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IWA's first "real" show

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The arena is silent as IWA starts off its show in Providence, Rhode Island. Fireworks blast off from the top of the ramp as the cameras go around the arena. The arena is cheering and holding up their signs. The crowd is still cheering as we go to the commentators.

Jesse Ventura: Lets start our first Tuesday Thunderstruck!

Gene Okerlund: The crowd here in Providence is jam-packed and ready to start. So lets go straight to the ring and start our first match, Rey Mysterio against Hurricane against Jerry Lynn!

The crowd is going insane as “619” blasts throughout the arena. Rey Mysterio pops out and flies from the top of the ramp. He then runs down the ramp while slapping fans hands. He rolls into the ring and he goes on the top rope and does a prayer sign. Then suddenly “Stand Back, There’s a Hurricane” blasts throughout the arena. The arena goes crazy as Hurricane walks out. He walks down the ramp and looks at Rey Mysterio. He does his Hurricane taunt before putting his cape on the turnbuckle. He then waits for Lynn! It is then that “All My Life” blasts throughout the arena. The arena boos as Jerry Lynn walks out. He runs down the ramp and rolls into the ring and hits Hurricane from behind!

The bell rings and Jerry Lynn continues to punch and kick Hurricane. Rey Mysterio climbs to the top rope and he leaps at Lynn. He cross bodies Lynn. Rey gets up and runs at Hurricane. He hits Hurricane with a hurricanranna!

Jesse Ventura: Ouch!

Rey Mysterio then goes back to Lynn and kicks him and then throws him off the ropes. Lynn bounces back and Rey jumps up and goes for a hurricanranna but Lynn reverses it into a huge Snap Powerbomb!

Gene Okerlund: What a reversal by Jerry Lynn!

Hurricane is on the top rope now and Lynn runs at him and then leaps to the top rope at Hurricane. Hurricane is surprised by this and leaps off over Lynn. Hurricane falls to his knees. Rey runs to Lynn and uses Hurricane as a spring board and delivers a huge “Frankensteiner” to Lynn! Hurricane then signals for his Chokeslam. Rey turns around and right into the “Hurri-Chokeslam” from the Hurricane. Hurricane pins him. 1...2... Kickout by Rey! Hurricane looks surprised and runs over to Lynn. He pins Lynn. 1...2... Kickout by Lynn!

Gene Okerlund: Don’t get mad Hurricane. You got the win!

Hurricane gets upset and he picks up Rey. He goes for another Chokeslam but while he has Rey in the air, Rey reverses it into a big bulldog. Rey then picks up Lynn and pulls him over to the ropes and he climbs the turnbuckle. He hits Lynn with a Tornado DDT! Lynn flies over to the ropes. Rey calls for the “619!” Rey delivers the “619” to Lynn! Lynn falls to the ground as Rey calls for another big move. Hurricane though crawls over to Lynn and pins him! Rey climbs the ropes as the ref counts 1...2... Rey saves Lynn but hit’s a big leg drop from the top rope to Hurricane!

Gene Okerlund: Hurricane tried to steal one!

Jesse Ventura: He sure did, Mene Gene!

Rey picks up Lynn and gives Lynn his own “Cradle DDT!” He then climbs to the ropes and does the 450 Splash and covers Lynn! 1...2...3!

The bell rings as the ref raises Rey Mysterio’s hand!

Jesse Ventura: What a way to start off Tuesday Thunderstruck. We will be back after a short commercial break!

A short commercial break is taken! When IWA comes back from a commercial break, the announcers are talking when suddenly the arena erupts with boos as “Time To Play The Game” blasts throughout the arena. The arena boos as they chant “HHH Sucks!” He walks out with Ric Flair behind him. He pours water on his hair and drinks some before throwing it into the crowd. He walks down the ramp. He gets to the steps and walks up them and he steps across the apron as Flair does the same. HHH walks to the center of the apron and spits as the crowd boos and the lights come back on. HHH steps into the ring and Flair gives him a microphone. HHH starts to talk as the crowd settles to silence!

