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And pre-PPV matches or dark matches don't count as far as I'm concerned.

Great Khali (I know, he sucks and I can't stand him, but he is former WHC)
Santino Marella (I don't like him either, but he's mega-over)
Vladimir Kozlov
DH Smith
Tyson Kidd
Eve (current divas champion)
Ted Dibiase
Mark Henry

Am I missing anyone else? I'm assuming Kofi and Christian are teaming with Show and Kane vs. the Corre.

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So far Bourne, McIntyre, Kingston and Dibiase are the biggest mid-carders losing out on Mania spots so far. I didn't think they would leave MicIntyre and Kingston off the card especially.

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The lack of MITB is really hurting them this year, hopefully they'll learn come WM28. Guys like Morrison & Ziggler are being wasted in a pointless Divas match, whilst Kofi Kingston & Drew McIntyre won't even make the card, which is unbelievable looking at the current line-up.

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Great Khali ---> will compete in pre-ppv match (battle royal)
Santino Marella ---> will compete in pre-ppv & in backstage segments
Vladimir Kozlov ---> will compete in pre-ppv match
Natalya ---> won't compete at all
DH Smith ---> will compete in pre-ppv match
Tyson Kidd ---> will compete in pre-ppv match
R-Truth ---> I guess he will still get a place on the card somewhere
Eve ---> And I guess they will add a diva's championship match
Ted Dibiase ---> will compete in pre-ppv match
Mark Henry ---> will compete in pre-ppv match
Diesel ---> won't compete at all

Well, let's see if I am right ;)

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Yeah, you'd think they could at least have built up a decent Intercontinental Title feud between McIntyre and Kingston. They're doing it for the US Title. Could have added Bourne to the mix for the US Title too. He's a got a connection already by pinning Sheamus a few weeks ago.
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