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Me and JBL is a god are making this new Be The Booker together with me doing Smackdown! and him doing Raw. We had a sortof draft already to pick rosters. The story begins in late December.

Just five years after WCW and ECW went under and were bought by WWE an even bigger challenger emerged. This company was the IWF, International Wrestling Federation. It was owned by Ted Turner and ran by Eric Bischoff, after he was fired from WWE in late 2005. Ted Turner was out looking for revenge for what Vince Mcmahon had done to his WCW in the late 90s. He eventually stole alot of WWE's talent, but Mcmahon put up a good fight purchasing TNA and ROH to gain quality wrestlrs which would help put up a fight. After 3 years of the second Monday Night Wars, Vince Mcmahon's WWE won and bought out the IWF, however Vince, who'd never been to fond of the name WWE since the lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund, decided to keep the name IWF. He fired Turner but kept all of the big talents, including Bischoff, and began the new era of sports entertainment, then dividing the roster into two shows; Raw and Smackdown! He brings in strict rules to keep the shows equal. If a superstar is fired another wrestler must be on hand to immediatley replace him/her. This means that the roster will permanently be kept at 38 superstars per show. Unfortunatley the IWF came into play just one week after the Royal Rumble now happens, so there is no current Royal Rumble winner.

Company Owner: Vince Mcmahon

General Manager: Mick Foley
Announce Team: Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross
Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H
Intercontinental Championship: Edge
World Tag Team Championship: America's Most Wanted
X-Division Championship: AJ Styles

Aj Styles
Big Show
Bobby Roode
Chris Harris
Chris Masters
Chris Sabin
Christian Cage
Christy Hemme
CM Punk
Eric Young
Hollywood Hogan
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Kevin Nash
Matt Hardy
Monty Brown
Paul Heyman
Paul London
Petey Williams
Randy Orton
Samoa Joe
Scott D'amore
Scott Hall
Stacy Keibler
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Torrie Wilson
Triple H

Co-General Managers: Eric Bischoff and Shane Mcmahon
Announce Team: Joey Styles and Tazz
Backstage Interviewer: Johnathan Coachman

IWF Championship: Vacant
United States Championship: Booker T
IWF Tag Team Championship: MNM
Television Championship: Shelton Benjamin

Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Bubba Ray Dudley
Buff Bagwell
Candice Michelle
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Christopher Daniels
D-Von Dudley
Elix Skipper
Gail Kim
Gregory Helms
Jeff Jarrett
Joey Mercury
John Bradshaw Layfield
Johnny Nitro
Juventud Guerrera
Ken Kennedy
Kurt Angle
Michael Shane
Rey Mysterio
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Super Crazy
Trish Stratus

Pay Per View Schedule:
Jan 1: New Year's Revolution-Raw
Feb 12: No Way Out-Smackdown!
Mar 5: Wrestlemania-Joint
Apr 16: Turning Point-Raw
May 21: Bash At The Beach-Smackdown!
Jun 18: Summerslam-Joint
Jul 23: No Mercy-Raw
Aug 20: Genesis-Smackdown!
Sep 24: Survivor Series-Joint
Oct 22: Bound For Glory-Raw
Nov 19: Armageddon-Smackdown!
Dec 19: Royal Rumble-Joint

Feedback is appreciated so please leave any comments​
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Thanks, Raw and Smackdown! previews will be up soon.

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A New Era For Smackdown!
December 23

After the events which took place just two weeks ago as Vince Mcmahon bought out the IWF from Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner, it came as a shock to many when Eric Bischoff was announced as the new Co-General Manager of Smackdown! alongside Mcmahon's own son Shane. Will Eric Bischoff be out looking for revenge this upcoming week or will he be willing to accept it as water under the bridge and do his job? Also what will Shane Mcmahon have to say about this whole situation?

Announced earlier this week the main event for Smackdown! will be Kane versus Kurt Angle in a Hardcore Rules match. Also the Television Title will be on the line as Rob Van Dam defends his newly aquired belt in a six man Battle Royal against Shelton Benjamin, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Charlie Haas and Jeff Jarrett, can RVD keep hold of the gold?

Rey Mysterio made a special announcement on his official website earlier this past week, promising to get revenge on Eric Bischoff for forcing Mysterio to remove his mask in WCW during the late 1990s. What wil Mysterio have in store for Bischoff? Tune into Smackdown! on UPN at 8/9 CT to find out.

