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So everybody here knows I'm the Anti-Apple crusader from WF, but my friend wants me to give him my music collection and to put it on his Itouch, the thing about it are as listed below...

1- I cannot determine what version (Generation) he has, or is it a real apple product.
2- To what software should I update it to?
3- How do I keep music that is already there after update the software.

What I do know its on 3.1.3(7E18)

Now When ever its going to load a program it does something I have never seen an Itouch do.

Thanks for all your help.

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dont worry, he has it jailbroken and has a theme on it lol in fact i have the same theme

its legit

download itunes and itll work perfectly :)

for putting songs on, just drag them straight onto it :)

if you need anymore help, ask me
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