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The arena is silent as IWA comes to a start. The arena cheers as fireworks blast from the top of the ramp and the titan tron. The cameras go around the arena. Suddenly before the announcers can welcome us to the show. Suddenly, “I’m Back” blasts throughout the arena. Eric Bischoff walks out. He walks down the ramp and he walks up the steps into the ring. He then grabs a mic and he starts to talk.

Eric Bischoff: Yes, everyone’s favorite General manager is here tonight. I want to tell you what exactly I have in store for you people tonight. Tonight, in our first bout, it will be none other than Team Angle against the Dudleyz in a Table Match! ::Cheers:: Yes, I knew you people would like that. In the second match, it will be Kidman against Psychosis for the Cruiserweight Championship! ::Cheers:: In our third match-up, it will be Kurt Angle against Ken Shamrock against Bret “The Hitman” Hart in an Ultimate Submission Match! In our fourth match, I will have a battle royal for Friday Night Fights T.V. Title! Then, our final match will be while worth the wait. It will have The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, RVD, and Mike Awesome in a Battle Royal For the IWA Friday Night Fury World Title! ::Huge Pop:: Thank you for your time and lets start the first ever Friday Night Fury!

The screen goes to the introduction of Friday Night Fury and then Gene Okerlund and Jesse Ventura talk.

Jesse Ventura: Wow, he has a quicker approach to the titles than Bichoff does.

Gene Okerlund: He sure does, Jesse! But these matches seem like they will rock the roof off this place. Lets go right to our first match, Team Angle against The Dudley Boyz in a Table Match!

Jesse Ventura: Lets go, Meno!

The arena erupts with boos as “I Don’t Suck” plays over the p.a. system. The crowd boos as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin walk out wearing their robe like clothes. They walk to the ring and roll in. They take off the robe like clothing and wait for the Dudleyz! Suddenly “We’re Comin Down” hits as a large firework goes to the ramp. Out walks D-Von but Bubba is no where to be seen. D-Von walks down the ramp and the bell rings.

Jesse Ventura; Where is Bubba?

Suddenly, as Haas goes to meet D-Von, Bubba comes running through the crowd and rolls into the ring. Bubba hits Benjamin in the back of the neck as he falls. Bubba repeatedly hits him with right hands as the crowd cheers.

Gene Okerlund: There he is, Jesse!

Bubba then picks him up and throws him off the ropes. When Shelton comes back Bubba throws him into the air and gives him a version of the “Bubba Cutter!” The crowd goes insane as Bubba gets some wood. D-Von is hitting Haas outside the ring with right and left hands. He then throws Haas into the steels steps and rolls into the ring with Bubba! The crowd starts chanting “We want tables!” The crowd gets their wish as Bubba gives the table to D-Von. D-Von sets it up and grabs Benjamin. Benjamin tries to fight back but D-Von throws him into the ropes and calls for the “3-D!” The crowd chants “3-D” as Bubba bounces off the ropes to hits Benjamin with the move. However, Haas grabs Bubba’s leg which causes Bubba to fall flat on his face and Benjamin reverses the toss and garbs D-Von by the back. He runs to the ropes but D-Von grabs the ropes and Benjamin rolls backwards. D-Von runs at Benjamin and Benjamin yells “2-D!” The crowd doesn’t know what the heck they are going to do but Haas bounces off the ropes and Benjamin throws D-Von into the air and they execute a great “3-D” to D-Von!

Jesse Ventura: D-Von has gone through a table!

D-Von has gone through the table!
Bubba sees the carnage and elbows the head of Haas. Shelton come ands helps Haas! He kicks Bubba and then “Super Kicks” Bubba right in the face. Haas rolls out of the ring and he grabs a table. He puts it in and Benjamin sets it up in the corner! Bubba gets up and gets thrown to the corner by Benjamin. He hit’s the table but the table doesn’t break. Benjamin runs as fast as he can at the table but Bubba moves at the last second. BENJAMIN GOES CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE! The crowd is now going insane as Bubba charges at Haas. Haas grabs him and uses Bubba’s own momentum to through him into the steel post. Bubba holds his shoulder as Haas goes and gets another table. Haas gets a table and rolls it in. he then gets a second so there are two tables in the ring. He puts the two right on top of each other! He sets Bubba right on top! He climbs the ropes and looks as though he is going to try a MOONSAULT right on to Bubba! Haas gets on the ropes and is about to jump when everyone sees D-Von is on the other side. D-Von leaps and then Haas does! D-Von crashes through the table right on to Bubba and then Haas lands right on top of D-Von! The crowd chants “Holy Sh*T!” Bubba is out cold as is D-Von and Haas!