HHH: I didn’t think you people knew how to shut your big mouths. HHH came to the IWA for one thing: To win the World Title! Now, their will be a tournament for the title this Sunday. It involves every big name in the wrestling business except for me, HHH! I am in the Intercontinental Title! I have to face world title wannabes like Rob Van Dam, Rhyno and others. Vince Russo and Bischoff and McMahon obviously don‘t take me seriously!

The crowd loses it and start to chant “HHH Sucks” once more! HHH is furious as he steps around the ring like a child!

HHH: I will let that slide. Tonight, I get a match against Big Show! This guy is over 500 pounds and is called “The World’s Strongest Man!” Was that for weightlifting or for body odor?

Some fans laugh!

Jesse Ventura: That was pretty good, Mene Gene!

HHH: Well, Big Show, you better hope one of your fat friends is going to help you because I will mercilessly leave you in the center of the ring out cold. Your game Time Is Over!

The arena cheers as “Can You Dig It Sucka” can be heard over the p.a. system. The crowd erupts with cheers as out walks Booker T! He holds a mic in his right hand and he looks at HHH! He starts to talk!

Booker T: I got a catchphrase that goes a little somethin like this: “Don’t Hate Da Playa, Hate Da Game!” Well, Cerebral Ass, let me tell you that that catchphrase meant don’t hate me, hate the man who told me to do it! But now it means hate HHH! HHH, I beat you at the drafting show for IWA and come the world title tourney… I will make sure I win that and rub dat title right in your gigantic nosed face! HHH, you better just hope you leave this arena with your pride because I got a big surprise for you tonight!

The arena cheers as “Can You Dig It Sucka” blasts throughout the arena. The arena cheers as Booker T walks through the curtains and the announcers talk!

Gene Okerlund: That wasn’t planned but lets go to what was. Our second match, New Age Outlaws against Edge and Christian!

The arena cheers as “Oh You Didn’t Know” blasts throughout the arena. The arena cheers as Jesse James and Billy Gunn walk out. They walk down the ramp as Road Dogg rolls into the ring and so does Billy Gunn! Road Dogg talks as the music stops!

Jesse James: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, Degeneration-X proudly brings to you… ::points to Billy Gunn:: …The Badass, Billy Gunn… ::points to himself:: …The Road Dogg, Jesse James, THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!

Billy Gunn: If you got a problem with that, I got two words for ya… SUCK IT!

The arena goes crazy as Billy Gunn throws down the mic. Then “You Think You Know Me” blasts throughout the arena. Out walks Edge and Christian. They walk to the ring and roll in. They then grab the mic that Gunn dropped. Edge talks.

Edge: We have something special planned for you people tonight. We will let you take a portrait but you will only have five seconds.

They pose to the middle, then left, then behind, and finally to the right. The bell rings as Road Dogg charges at Edge! Edge gets hit by a clothesline. Road Dogg pick him up and throws him into the turnbuckle. He runs after and tags Billy Gunn! Gunn comes in and they hit Edge for a while. Dogg leaves and Gunn climbs the turnbuckle and hits Edge with right hands. The crowd counts along. Edge then falls to the ground and Billy lets go and stops punching him. Christian runs in and hits Gunn with a drop kick as he falls out of the ring. Edge crawls over to Christian! He tags Christian as he runs in. he runs to the ropes and flies over them landing right on Billy Gunn!

Jesse Ventura: That is what I call dare devilish move!

