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Welp, Dudebuster number two is gone, as well as the potential in Vance Archer, Gallows and Shad and the constant teasing of a Hart Dynasty break-up, Truth and Morrison are on and off just as are Mark Henry and Evan Bourne due to Bourne's injury.


Curt Hawkins and Jackson Andrews
Jackson who? 7ft tall guy from FCW, the two had a Gatecrashers-esque tag team before Archer came along, now he's out of the picture it would be the perfect time, and would put Hawkins over to have a huge powerhouse as a bodyguard, especially since he has a 'The Brian Kendrick' vibe to him.

South Beach Party Boys - Darren Young and Percy Watson
What else are they doing right now? Reunite them dammit! Even if they're jobbers they can be like the new Too Cool.

Brooklyn's Finest - JTG and Kaval
Honestly, it sounds weird, but if JTG toned down his outdated cryme tyme stuff it could work.

The Dominators - Ezekiel Jackson and Michael Tarver : could make a brilliant tag team, Zeke as the powerhouse, Tarver as the mouthpeice and quick striker.

The Fortunate Sons - Ted and Brett DiBiase, with Maryse : been wanting to see it for some time now, surprised it hasn't happened already.

William Regal and Goldust - Comedy ....ffffhh... Gooooold.

Miz and Mercury - How perfect would this be if they rejuvinate a Miz/Morrison fued?

Usos, Hart Dynasty are fine as they are, Kozlov and Santino are alright but just need to stay in comedy bits and non-contender matches.
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