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Nice preview for Smackdown it is looking to be great.

I am wondering if Bischoff will be doing anything to get back at Vince. Also the main sounds great. I am hoping Kane pulls away with the win in that match. And I am going Sheltong Benjamin in the six-man battle royal

Good luck with this I will be reading.

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Preview of the first Raw

This week well see the first show form the new IWF since it has been taken over by WWE.

Mick foley has made a match for every title. So we will the cahmpions be able to retain or will we have new champs this week.

matchs: World tag title match- AMW Vs The Hardy Boyz
X- divison title match- AJ Styles Vs Eric Young Vs Chris Sabin Vs Pual Londen
Big show Vs Raven
Intercontinental title match- Edge Vs Christian Cage
World Heavy weight tile match- HHH Vs Monty Brown

Also Mick foley has said that he has some thing to say that will shock the IWF locker room.

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IWF presents Friday Night Smackdown!
Pittsburgh, PA
December 16

A highlights video is shown of Vince Mcmahon announcing his purchase of the IWF, it then goes on to him announcing that the name will be kept and the roster split into Raw and Smackdown! A sudden flash effect is shown with the new Smackdown! superstars appearing briefly one at a time on screen. It fades to black. New Smackdown! video is shown with the new theme music of “Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson. Pyro goes off and the camera pans around the Mellon Arena showing the audience.

Joey Styles: Hello fans and welcome to the premiere edition of IWF, International Wrestling Federation, Smackdown! You are joining us live, yes you heard right Smackdown! is now live, joining us live from the sold-out Mellon Arena in good old Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Tazz: Indeed we are, it’s the steel city and I am loving the new and improved Smackdown!

Joey Styles: If you’re excited now wait and see what we have in store for you guys tonight. Announced earlier this week on IWF.com, it will be Kane one on one in a Hardcore rules match, going up against Kurt Angle, that is our main event tonight.

Tazz: Well it sounds like a hell of a match, Kurt Angle, of course the only Olympic Gold Medalist in IWF history, and the Big Red Monster Kane, should be a rocketbuster.

Joey Styles: That’s not all though, Rob Van Dam must defend his Television Championship in a Six Way Battle Royal against Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho and Booker T.

Tazz: Great to see Jeff Jarrett, Charlie Haas and Chris Jericho back in the company, this should be a great match too, Shane Mcmahon and Eric Bischoff really have delivered tonight.

Joey Styles: Speaking of Eric Bischoff, announced just three days ago, Rey Mysterio will make a major announcement regarding him and Eric Bischoff, possibly repercussions of Bischoff forcing Rey to wrestle without his mask in the late 90s, we’ll find out tonight. Anyway Tazz, we’ve got a great lineup who are your pick for tonight’s matches.

Tazz: For the Television Title match, it’s gotta be Jeff Jarrett, he’s got so much more experience and has been a regular main eventer for years. Having said that RVD has been known to pull out the big guns in big match situations and it don’t get much bigger than this. As for the main event, Kane may be big and nasty but Angle’s got so much more experience with his amateur background. However Kane loves Hardcore matches and knows every trick in the book. But Angle’s got the home field advantage, I dunno Styles I can’t decide.

Joey Styles: Me neither Tazz, but I can’t wait to find out what this announcement from Mysterio is.

WHO’S THAT JUMPIN’ OUT THE SKY-Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts.

Joey Styles: Well, I guess I wont have to wait long to find out, cos Mysterio is not wasting any time. Have you heard the crowd here in Pittsburgh, they are loving Mysterio.

Mysterio gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Mysterio: I said earlier this week that I had something to say to Eric Bischoff, and tonight I am going to say something to him, right here in Pittsburgh *POP*. Eric Bischoff, during the 1990s you took away my mask, you took away my pride and you took away my love for this business. You made me wrestle guys who were way too big for me, Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, I could go on, but I’ll not. You made me wrestle without my mask, the mask I’d worn since I began wrestling in Mexico with my uncle. I never had a chance to tell you this before because you were always on Raw when I was on Smackdown! So here it goes, Eric Bischoff you took away my passion for this business for over three years, I finally got it back when I returned to the then WWE with my mask. So here’s my offer, no my demand! Eric Bischoff versus Rey Mysterio in a match at the next Smackdown! Pay Per View, No Way Out. I will give you until the end of the night to answer and if I either don’t get an answer or don’t like the answer that I get, then you will find out exactly what Rey Mysterio can do….