Gene Okerlund: D-Von just sacrificed himself and Bubba just to save the match up.

The crowd is still chanting when Shelton Benjamin picks up Bubba. He throws Bubba to the outside. He grabs a table and a ladder from underneath the ring. He then sets up the table with the ladder right next to it. He sets Bubba on the table and climbs the ladder!

Jesse Ventura: hasn’t he learned not to do that kind of stunt?

He climbs the ladder and when he reaches the top, he kisses his elbow and aims for Bubba. The ladder starts to shake, though, and Shelton falls into the ring. D-Von rolls out and he sets up another table next to Bubba. By now, Shelton is back on the ladder and is setting up for the move again. He about to jump when D-Von rolls in and pushes the ladder which sends Shelton flying into the table next to Bubba but the ladder he was on collapsed right on to Bubba!

Shelton Benjamin has gone through the table!​
The crowd is so hyped by now that they don’t see someone running through the crowd. It is Kurt Angle!

Jesse Ventura; what is he doing here? He already is booked in two matches. He should worry about them, not this one!

Kurt grabs a table from the side of the ring and rolls into the ring. He sets up the table and grabs D-Von who is still looking at the carnage. Kurt grabs D-Von from behind and “Angle Slams” D-Von! He then rolls out and he grabs Bubba who is still on the table. He hits him with left hands. He holds him down as Haas gets up. Haas moves the table so it is by the ropes making it look like steps. Haas runs off the ropes, jumps on to the table, then to the ropes, and then right on to Bubba Ray Dudley!
Bubba Ray Dudley has gone through the table!​


Angle helps Haas and Benjamin get up the ramp. The ref raises their hands and the cheer cheers them for giving them a great match!

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know what to say!

Gene Okerlund: I do, that was complete and total carnage! What a great way to start of the first ever Friday Night Fury!

Jesse Ventura: It sure was but we also have more great matches planned for you.

The titan tron lights up and Kurt Angle is seen with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. They are talking and Kurt pats them on the back for winning their match.

Kurt Angle: Great match you guys. You are really progressing quickly. The way you are tearing through the ranks, you will be the Friday Night Fury Tag Team Champions in a matter of weeks.
Shelton Benjamin: Thanks, Kurt. Now, all we have to do is repay you for the help in your match with Shamrock and Bret Hart!

Charlie Haas: Yeah, Kurt. We definitely will have your back, man!


The titan tron fades to black as “Kidman’s Music” plays over the p.a. system. He runs down to the ring and rolls in. he jumps on to a turnbuckle and he signals for the crowd. The crowd cheers as Kidman jumps down. He then waits for Psychosis. Then “Ashes to Ashes” blasts throughout the arena. The arena has mixed reactions as Psychosis walks out. He walks down the ramp and he rolls in. He looks at Kidman!

The bell rings and Kidman grabs Psychosis. Psychosis gets stuck in a head lock but bounces Kidman off the ropes. Kidman flies back and knocks Psychosis over. Psychosis looks at Kidman as Kidman runs off the ropes, Psychosis ducks, and Kidman comes flying back. Psychosis leap and Kidman goes under his legs. Psychosis goes to leap again but when he does, Kidman stops and dropkicks him!

Gene Okerlund: Smart move by Kidman!

Kidman picks up Psychosis and ahs him in a powerbomb position. He pulls Psychosis up and goes for the powerbomb but Psychosis reverses it and sits on Kidman’s shoulders. Psychosis then rolls off and nails a huge tornado DDT! Psychosis sees Kidman is in the middle of the ring and so he climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps over and nails a MOONSAULT. He covers Kidman! 1...2... kickout by Kidman! Psychosis picks him up! He goes close to the ropes and he grabs Kidman in a belly to back suplex type grip. He bounces Kidman off the ropes and hit’s a very hard belly to back suplex. Kidman seems hurt as he rolls out of the ring. Psychosis looks at Kidman and runs to the ropes. He flies over them and lands right on Kidman. They both lay on the ground as the ref starts the ten count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Psychosis is up and he rolls into the ring. Kidman gets up and he rolls in. Psychosis runs at Kidman and leaps and executes a nice hurricanranna. He holds on to Kidman’s legs after the move and pins him. 1...2... kickout by Kidman!

