Orton to school. Christian goes for a pin, and you can see a visible lump on the side of his head. Orton is able to kick out and Christian now has him in a headlock. Orton fights out and whips Christian. Christian reverses. Christian dodges an RKO attempt into a reverse neckbreaker. Christian pins Orton, but Orton kicks out. Christian stands on Orton’s head and then smacks his head around. Christian picks up Orton, Orton reverses and sends him sternum first into the turnbuckle. Both men are down and Christian looks to be in shock. Both men are up and the two men begin to exchange blows. Both men are staggering, but Christian ends up running into a dropkick followed by a clothesline. Orton hits a back drop and then he stretches out Christian to club him in the chest about 20 times. Orton tries to slam Christian, but Christian floats over. Christian tries for a move of his own, but Orton counters out of it. Christian is met with a powerslam and then Orton goes up to the top turnbuckle. He hits a high flying cross body, but Christian kicks out of the pin attempt. Christian sends Orton into the ring post and then goes for a pin, but Orton kicks out and Christian is pissed. Christian picks up Orton, who hits an uppercut, but Christian hits a thumb to the eye. Christian tries for the Unprettier, but Orton counters out of it. The end comes when Orton goes for an RKO, but Christian turns it into the Unprettier, but Orton is too smart for that and leapfrogs out of it. Christian goes to clothesline Orton, but he ducks as the ref goes down! Tomko slides in the ring and hits a huge boot to the face causing him to bounce off the ropes as CLB reels him in and connects with the Unprettier! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Christian

JR: Bah gawd! He stole the damn win!

King: No, he used the power of the peeps! Captain Charisma doesn’t need a problem solver!

JR: I don’t know about that King, if it weren’t for Tomko, Orton would’ve won the damn match!

King: Yeah, yeah, whatever you say… but the main event is next!!!

*Commercial Break*

We come back where Shane ‘O Mac is in his office on the phone when Ric Flair walks in.


Ric: WOOOO! Shane, great to have you here!

Shane: C’mon, what are you really here for?

Ric: Well, I wanted to make sure that Trips won tonight, I need to know if you can---

Shane: Woah, woah, woah! This isn’t WWE buddy! Im not Eric Bischoff! I want this to be a clean fight!

Ric: Well, I was wondering if you could make me… special ref?

Shane: And how do I know you’re gonna call it down the middle?

Ric: C’mon man, you can trust me, I’m the Nature Boy! WOOOO!!

Shane: What was that nickname of yours? Dirtiest player in the game?

Ric: Oh yeah!

Shane: There’s your explanation.

Ric: C’mon man, you can trust me! Please give me this.

Shane: Fine—you call the match down the middle….

Ric: Oh, I will!

Shane: … or you’re fired!

Crowd cheers as Shane leaves and Ric looks on in disbelief.

‘The Animal’ hits the speakers as Batista makes his way onto the stage.

JR: Ric Flair is now the ref, how is that fair!?

King: Don’t worry; he’ll call it right down the middle!

JR: We’ll see…

Lillian: The following contest is a special referee match and is scheduled for one fall! First, from Washington DC, Batista!

Batista hops around the ring awaiting his opponent.

JR: We have to take one last commercial break—don’t go anywhere!

King: We’ll be right back!

*Commercial Break*

‘Time to Play the Game’ hits the speakers as HHH goes onto the stage sipping from his water bottle as he stares at Dave from the stage.

Lillian: And his opponent, Triple H!

HHH stands on the apron as he sprays the water high into the air and walks in and poses on the ropes.

‘WOOOOO’ hits the speakers as Flair struts his way down to the ring cockily as Trips smiles from the ring.

Lillian: Ladies and gentleman, the special referee, Ric Flair!

Flair continues to walk the walk down the ramp, before entering and taking the mic from Lillian.

Flair: Ok, I want a nice clean fight, with Hunter coming out on top!

Flair and HHH laugh as Batista doesn’t find it funny as he clotheslines HHH down and the match has begun! Batista begins punching away at the head over and over as Flair pulls him off to heat from the crowd. Flair is trying to explain to Batista, but Dave grabs him by the collar as Flair screams that he will DQ him. Batista puts him down and turns around as he is met with a knee to the skull as he laughs and begins to go to work on the big man. HHH throws him into the corner where he hits a shoulder block over and over as Flair doesn’t stop him. Batista fights out as he throws Trips out of the ring. When he goes to follow him, Flair will not let him leave the ring as the crowd boos yet again. HHH rolls back in with no harm done as he takes Dave down by the legs. HHH picks up Batista as he whips him off the ropes and chops him and hits a big spinebuster! Batista holds his back as HHH stomps away at the body of Batista as Flair struts around the ring “wooing” Batista begins to get life back as he clotheslines down HHH. Flair tries to tell him its illegal, but Batista shoves him away as Flair disqualifies him.

‘Here Comes the Money’ hits the speakers as Shane hops on stage.

Shane: I knew this would happen! Which is why, the match is restarted, and I’m gonna be right here at ringside!

The crowd cheers as Shane ‘O Mac comes down to ringside where he stands there.

Batista goes to work on HHH as the bell is re-rung! Batista whips him into the ropes as he hits a Spinebuster! HHH is down and nearly out as Batista pick him up and reels him in! Flair runs at Dave, but Batista shoves Ric out of the ring, as Shane comes in to replace him! Batista does thumbs up, and thumbs down! He lifts him up… POWERBOMB! Flair grabs the leg of Shane and pulls him out of the ring as Dave covers but there is no ref! He goes through the ropes to see if Shane is alright, but a man in a hooded sweatshirt hops over the barricade and into the ring! He takes Batista, lifts him up, turns him around and slams him to the mat! He is out of it! The man places HHH on Dave! Flair rolls back in as he covers! 1……2…..3! NO!

Winner and advancing to round 2: Triple H

JR: God damn it! What was that all about!

King: HHH could have won without Naitch or that masked man!

JR: I highly doubt it! God damn Ric Flair, and god damn whoever that man was! Batista should’ve won!

King: Get over it JR, HHH won!

JR: Well, that’s all we have time for tonight… see you all next week for the draft lottery! Good night!

End of Show