Mysterio drops the mic and exits the ring to a huge pop. He walks up the ramp and the camera follows him, he waves to the audience.

Joey Styles: What a proposal, Eric Bischoff versus Rey Mysterio at No Way Out. That would be something to see, Bischoff finally getting what he deserves.

Tazz: I’d watch your mouth Styles, it could get you into a lot of trouble talking about our Co-General Manager like that.

Joey Styles: Oh, what’s he gonna do, fire me?! I’m entitled to my opinion Tazz, that’s freedom of speech and we are in the United States of America.


We come back from commercial and we are backstage in the General Manager’s office. Shane Mcmahon is sitting behind a desk and Eric Bischoff is pacing around the office.

Shane Mcmahon: C’mon, Eric, sit down, I can’t stand people pacing all over the place like that.

Eric Bischoff: You expect me to sit after that, first Rey Mysterio threatens me and challenges me to a match and now my own commentator doesn’t respect me and jokes about me not being able to fire him. There’s no order here, in WCW we had order that’s why we succeeded, but there isn’t any here. It’s the first night of IWF Smackdown! and within ten minutes we’ve shown that we have no real power. We have to do something about this.

Shane Mcmahon: Now listen, I know how spiteful you can get when you’re angry like this. I was there in the 90s, what do you plan to do? Talk these things through with me first before you do them, so nothing can go wrong.

Eric Bischoff: What is that supposed to mean? So nothing goes wrong, are you calling me a failure?

Shane Mcmahon: No, I didn’t mean…..ah forget it, just tell me, what you’re going to do about this whole situation.

Eric Bischoff: What am I going to do? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to prove the Joey Styles of the world wrong. I am going to open that door and the first superstar I see I’m going to fire!

Shane Mcmahon: Oh boy, well if you’re sure…

Eric Bischoff: You’re damn right I’m sure!!!!

Shane Mcmahon: Go ahead…

Eric Bischoff: Oh I will!

Bischoff goes to the door and right on the other side about the knock on it, is The Amazing Red. Bischoff smirks and even laughs a little. Red looks confused.

Eric Bischoff: Ah ,The Amazing Red, how are you my good man? Ah, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your job here on Friday Night Smackdown! and that it no longer exists.

Amazing Red: What? Y’mean…no!

Eric Bischoff: Yes, Amazing Red, you’re fired!!! Not looking so amazing no, eh? Get your stuff I want you out of my arena within ten minutes.

Bischoff goes back into the office, closing the door behind him, Amazing Red is shown walking down the corridor looking upset. Bischoff is seen laughing n the direction of Shane Mcmahon as he walks across the office. He sits down this time on a leather couch next to the desk. Shane stands up.

Shane Mcmahon: What the hell was that? That guy is one of the best cruiserweights in the world and you just fired him. And incase you didn’t realize my father put a rule in place when we became General Managers, we have to find a replacement immediately after we fire someone to keep the roster evened out, do you have a replacement?

Eric Bischoff: No, of course I don’t have a replacement. Oh god, what have I done, as if I don’t have enough problems at the moment with Mysterio and Styles. What am I gonna do?

Shane Mcmahon: Don’t worry I think I have a solution. We’ll work it out by the end of the night, hey Eric, at least thing can’t get any worse.

We go back to the ring where we see Vince Mcmahon standing in it holding a mic. His music is playing in the background.

Vince Mcmahon: I’m going to keep this short and sweet. With the two General Managers unable to come to any decision regarding anything, I have taken upon myself the burden of finding a new IWF Champion *POP*. Over the next few weeks, leading to No Way Out, Smackdown! will play host to the Gold Hunt. A tournament between eight of the show’s top superstars which will end in a match between the finalists at No Way Out. That match will be for the IWF Championship. I have changed tonight’s main event to be a qualifier for the Gold Hunt tournament and also this next match will be a qualifier also. Thank you very much for your time, have a good evening and God bless America, goodnight.