Jesse Ventura: That was close, Meno!

Kidman rolls to the ropes and uses them to get up. Psychosis once more runs at Kidman. Kidman falls to the ground and holds the ropes down and Psychosis flies right over them! Kidman grabs the ropes and uses them to fly into the air. He does a corkscrew and lands on Psychosis’s head!

Gene Okerlund: That has got to hurt, Jesse!

Kidman picks up Psychosis and throws him into the ring. By now the crowd is going crazy with cheers! Kidman throws Psychosis into the corner. Kidman follows and he puts Psychosis on the top of the turnbuckle. He then climbs and delivers a huge frankensteiner to Psychosis! Kidman pins Psychosis. 1...2... kickout by Psychosis! Kidman seems frustrated and he picks up Psychosis! He hits Psychosis with his
“Powerbomb to Face Crusher!” The crowd goes insane as Kidman drags Psychosis to the ropes. Kidman jumps to the top of the turnbuckle and he executes a perfect “Shooting Star Press” right on to Psychosis! Kidman pins Psychosis! 1...2...3!

The crowd goes insane as Kidman holds his head and the ref raises his arm.

Jesse Ventura: What a great match! These two really battled for that Cruiserweight Title but Kidman was just too powerful at the end.

Gene Okerlund: You got that right, Jess! He really put his heart in that match for that title. We have to take a quick break but we will be right back!

The crowd is going insane as IWA returns from its commercial.


The arena boos as “I Don’t Suck” plays over the p.a. system. He walks out and he walks about three steps out. He reaches the top of the ramp and throws his arms up as fireworks blast out from the ramp. The crowd starts to chant “You Suck” but Kurt ignores them. He then rolls into the ring. He waits as “Dangerous Man” blasts throughout the arena. The arena cheers as Ken Shamrock walks out. He walks down the ramp. He walks up the steps and he pounds on his head and then yells as he looks up. He then walks across the apron and he waits for Bret Hart. It is then that “Hitman” plays throughout the arena. Some of the crowd boo but still some cheer. Bret walks out and he walks up the steps. He then walks across the apron and into the ring. He looks at the crowd as if saying “What did I do” and he puts his jacket on the ground.

The bell sounds as Bret watches Kurt run at Ken Shamrock. Kurt nails him with a shoulder drop right into an arm wrench. Bret hart kicks Kurt and then throws Kurt over the top rope. Bret then kicks Shamrock in the leg. He drags Shamrock over to the ropes and puts his leg on the bottom rope. Bret jumps into the air and lands right on Ken’s leg. Shamrock screams as he holds his leg. Bret pulls him to the middle and locks in the “Sharpshooter!” Ken Shamrock is about to tap when Kurt Angle pulls Bret off.

Gene Okerlund: What a save by Kurt Angle!

Kurt then grabs Shamrock and lifts him up and delivers a huge German suplex. Bret grabs Kurt and grabs his legs and locks in the “Sharpshooter!” Kurt Angle drags himself and Bret Hart. He reaches the ropes and Bret Hart is forced to let go of the hold. Bret Hart gets off and rolls to the outside by Shamrock. He starts kicking and punching Shamrock when Chris Benoit runs out! Chris Benoit runs down and rolls into the ring. He then grabs Kurt Angle and locks in the “Crippler Crossface!” Kurt Angle taps from the pain but the ref doesn’t see Benoit and doesn’t do anything. Chris Benoit holds in the move until Bret Hart sees him. Benoit lets go and rolls out as Bret Hart rolls in. Bret Hart looks at Kurt Angle as he laughs. Ken Shamrock rolls in and he stalks Bret Hart as Bret Hart walks around Angle. Ken Shamrock then chop locks Bret Hart and locks in the “Ankle Lock!” Bret Hart squeals like a pig. Shamrock holds it in as Kurt Angle gets up holding his shoulder. He kicks Shamrock.