Christian then rolls into the ring after rolling Gunn in. He throws Gunn to the ropes and when Gunn comes back, Christian delivers a huge power slam! Gunn rolls out of the ring once again. Christian doesn’t follow though! Gunn rolls back and Christian kicks him on the back as he repeatedly kicks him! Christian picks him up and hit’s a backwards DDT! He then goes to Edge and tags Edge! Edge gets ready as he pumps himself up! Billy Gunn gets up and Edge delivers a huge “Spear” to Billy Gunn! Edge then locks in the “Edgeucator” to Billy Gunn! Billy yells for help as Edge yells trying to inflict more pain. Road Dogg runs in and clotheslines Edge! Edge falls to the ground and Road Dogg pulls Billy Gunn to his side! He then steps out, tags Gunn, and gets back in! Road Dogg then hits his “Shimmy Shimmy Leg Drop” and covers Edge! 1...2... Broken up by Christian!

Gene Okerlund: What a save by Christian!

Road Dogg picks up Edge once more and goes for the “Pump Handle Slam” to Edge! Edge reverses it and he gets to the ground and bounces off the ropes and nails Road Dogg with another “Spear!” He then runs at Billy Gunn and hits him as Christian gets in! Edge covers Billy Gunn! 1...2...

Suddenly before the three is counted “Degeneration-X” blasts throughout the arena! Edge looks to the ramp! Suddenly the music stops.

Edge looks confused as Billy Gunn rolls in and throws Christian out. Road Dogg grabs Edge and hit’s the “Pump Handle Slam!” Then Road Dogg covers Edge! 1...2...3!

They both roll out of the ring as the ref raises their hands.

Gene Okerlund: That was a great match! But now we have an interview ready with The Macho Man, Randy Savage!

Jesse Ventura: You better believe it Meno! Macho Man is here in IWA! I can’t believe it, Meno! It has been so long!

The titan tron lights up as Macho man is standing their. You see him throwing an announcer out of the picture and then look at the camera!

Macho Man, Randy Savage: I am sorry you had to see that! That announcer tried to ask me questions and he and the rest of the world know that I never get asked questions but I talk to you people mono e mono! ::Cheers:: Yeah, well shut the hell up because I am not here to impress any of you people! I left for WCW… ::Boos:: … and you booed me so I came back to WWE and you booed me. So I came here to IWA and you cheer me?! Why? You booed me when I left to WCW and when I came back to WWE but now you decide you like the Macho man again? Well, Macho Man just wants to tell you pathetic scum that you are worth about a dime of respect! You are worth nothing and you don’t mean a thing to me. ::Boos:: Shut up, I have an announcement to make. As much as HHH hates that he is in the Intercontinental Tournament, I love it! Yes, The Macho Man is in the Intercontinental Tournament and I am going to win it. The Game isn’t going to stand in my way because Macho Man is in the best condition of his life. So this is my warning to all involved in the I.C. Tournament… get out of my way before I throw you out of my path!

The crowd boos as Macho Man walks out of the picture and a short commercial break is taken!

When IWA comes back the arena boos as “Sirens” plays over the p.a. system. Out walks Scott Steiner surprised he is being booed. He walks down the ramp and he gives the fans middle fingers in return for booing him. Scott Steiner rolls in and signals for a mic.

Scott Steiner: Freakzilla is being booed. Macho Man is right. You people are scum. But I came here to talk about HHH! He is talking about how he won’t be in the World Title Tournament. Well, Big Poppa Pump is!

The arena cheers as “Can’t Stop” plays over the p.a. system. Sting walks out as the crowd cheers him! He has a mic and he starts to talk.

Sting: Steiner, don’t worry about the crowd. Worry about me because tonight… it is official. Steiner vs. Sting tonight. In fact, it is right now.

The arena cheers as Sting runs down to the ring. He is met by an elbow drop. He gets right up though and Steiner nails him with a clothesline. Sting gets up and runs to Steiner. Steiner garbs him and nails an overhead belly to belly suplex. Sting gets up after a second or two and Steiner is surprised. Steiner runs and hits him with a shoulder block. Steiner gets right on him and nails right hands. Steiner picks him up and Snap Powerbombs Sting! 1...2... kickout by Sting!

Gene Okerlund: That was close!

