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I wonder what Aeris felt...When she was up on that
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IWA: MS said:
We made a decision late this morning to go ahead and postpone the Rock Island show for next Friday night, June 15th.

There was very little action in the thread on the message board leading up to the show and the fact that we could not put together a lineup for the show that we deemed worthy of our return to Rock Island, we decided not to risk the dangers of having another horrible turnout like we did for the Candido Cup.

We can not afford to take another hit like that with the Oolitic floor situation hanging over our head (even though that is going well right now) but we also have to think about King of the Death Matches and the ECW Arena show in Philadelphia. Those shows do not have the advance sales that we would like and they are much more expensive shows than Rock Island so we need to be prepared for those shows to the best of our abilities.

We do plan on running Rock Island again in the future but right now we just can not extend ourselves that far.

We apologize for the postponement but hope that our fans understand our decision to not do a lackluster show and risk future shows or making the wrestlers work for next to nothing in order to do this show.

Do not fear about the KOTDM or Point Proven or TPI...they will still go on which is why we decided to postpone a lesser show.

Hopefully we will see you in Joliet.
god this sucks. i was really looking forward to this as my first IWA: MS show since i probably won't make Joliet or Night 1 of KOTDM.

hopefully everything can come around for Ian.

as for the attendance for Candido Cup, Fannin said it wasn't even 150 people each night.

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Damn, under 150? That's a very disappointing turnout.
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