Jesse Ventura: Angle won’t be able to lock in the Angle Lock if his shoulder is hurt, Meno!

Kurt grabs Bret hart and goes for the Angle Lock but he can’t because of his shoulder. He gets up and turns around to get a snap suplex from Shamrock. Shamrock then grabs Bret Hart and relocks in the “Ankle Lock!” Bret drags himself close to the ropes but Shamrock pulls him back to the center. Shamrock then yells as he twists the ankle sideways. Bret Hart taps out from the pain.

Gene Okerlund: What a win for Ken Shamrock.

The crowd goes insane as Ken Shamrock gets his arm raised and the bell rings.


Gene Okerlund: That was a great match?

Jesse Ventura: Why did Chris Benoit interfere though?

Gene Okerlund: I don’t know, but lets start this royal rumble for the T.V. Title!

The titan tron lights up and Chris Benoit is seen talking to Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Did you do it?

Chris Benoit: Yeah, where is my five bucks?

Chris Jericho: Right here, man. The rabid wolverine is turning into the gambling gazelle.

Chris Benoit: Just remember our deal. Five bucks and if we are the last two, I get it.

Chris Jericho: Yeah, I remember.

T.V. Title Royal Rumble (Benoit, Jericho, Batista, Ken Shamrock, Mark Henry, A-Train, Goldberg, Rikishi)

The titan tron fades. Then suddenly “Three Minute Warning” plays over the p.a. system. Benoit, Jericho and Batista walk out. They wait in corners as
“Dangerous Man” blasts throughout the arena. The arena cheers as Ken Shamrock walks out. He waits outside the ring as “Bad Man” plays over the p.a. system. Rikishi walks out and the crowd boos. Rikishi walks over to Shamrock and then by passes him and steps into the ring. Then “World’s Strongest Man” blasts throughout the arena. The crowd cheers as Mark Henry walks out. He walks down the ramp and the crowd cheers as he stands by Shamrock. Then “Train” plays over the p.a. system as the crowd boos. The crowd chants “Shave Your back” as A-Train walks out. The crowd continues to boo as a
“Goldberg” plays over the p.a. The crowd chants “Goldberg!” He walks out through fireworks and runs down the ramp. He then rolls into the ring.

The bell sounds and Goldberg starts to hit Batista as everyone rolls in. Goldberg continues right and lefts on Batista as Benoit and Shamrock go at it. Benoit hits Shamrock with hard slaps. Shamrock gets to the ropes and Benoit runs at Shamrock. Shamrock sticks out his leg and hits Benoit in the gut. He then tries to get Benoit over the top rope with the help of Mark Henry but Benoit holds on to the ropes. Jericho runs over to help Benoit. Jericho hits Mark Henry and then throws him off the ropes. When Henry bounces back, Jericho kicks him in the gut and puts him in the ”Walls of Jericho!” Mark Henry is about to tap and he starts to tap but that doesn’t disqualify him so Y2J holds it in. He is holdings it in when Goldberg lets go of Batista and runs at Y2J! He “Spears” Jericho and Jericho flies out of the hold. Goldberg then picks up Jericho and “Jackhammers” him over the top rope.

Chris Jericho is eliminated

Gene Okerlund: Jericho is gone!

Goldberg looks at what he did and Batista runs at him and clotheslines him at the back of the head. Rikishi grabs A-Train and continues to try and throw him over the top rope. Rikishi then lets go and runs to the opposite corner. A-Train gets his balance and then gets nailed as Rikishi runs in and squashes him with his butt. A-Train falls and Rikishi sees this. Rikishi gives a “Stink Face!” The crowd cheers as Rikishi picks him up and throws him over the top rope with ease.

A-Train is eliminated

Mark Henry finally is up and he helps Ken Shamrock with Benoit and Rikishi helps Goldberg take out Batista. Goldberg signals for Rikishi to run and hit him with his butt. Rikishi does it but Batista throws Goldberg into the way and Rikishi nails Goldberg! Batista then runs at Rikishi and delivers a huge “Sit Down Powerbomb” to Rikishi! Rikishi bounces off the mat and then rolls to the corner.

Jesse Ventura: What a move by Batista!