Vince Mcmahon leaves to a big ovation, waving at the fans as he struts up the ramp and through the curtain to the backstage area.

THERE’S NO HOLDING ME BACK-Chris Benoit’s music hits and he walks to the ring to a huge pop. He gets into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

DING DING DING DING DING DING- JBL’s music hits and the usual white limo with the long horns drives out into the arena. He gets out of the limo and waves to the crowd. He receives a huge amount of heat as he walks to the ring.

Match 1: [Gold Hunt Tournament Match] Chris Benoit vs JBL
The match starts off slow with both men circling each other in the ring. They then go into a grapple and attempt to over power each other, JBL overpowers Benoit and they hook back up to try again, JBL looks to be gaining an advantage again but Benoit ducks and turns around him delivering a German Suplex. He keeps his hands gripped and delivers two more. The crowd goes wild. Benoit picks up JBL and whips him off the ropes. JBL holds on to the ropes and swings to slide under the bottom rope. He stands out the outside for a while drinking some water from a bottle that was standing on the announce table. The referee begins to count, he reaches five and Benoit looks angry, he goes to jump through the ropes but the referee stops him and gets major heat. Benoit backs off as the referee turns and leans through the ropes to try and get JBL back into the ring. Benoit runs behind the referee and jumps over him, he delivers a diving shoulder block to JBL and both men land near the announce table. The referee looks around as if he’s confused, he then begins to count. At the count of six JBL gets up and slides into the ring and back out to break the count, he then goes to Benoit, but Benoit is standing up on the ringside barrier and jumps at JBL, however JBL turns and reverses the moves by throwing Benoit into the ring steps. Benoit looks hurt. JBL picks him up and rolls him back into the ring and goes for the cover. 1..2..Benoit kicks out to a big pop. JBL looks angry and begins arguing with the referee. Benoit slowly gets to his knees and as JBL turns around he rolls him into a small package. 1..2..JBL kicks out and starts stomping on Benoit. He picks up Benoit’s arm which he’s been holding since he was thrown into the ring steps, JBL puts it onto the middle rope and runs at hitting it with his knee, Benoit screams in pain. JBL continues to stomp at Benoit and eventually picks him up. He folds Benoit’s arm and hits a variation of an atomic drop making Benoit land onto his arm. JBL then applies a sitting Hammerlock. Benoit is near the middle of the ring and looks to be in a lot of pain. After a minute or so the crowd begins to get behind him, he starts to crawl towards the rope, JBL looks in shock, just as Benoit is about to get to the rope JBL lands an elbow drop onto his back and proceeds to pick him up. He now tries for a standing Hammerlock but Benoit ducks around him and reverses with an Irish Whip, he goes for a clothesline but JBL ducks under it and continues running. He goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Benoit grabs his arm and takes him to the ground, revering it into a Crippler Crossface, the crowd goes wild. JBL is in the middle of the ring but crawls nearer to the ropes, just as he’s about to reach the ropes Benoit pulls him back to the centre. JBL finally gives in and taps out.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit stands up looking exhausted and celebrates. He has his hand raised for victory and leaves. JBL looks angry but also is holding his arm as if it’s in a lot of pain.

Joey Styles: What a victory for Chris Benoit he advances in the Gold Hunt tournament that Vince Mcmahon started earlier.

Tazz: Yeah, what a in for the Rabid Wolverine, I just hope he can follow it up in the next round and get some gold around his waist again. What a match!


Backstage Shannon Moore is walking along the corridor and turns a corner. He walks into Gregory Helms who looks at him very seriously. Moore smiles and they both laugh. They hug and walk off together.

Joey Styles: What was that? They were of course good buddies in WCW in the faction, Three Count, but you don’t think? They couldn’t get back together? Could they?

Tazz: Definitely, it would be a great addition to Smackdown! to have Three Count back together.

ONE OF A KIND-Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he comes out to a big pop. He walks down to the ring with the TV Title over his shoulder. He rolls into the ring and looks to the ramp for his opponents.

Joey Styles: RVD defends the TV Title when we come back, don’t go away folks.


We come back and Charlie Haas is warming up in the ring with his music playing in the background. Booker T and Chris Jericho are also standing in the ring with RVD, they’re entrances were during the break.

