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It was always Stardust

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Long ago I posted a photo when some thought the Stardust gimmick was just made up as an answer to Golddust.

But long ago Dusty Rhodes wrestled as Stardust for a while.

On Cody's Wife's blog right after Dusty had passed she mentioned even as a kid Cody's nickname was Stardust.

So it was my opinion he kept the gimmick as it honors his father's old character and his childhood nickname.

But recently a very very old photo from when Cody was only 12 years old has been found, an awesome find. At 12 years old he already had his "wrestler" name picked out that he wanted.
I get a little lump in throat, he's always wanted to be like his dad.

Anyhow I thought some Cody fans or Rhodes fans might find it kinda cool.
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I like that Cody is doing what he wants. I'm not totally into the character, but if he enjoys doing it, good for him.
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