Batista takes no time in picking him up and throwing him over the top rope!

Rikishi is eliminated

Goldberg runs at Batista and “Spears” Batista. Mark Henry saw this and he runs at Goldberg! Henry shoulder blocks him. He then jumps on to him. Henry picks up Goldberg and Batista gets up. Batista helps him. Benoit gets back to his feet off the ropes and he slams Shamrock. He gives Shamrock “Three Germans”! Shamrock lies on the mat holding his head. He rolls out of the ring and continues to hold his head and neck.

Gene Okerlund: Shamrock is hurt, Jesse!

Jesse Ventura: Yes, he is Meno!

Benoit looks at Ken Shamrock. He then goes to help Mark Henry and Batista dispose of Goldberg! With all three of them trying to get Goldberg over, they do it. Goldberg falls to the outside as they clap their hands and cheer.

Goldberg is eliminated​

Mark Henry turns his back and Benoit runs at him. Henry knew Benoit would do this and turns around just in time to see Benoit. Henry grabs Benoit’s head and using his momentum throws Benoit over the top rope.

Chris Benoit is eliminated​

Batista than pushes Mark Henry right over the top rope and then throws his arms up in victory.

Mark Henry is eliminated​

Ken Shamrock rolls back in and looks fine.

Gene Okerlund: He was faking it, Jesse!

Jesse Ventura: That is one smart man!

Shamrock rolls in and then he grabs Batista’s head and throws him over the top rope.

Batista is eliminated​

The bell rings! Ken Shamrock drops to his knees from exhaustion as the ref rolls in and he holds the t.v. title. He presents it to Shamrock. Shamrock lifts it up in the air.


Gene Okerlund: What a day ken Shamrock ahs had today!

Jesse Ventura: he played possum and he won it for that one reason.

A short commercial break is taken. When IWA comes back. The members of the World Title Royal Rumble are all in the ring. They are about to start when the titan tron lights up.

Eric Bischoff: The way this match works is that two wrestlers will fight until one person throws the other over the top rope. Thanks.

The titan tron fades as the crowd boos at this newly stated fact.

World Title Royal Rumble (The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, RVD, and Mike Awesome)​

The arena goes insane as the bell rings. The first two get in. It is decided by the spotlights shining on two wrestlers. The first two are Mike Awesome and RVD! Rvd kicks Mike Awesome in the stomach. He then does the splits and hits him in the face. RVD bounces off the ropes and goes for “Rolling Thunder” but after the roll, Mike Awesome puts up his knees and RVD lands right on them. Mike Awesome gets up and so does RVD. Awesome kicks RVD in the gut. He sets him up for the “Awesome Bomb” but RVD reverses it into a back drop. RVD bounces off the ropes and does a cartwheel into a backflip right on to Awesome’s stomach. RVD picks up Awesome and hits him with three right hands and then bounces Awesome off the ropes. And he then jumps over Awesome and then leap frogs him into the middle of the ring. Awesome is down and out. RVD runs to the turnbuckle and then hit’s a “Five Star Frog Splash” on to Mike Awesome. He then picks up Awesome and throws him over the top rope.

Mike Awesome is eliminated​

Gene Okerlund: Wow, he got rid of Awesome quick. Who’s next for RVD?

The crowd cheers as the lights go out and the spotlights shine down on the next wrestler to face RVD! It is Kurt Angle. Angle rolls in and runs at RVD. RVD kicks him in the shoulder that Benoit worked on early. Kurt Angle holds it in pain. RVD grabs his head and goes to throw him but Kurt grabs his leg and reverses it into a version of the “Angle Slam” over the top rope.

RVD is eliminated​

The next opponent who face Kurt Angle is Bret Hart! Bret Hart rolls in and quickly kicks Kurt in the shoulder a few times. Kurt is down on one knee from the pain. Bret continues to kick his shoulder.

Jesse Ventura: That is one smart move by Bret Hart!

Bret hart picks up Angle and hit’s a back breaker. Bret then picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Bret runs in after Angle and he hit’s a clothesline. Angle falls to the mat. Bret hart picks up Angle and hit’s a scoop slam. He then locks in a armbar. Kurt is about to tap when Bret Hart lets go. Bret bounces off the ropes and when he does, Hulk Hogan hits him in the back. Bret turns around and he points and yells at Hulk Hogan! Kurt takes this advantage and grabs Bret hart’s legs and throws him over.