ITS MY WORLD-Jeff Jarrett’s music echoes through the arena and he comes out to big heat. He has the guitar in one hand and is holding hands with Gail Kim using the other. He walks down and gets into the ring. He gets a microphone and stands in the centre of the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: I was just in the back and Eric Bischoff came up to me and asked me to announce that this match is now an elimination match.

He puts the mic down and looks up the ramp for the last opponent.

AINT NO STOPPIN’ ME NOW-Shelton Benjamin’s music hits and the crowd goes wild. He jumps through the curtain and pyro goes off. He runs down and into the ring and the bell sounds.

Match 2: [6 Way Elimination For The TV Title] Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho vs Booker T vs Charlie Haas vs Jeff Jarrett vs Shelton Benjamin
Match gets off to a quick start with all six wrestlers brawling in pairs. Jarrett and Benjamin fight in the corner, Haas and Booker T are trading punches on the outside and RVD and Jericho are fighting in the middle of the ring. Benjamin throws Jarrett into the corner and runs to the opposite side of the ring, he signals for the Stinger Splash, Gail Kim runs nearer to Jarrett and hands him the guitar. Benjamin goes for the Stinger Splash but Jarrett hits him with the guitar. The referee calls for the bell as Jarrett jaw falls and he .looks at the referee in shock. Jeff Jarrett is eliminated via disqualification. He leaves as Benjamin lies motionless in the corner. Jarrett and Gail Kim shout abuse at the referee as they leave. Booker T and Chris Jericho are now fighting in the ring. Booker kicks Jericho in the mid-section and goes of the ropes for the Scissors Kick. Jericho grabs Booker’s legs and reverses it into a Walls Of Jericho. They are in the centre of the ring and it looks as though he’s going to tap. RVD runs into the ring and jumps up to Jericho’s chest. He grabs him and falls back, sending Jericho over the top rope with a Monkey Flip. RVD then hits a Rolling Thunder on Booker T and covers. 1..2..Booker kicks out. Haas runs into the ring and takes out RVD with a clothesline. He taunts RVD while he’s down, getting heat from the crowd. He leans down and grabs RVD’s legs but RVD kicks him away. Booker T is up and as Hass falls back Booker catches him and hits a Bookend. He covers. 1..2..3 Charlie Haas is eliminated by pinfall. We now have Booker T and Rob Van Dam in the ring, they begin to brawl and Booker gains an advantage before Irish Whipping Van Dam off the ropes, but Jericho has gotten up and grabs the leg of RVD as he goes off the ropes. RVD falls face first onto the mat. Jericho goes to go in the ring as Booker T delivers a Baseball Slide to him, he falls. Booker puts both Jericho and RVD back into the ring. He covers Jericho. 1..2..Jericho kicks out, he looks shocked but goes to cover RVD, 1..2..RVD kicks out. Booker looks angry, he argues with the referee and turns around to receive a flying cross body from the recovered Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin stays on him for the pin, Jericho and Van Dam also put their weight onto Benjamin to add to the pin, Booker struggles but it’s no use, the weight of the three men is too much. 1..2..3 Booker T is eliminated by pinfall. All three men get up as Booker T leaves. They stare at each other and walk close to each other. They begin to talk trash. Jericho slaps Van Dam, getting some heat from the crowd. RVD looks down and puts his hand to his face. He starts punching Y2J as Benjamin watches. RVD hits Jericho back into the ropes and clotheslines him over the top. Jericho’s foot catches RVD on his way over and he’s sent back into the referee, who is knocked out. After a while Jeff Jarrett runs to the ring with a steel chair. He hits Benjamin, then RVD. They are both knocked out he throws Jericho into the ring and tries t wake up the referee. Jericho covers both men together. 1..2..both kick out. Jarrett comes into the ring and punches the referee. He then hits Jericho with the chair and shakes his head before leaving. Benjamin is up and picks up Jericho, he hits the T-Bone Suplex and covers him. 1..2..3 Chris Jericho is eliminated by pinfall. We are now down to two men, Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin. They have a brief stare down before they begin fighting. They through punches back and forth, but then the lights go out and Test’s music hits. He runs to the ring with a baseball bat and hits Shelton Benjamin with it. The referee calls for the bell. Rob Van Dam is eliminated via disqualification. Test smiles and hugs RVD, but Van Dam just looks confused he pushes Test away and walks out realizing that he’s lost the title, Test follows him and keeps trying to talk to him, but RVD shoves him away every time.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Joey Styles: Rob Van Dam has just lost the Television Championship on the first ever IWF Smackdown! and it was Test’s fault.