Jesse Ventura: It sure was, Meno!

Sting rolls out of the ring and is surprised Steiner is in such great shape. Steiner does push ups in the ring while he waits! Sting rolls in and chop blocks Steiner’s leg. Sting starts kicking Steiner’s leg. Sting grabs his leg and drags him to the middle of the ring. He then locks in the “Scorpion Death Lock” to Scott Steiner. Steiner pulls himself to the ropes and grabs them. He then rolls out of the ring as Sting waits inside!

Gene Okerlund: That was close!

The arena cheers as Sting screams to them. Scott Steiner rolls in and Sting throws him into the turnbuckle. He runs at him and delivers a “Scorpion Splash!” Sting then runs to the other side and runs back at Steiner. Steiner steps up and grabs Sting. He goes for an overhead belly to belly but Sting somehow gets loose and hit’s the “Scorpion Death Drop!” He pins Steiner. 1...2...3!

Sting rolls out of the ring and he holds his head as the ref raises his arm and the announcers talk!

Jesse Ventura: What a match! That was great!

Gene Okerlund: Our next match is our final. It will be HHH against the Big Show! Booker T said he will give HHH a surprise he never would have expected.

The arena boos as “Time To Play The Game” blasts throughout the arena. The arena boos as they chant “HHH Sucks!” He walks out with Ric Flair behind him. He pours water on his hair and drinks some before throwing it into the crowd. He walks down the ramp. He gets to the steps and walks up them and he steps across the apron as Flair does the same. HHH walks to the center of the apron and spits as the crowd boos and the lights come back on. HHH waits for Big Show! Suddenly “N.W.O. Theme” over the p.a. Out walks the Big Show as the crowd surprisingly cheers for him. He walks down the ramp and he walks up the steps. He steps over the top rope and into the ring.

The bell rings as HHH runs at Big Show. He hits Big Show with right hands. Big Show is unaffected and clotheslines HHH! HHH gets right up and in the face of Big Show! Big Show grabs his throat and signals for the “Showstopper!” HHH wisely kicks Big Show in the balls as Big Show falls to a knee. HHH grabs Big Show and sets him up for the “Pedigree!” Big Show grabs his legs, however, and he hit’s a huge powerbomb! Big Show waits for HHH to get up. He does and Big Show picks him up and delivers a drop suplex. He then steps on HHH’s back as HHH screams in pain. Big Show lifts him up and he picks him up but HHH jumps down. HHH low blows him!

Jesse Ventura: What a smart move by HHH!

HHH takes advantage and he rolls out of the ring. He grabs a chair and rolls in. The ref takes it away and warns HHH of disqualification! Flair gets on the apron and the ref goes to him. HHH takes the chair and he smacks it repeatedly over Big Show’s head! He then puts the chair on the ground and sets Big Show up for the “Pedigree!”

The crowd boos. Suddenly, the lights go out. When they come on. The chair is off the mat and in the hands of Chyna! Chyna hits HHH outside the head as he falls to the ground! He falls right into the right hand of Big Show! Big Show gets up and delivers a huge “Showstopper” to HHH! He pins HHH! 1...2...3!

Big Show embraces Chyna as they raise their hands. Then “Can You Dig It Sucka” blasts throughout the arena as the ref raises Big Show’s hand!

Booker T walks out and he walks to the top of the ramp. He has a mic and he starts to talk.

Booker T: What a surprise, huh? You wouldn’t think that Chyna would come back and screw you over, did you? Well, CAN YOU DIG THAT, SUCKA!?

Gene Okerlund: Booker T got HHH! Booker T fulfilled his promise!

Jesse Ventura: Remember Booker T for being a jokester because when HHH is through with him, he will be a nobody!

Gene Okerlund: That is our first ever Tuesday Night Thunderstruck. We will be back on Friday Night Fights! Goodnight and goodbye!

The arena cheers as the IWA logo appears on the screen and the show comes to an end!

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