Bret Hart is eliminated​

Kurt Angle holds his shoulder as he shakes it to try and get the pain out. The spotlights shines down again and the next opponent is Stone Cold Steve Austin! The arena cheers as Stone Cold steps in. Angle runs at Stone Cold but Austin grabs his head and quickly throws him over as the crowd erupts with cheers.

Kurt Angle is eliminated​

Stone Cold signals for a beer as he gets one. He drinks it quickly as the spotlight shines on the next opponent, Brock Lesnar! The crowd cheers for Lesnar as he enters the ring. He jumps up and down and taunts Austin. Austin walks up to Lesnar and flicks him off. Brock laughs as Stone Cold walks around the ring. Austin walks back up and hits Brock with right hands. Austin hits one but Brock isn’t effected. Brock clotheslines the hell out of Austin. Brock picks him up and goes for the “F-5” but Austin reverses it and he bounces off the ropes. He comes back and leaps at Brock but Brock catches him. Brock then kicks him in the stomach followed by the “F-5!” The crowd explodes with cheers as Brock goes insane. Brock picks Austin up and he executes another “F-5!” The crowd cheers again as Brock Lesnar picks him up once more. Brock kicks him in the gut and thinks about an F-5 but he throws Austin over the rope instead!

Gene Okerlund: Brock just threw him out like he was trash!

Stone Cold Steve Austin is eliminated​

Jesse Ventura: I hope Hulk Hogan is next. Only Hogan, Kane and Rock are left!

The spotlight shines on the next opponent, Rock! Rock looks around kind of scared. He then rolls into the ring. When Brock comes at him, he gets out of the ring (under the bottom rope.) Brock rolls out of the ring after him. Rock runs by the announcers’ booth and grabs a chair.

Jesse Ventura: What is he doing here?

Gene Okerlund: I don’t know, Jess!

Rock waits till Brock gets close and whacks him over the head with the chair. Brock starts bleeding!

Gene Okerlund: What a shot. If Rock rolls him in, Rock might be able to eliminated Brock Lesnar!

Rock rolls Brock in and he then follows by rolling in. Rock picks up Brock and throws him over the top rope.

Brock Lesnar is eliminated​

The spotlight shines down on the next opponent, Kane! Kane rolls in and runs right at Rock. He clotheslines Rock. He picks him up and then delivers a huge “Chokeslam” to Rock. Kane then picks him up. He hits the “Tombstone” on Rock. Kane looks around the arena. Some are cheering and some are booing. The Rock is out cold. Kane rolls out of the ring and he grabs the chair Rock hit Brock with. He picks it up and is about to go back into the ring when Hulk Hogan Big Boots the chair making it hit off Kane’s head! Hulk Hogan then rolls him into the ring. The crowd boos as Rock gets up. Rock throws Kane over the top rope and then falls right back on to the ground.

Kane is eliminated​

Hulk knows he is last and quickly rolls in. Rock is down and Hulk calls for the “Leg Drop” but when he goes for it, Rock moves and Hulk falls right on his butt. Hulk holds his butt as Rock springs up to his feet. He waits for Hulk to get up. Hogan gets up and he slowly turns around right into a “Rock Bottom!” The crowd cheers as Rock gets up and signals for the “People’s Elbow!” Rock hits it. He looks around the arena. He then looks at Hogan. He picks up Hogan. Rock throws him off the ropes. When Hogan comes back Rock hits a “Big Boot” on Hogan. It only hits his stomach, though. Rock laughs as he picks up Hogan. Rock throws him off the ropes once more but Hogan reverses it. Hogan hit’s a “Big Boot” on The Rock!

Jesse Ventura: He is going to do it, Meno!

Hogan then nails a “Leg Drop”! He picks up Rock. He looks at each side and then throws him out of the ring. The crowd goes insane as the bell rings.

Rock is eliminated


Hulk gets the belt and he holds it tight as the announcers talk.

Gene Okerlund: What a show we had for you folks. I hope you tune in next week.

Jesse Ventura: Hogan did it, Meno! Hogan’s the champion!

The IWA logo flashes on the screen as the show comes to an end.

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