Tazz: Yeah, a big loss, in the old WWE the champion would have kept the belt in that situation but not here, not in the IWF, Shelton Benjamin is the new champ.


We are now backstage in the General Manager’s office. Eric Bischoff is talking to Kurt Angle.

Eric Bischoff: So do I have your support?

Kurt Angle: Yeah Eric, of course you do, you’ve been good to me in the past and now I’m returning the favor.

Eric Bischoff: So we have a deal?

Kurt Angle: Yes we do

We cut to Jonathan Coachman at the interview stand with Batista beside.

Coach: I am standing by with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, now Dave, how are you finding the new Smackdown! and are you involved in the Gold Hunt tournament?

Batista: It’s great and…..

Brock Lesnar walks up and gets in the face of Batista.

Brock Lesnar: So animal, you’re the next champion, eh? Well we’ll see about that!

Lesnar begins punching Batista in the face but Batista fights back. Batista eventually beats off Lesnar, who runs off. Batista goes off screen after Brock.

Tazz: All hell is breaking looses in the arena tonight. Angle making deals with Bischoff. Brock Lesnar and Batista brawling with Brock Lesnar. This is great!

Joey Styles: You’re right there Tazz.

HERE COMES THE MONEY-Shane Mcmahon’s music hits and there’s a huge pop. He does his usual skip out and walks down to the ring. He enters it and grabs a microphone.

Shane Mcmahon: Earlier tonight Eric Bischoff made a bit of a mistake, when he fired the Amazing Red *HEAT*. And in usual Eric Bischoff style, he left someone else to clean it up, that someone was me. So I did, you see my father’s new rule for the IWF meant that I had to find a replacement for the fired superstar which I have, and I think you’ll agree that he’s one cool guy. Ladies and Gentlemen the newest Smackdown! superstar….

I SPIT IN THE FACE OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO BE COOL-Carlito’s music hits and he comes out to a mixed reaction, but mainly cheers. He walks down the ramp and joins Shane in the ring. Arena workers put up palm trees in the ring while he’s doing so.

Shane Mcmahon: Tonight is the premiere edition of Carlito’s Cabana on IWF Smackdown! I’ll leave you to it Carlito.

Shane Mcmahon leaves up the ramp.

Carlito: Thanks Mr. Mcmahon, Carlito is on Smackdown! *POP* and boy, have I got a cool show for you tonight, so let’s not waste any time and bring out my guest. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels *POP*

SEXY BOY-Shawn Michaels’ music plays and he comes out in usual HBK style, with the pyro going off on the ramp. He gets to the ring and him and Carlito smile at each other. He gets a mic and stands by Carlito.

Carlito: Welcome to the Cabana, Shawn, how’s your first night on Smackdown! going?

Shawn Michaels: Well Carl, can I call you Carl? No? Anyway it’s going great and to be on the Cabana, on the first Cabana well it’s great.

MEDAL-Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out to huge boos. The crowd joins with the “You Suck” chant along to Angle’s music. Angle gets into the ring and gets a microphone and stands beside Carlito and Shawn Michaels.

Kurt Angle: Excuse me guys, but we’re running a little short on time, Mr. Bischoff would like you guys to wrap it up because believe it or not we’ve got a main event coming up.

Shawn Michaels: I couldn’t give a damn about what Mr. Bischoff thinks, so how about you take you sorry ass to the back huh?

Carlito: Yeah, let the Cabana finish man, that’s not cool. Shane Mcmahon said we had all the time in the…

Kurt Angle: Shane Mcmahon? Shane Mcmahon? That guy isn’t a real General Manager he’s just there cos he’s the boss’s son, Eric Bischoff worked his way to the top. Just like me when I won my Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin’ neck. So don’t talk to me abut Shane Mcmahon.

Shawn Michaels: Hey junior, I thought I’d dealt with you in 2005 but obviously I was wrong, you’re still a no good piece of….

