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Hey i wrote WWE: F-94 Style and i've decided to make a new Be the Booker as i am more experienced and will be able to produce great shows.

IWF Intro:

After Survivor Series 2005 Bret Hart decided that he was sick of the way WWE was being completely bias towards Triple H and the way WWE had went downhill since the collapse of WCW and ECW he then decided to create a new promotion called the IWF or International Wrestling Federation.

He decided that there would be one main show called IWF Sunday Night Chaos and a secondary show called IWF Friday Night TNT and all PPV’s will be on Saturdays.

He then came up with a PPV list:

January - King of the Ring
February - Saracade
March - The End of the Line (Main PPV)
April - AfterBurn
May - European Slam
June - Total Carnage
July - Warzone
August - Middle East Mayhem
September - Destruction Point
October - Overload Extreme
November - Vengeance
December - Christmas Chaos

He then decided that there will be five titles:

IWF Heavyweight Title
IWF Tag Team Titles
IWF Intercontinental Title
IWF Independent Title
IWF X Title

He then started to look for talent to add to the roster, here are some of the people he recruited:

Brock Lesner
- After Brock won the Battle against WWE in court he started to do a few appearances on the Indy circuit. But then as soon as Brock got wind of the IWF he contacted Bret Hart and got himself a 5 year deal.

Chris Jericho - After not receiving a push in the WWE for the past few years, Chris Jericho decided that enough was enough and when Hart rang and offered him a contract with IWF he was quick to say yes and sign a deal with IWF which would keep him there for 8 years.

Randy Orton - After Orton’s gimmick as a face was ruined by WWE he quickly wanted a heel turn but then as soon as he got it he was made to look pathetic by losing to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 21 and then being destroyed by then World Heavyweight Champion Batista two weeks later. He then was sidelined with a shoulder injury for a few months before returning only to lose to Kurt Angle at Survivor Series. He then was contacted by ‘The Hitman’ and after some hard thought Orton signed with the IWF for 3 years.

Christian - After Christian was drafted to Smackdown many people actually expected a push for Captain Charisma, but they were only to be proven wrong as Christian was once again pushed into a mid-card feud with Booker T. Then as IWF was formed Christian was one of the first to be signed by Bret in a 6 year deal.

Kane - After being stuck in Dead-End feuds for the last couple of years, Kane relished the opportunity at a new start and days after the IWF was formed Kane signed a deal keeping him in the IWF for the next 4 years.

John Cena - After losing the WWE Title less than two months after winning to JBL at Judgement Day, Cena was understandably annoyed but he kept his feelings to himself and was then put into useless feuds with Christian and The Dudleyz, then as IWF was formed Cena was the first to sign for the new company under a rolling contract.

AJ Styles - Just as AJ was about to sign with WWE, IWF came in with a last minute deal to clinch Styles under a 8 year deal.

Matt & Jeff Hardy - After the whole Lita & Edge incident Matt was released from WWE and as soon as he found out about the IWF he signed a 5 year deal. Then a few days later Bret was contacted by Jeff he then also signed a 5 year deal to reunite the Hardyz.

I will post the rest of the roster either in the next two hours or tomorrow.

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I'm probebly going to have a roster with about 40 superstars in it.

And the reason i started again is so i can explore new storylines and difernt GM's and Owners. I also wanted to only do on show a week so i can put more detail and concentracion into it.

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Here is the Full IWF Roster:

1. AJ Styles
2. Akio
3. Big Show
4. Billy Kidman
5. Bret Hart
6. Brock Lesner
7. Chris Benoit
8. Chris Jericho
9. Christian
10. Coach
11. Farooq
12. Garrison Cade
13. Jeff Hardy
14. John Cena
15. JR
16. Kane
17. Kenzo Suzuki
18. Mark Jindrak
19. Marty Jannetty
20. Matt Hardy
21. Mike Shane
22. Mordecai
23. Nunzio
24. Paul Heyman
25. Randy Orton
26. Ric Flair
27. Rob Conway
28. Sakoda
29. Shane Helms (The Hurricane)
30. Shannon Moore
31. Shawn Michaels
32. Spike Dudley
33. Steve Romero
34. Tajiri
35. Taka Michinoku
36. Test
37. Todd Grisham
38. Todd Shane
39. Tony Chimmel
40. William Regal

Owner/GM of Chaos - Bret Hart

Commitioner - Paul Heyman

Annoncers of Chaos - JR & The Coach

Interviewers - Todd Grisham, Steve Romero

Main Eventers:

• Big Show (H)
• Brock Lesner (H)
• Chris Benoit (F)
• Chris Jericho (F)
• Christian (H)
• John Cena (F)
• Kane (H)
• Randy Orton (H)
• Shawn Michaels (F)

Mid Carders:

• AJ Styles (F)
• Farooq (F)
• Kenzo Suzuki (H)
• Marty Jannetty (F)
• Mordecai (H)
• Ric Flair (F)
• Rob Conway (H)
• Test (H)
• William Regal (H)


• Akio (H)
• Billy Kidman (F)
• Nunzio (F)
• Sakoda (H)
• Shane Helms (H)
• Shannon Moore (F)
• Spike Dudley (H)
• Tajiri (F)
• Taka Michinoku (F)

Tag Teams:

• Akio & Sakoda (H)
• Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak (H)
• The Hardyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) (Also CW Title Contenders) (F)
• The Shane Twins (Todd & Mike Shane) (F)


Team Japan - Kenzo Suzuki, Tajiri, Taka Michinoku, Akio, Sakoda (H)


In Other News:

• The X Title has been renamed the Cruiserweight Title.
• WWE has announced that they are combining their rosters and moving Raw to Tuesday Nights and will no longer be having Smackdown as a result of IWF signing some of their superstars.
• And IWF have signed a deal with UPN for the next 2 years and the first Sunday Night Chaos will be on UPN this Sunday at 8pm/et 5pm/pt!

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Sunday Night Chaos! Preview.

This week on Chaos:

  • Bret Hart Returns!
  • Some Huge announcements!
  • The Hardyz Vs Cade & Jindrak Vs Akio & Sakoda - IWF Tag Titles!
Plus More!

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I'm about 3/4 of my way threw Chaos so it will probebly be up on Saturday!

So far i think it's going pretty well you realy not going to believe the announcenment!
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