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It's time for Sami Zayn to switch things up

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Character wise that is. I enjoy him making an ass out of himself, but that has run it's course. He has an hard hitting wrestling style that would benefit a more serious heel character. He has shown intensity in the past, he has that club in the bag.
In my opinion, he should take cues from Eric Young's character arc in TNA. Have him come out in cargo pants and a tanktop with the wild hair and beard and threten to end someone's career like EY did Kurt Angle a while ago. The stronger the contrast with his previous character, the better.

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I really liked the conspiracy gimmick...but it went nowhere with no real conclusion. They could have done a lot with it.
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Big fan of Sami. His conspiracy gimmick was one of the best things in WWE in the last year. But at this point, I don’t know where you can really go with him. King Sami would be amusing and no doubt he’d make it an entertaining watch, but he ain’t winning that. Even if he did, he’d still likely be treated as a jobber.

So I don’t think trying to be more serious is the way to go. Let him continue being a rambling fool who thinks he’s better than he is (kayfabe wise) and do his thing as a comedy heel. If he strikes gold with something and starts getting really over, then maybe go the direction of pushing him as a face/a more serious character.
Well they have split Sami and Kevin on different shows after Crown Jewel. So no chance of Sami going the tag team route with Kevin. So I really don't know what's next for Sami. Unfortunately he will probably continue to be used as a guy that puts others over. Watch them have Ricochet beat him over and over again.
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