Kurt Angle drops his microphone and attacks Shawn Michaels, HBK attempts to fight back but Angle keeps punching him, Carlito goes to the outside and slides into the ring with a steel chair, both of the other men are standing in the ring. Angle tries to bargain with Carlito and avoid being hit. Carlito makes a foul face to Kurt Angle but hands him the chair, Angle then hits Michaels with the chair before dropping it in the ring. Kurt Angle turns to Carlito looking surprised, they both smile and begin to laugh. Angle offers out his hand for a handshake which Carlito accepts, but then Carlito pushes Angle off the ropes and hits his Modified Swinging Neckbreaker on Angle, landing onto the chair *POP*. He pulls an apple from his pocket and takes a bite, the crowd goes crazy. He spits it onto Angle and yells, “Now dat’s cool!” He leaves up the ramp carrying the steel chair with him.

Joey Styles: Wow, Carlito certainly making his mark on Smackdown! I’d say he’s made the most impact tonight and he’s only been a part of Smackdown! for ten minutes.

Tazz: Damn right Styles, Smackdown! just got cool and it looks as though Carlito is heading for bigger and better things than ever before, are we talking main event?

Joey Styles: Well the kid has got the potential and the gift of the gab, let’s hope he uses them well. Anyway folks, up next is our main event, it’s Kurt Angle versus Kane in a Hardcore Rules Match.

Tazz: Looking forward to this, I just hope Angle can recover from what we’ve just seen quick enough.

Joey Styles: Oh I’m sure he will, he did win a Gold Medal with a broken neck, as he likes to remind us at every opportunity. Well, we’re going to have to go to a commercial, don’t go away folks our main event is next.


We come back to see the ring empty of The Cabana set. Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels are gone and the ring announcer is telling everyone the rules of the next match.

[Big Explosion] THE WONDER OF THE WORLD IS GONE-Kane’s music hits and he comes out to a big pop. He walks slowly down to the ring with his usual sadistic smile. He goes to the apron, grabs the top rope, pulls himself up and steps over it. He now walks to the centre of the ring and raises his arms, before dropping them again quickly causing the red flames to burst from the ring posts. The arena glows red as the audience gives Kane a big ovation.

MEDAL-Kurt Angle’s music plays and the arena fills with loud boos. He walks onto the stage with a bandage n his head where Carlito hit him. He has a microphone.

Kurt Angle: Carlito! Carlito! You better be ready because as soon as this match is over your ass is mine. And as for you Michaels, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, I’m coming for you too.

He drops the mic and adjusts his bandage before running down and sliding into the ring. He begins to brawl with Kane and the bell sounds.

Match 3: [Hardcore Rules] Kurt Angle vs Kane
The two men continue brawling in the ring but Angle gains the advantage, he begins punching Kane in the throat, Kane stumbles backwards but comes back with a huge uppercut, sending Angle back and forcing him to stumble over the top rope to the outside. Kane steps over the top rope and drops to ringside. He goes under the ring and pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. He then goes back and gets a trashcan, a steel chair and a fire extinguisher. He goes after Angle with the fire extinguisher, he turns the corner but Angle already has a trashcan lid, he runs and hits Kane in the face. Kane drops the fire extinguisher when he’s hit, it lands on Angle’s foot. Angle hops around ringside holding his toe. He then stops and changes his expression to a much more serious one, he grabs the fire extinguisher and sprays Kane in the face with it before throwing it away. Kane stumbles rubbing his eyes. Angle then rolls him into the ring. Angle follows and sets up the table. Kane is blinded by the foam. Angle now begins to punch Kane, who tries to retaliate by grabbing Angle but Angle just ducks out of the way, Kane can’t see Angle and Angle is now using this to his advantage. Angle grabs the steel chair and watches Kane turning looking for him, he laughs, shakes his head and nails Kane with the chair. Kane is knocked to the ground and Angle continues to hit him with the chair. Angle now steps away and pulls down the straps letting out a “whoo!” in the process. He grabs Kane’s ankle and puts him in the Ankle Lock, the blinded Kane scrambles around looking for the rope, then he stands up using his strength. Angle trips him though and locks his legs around Kane’s pulling on the ankle constantly. Shawn Michaels’ music plays throughout the arena and the crowd pops. Angle releases Kane’s ankle and stares up the ramp expecting Michaels, but instead Rey Mysterio comes down and gets into the ring. He brawls with Angle for a while but Angle knocks him down then beats him with the trashcan. Rey is now knocked out and Angle rolls him to the outside. While this is happening Shawn Michaels rolls into the opposite side of the ring to Angle. Angle turns around and receives a Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. This makes Angle spin and he turns into Kane, who’s now standing up, Kane grabs Angle by the throat and Chokeslams him through the table which had been set up from earlier. Kane then covers Angle. 1..2..3
Winner: Kane

Kane looks weak. The referee raises his hand in victory. Brock Lesnar runs to the ring and clotheslines Kane. Michaels runs at him but Lesnar picks up Michaels and put him onto his shoulders. He then goes to the ropes and F-5s Michaels to the outside. Kane is slowly getting up when Eric Bischoff runs to the ring and gets another table from beneath the ringskirt. Lesnar takes out Kane with another clothesline as Bischoff sets up the table. Lesnar picks up Kane and F-5s him through the table. Lesnar and Bischoff help Angle up and the three men begin to laugh. They stand in a line raising each other’s hands as if in victory.

We cut to the back to see Carlito and Batista lying motionless, covered in blood. There are pieces of broken set surrounding them. Paramedics are attempting to help them. We cut back to the ring to see the three men still standing there.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! What an unholy alliance! That must have been what Kurt Angle and Eric Bischoff were talking about in the GM's office earlier.

Tazz: Yeah, what can this mean for the future of Smackdown!?

Joey Styles: Only time will tell Tazz, only time will tell, the actions these three have performed tonight are despicable and I hope they get what’s coming to them. Sorry folks but that’s all we have time for. This is Joey Styles and Tazz until next time, goodnight.

The copyright logo appears and the screen fades to black.

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From IWF.com, Smackdown! superstar JBL has informed IWF officials that he has badly injured his right arm. The injury is believed to have been caused by fellow superstar Chris Benoit at Smackdown! just hours ago. Check back to see if this injury will keep JBL out of action and the details on how long if it does.

At a press conference immediatley after the Smackdown! event last night, Eric Bischoff and Shane Mcmahon announced that their next Pay Per View, No Way Out will take place on February 12th at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo New York. The Co-General Managers also announced three matches for the event. Eric Bischoff accepted the challenge of Rey Mysterio but said that he'd do it on "his own terms" making it into a tag match with Brock Lesnar and Eric Bischoff taking on Rey Mysterio and Batista. Also the finals of the Gold Hunt will take place at No Way Out. And finally, as long as they don't go to the finals of the Gold Hunt Carlito will face Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Street Fight.

Announced for this upcoming week's edition of Smackdown! MNM defend the IWF Tag Team Titles against the newest and meanest team in the company Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. Also Test and Rob Van Dam are the guests on Carlito's Cabana.

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Current No Way Out Card:

IWF Smackdown! Presents No Way Out
February 12th
HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York
Sponsered by Sony PSP

Carlito's debut on IWF Smackdown! was supposed to be his chance to leave a mark on IWF and on the premiere edition of his Cabana he did just that. His guest was "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels and all was going well until an egotistical Kurt Angle came out and destroyed Michaels. Carlito then proceeded to take out the former Olympic Gold Medalist. Can lightening strike twice for Carlito? Find out at No Way Out

Rey Mysterio came to IWF Smackdown! with one thing on his mind, revenge on his former boss Eric Bischoff, who humiliated Mysterio in the 1990s. Rey made the challenge and Bischoff accepted but what Rey didn't count on was Bischoff alligning himself with two of the IWF's most brutal superstars, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar made his first appearence in the company by attempting to take out former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, his first attempt failed but he accomplished his goal in the main event of the first Smackdown! Brock Lesnar and Eric Bischoff took out Mysterio and Batista on Smackdown! Can the former WWE Tag Champions get revenge? Check out No Way Out to see.

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Shane Mcmahon appeared on IWF Byte This! earlier this week during an interview between Jonathan Coachman and Raw's mScott D'amore. The Co-General Manager of Smackdown! announced two additional matches for No Way Out in February, as it will be Rob Van Dam taking on Shelton Benjamin for the Television Championship. Mcmahon also stated his intentions to liven up the tag team division by making a three team TLC match for No Way Out, it will be The Dudley Boyz vs MNM vs Triple X.
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