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Seriously. His entire run so far is because of writers not understanding their audience and simply reacting and reacting slowly to outside events. Bryan and Bray Wyatt made absolutely no sense and apparently was given up due to MSU fans cheering. How garbage and forced did that whole thing feel. Both just went their separate ways like it never happened. Why was Bray even interested in Bryan or Punk to begin with? Does he just dig facial hair? Then Bryan took like 8 Sister Abigails just to get Bray alone in a cage to knee him once? Good job...Anyway it shouldn't have happened, Bryan should have been focused on the belt otherwise why have him beat Cena at summerslam and engage in a war with the authority. Its a great story if Bryan beats Cena, HHH backstabs him, then for 7 months Bryan chases the title beating all of HHHs goons and taking tons of beatings along the way. First the Shield, then corporate Kane,then Bryan wins at RR even with HHH's old friend Batista returning to help HHH out. At EC HHH sells his soul to Bray to finish DB, Bryan still wins. HHH furiously says he needs to take matters into his own hands inserts self into EC and wins. Bryan vs HHH for the title at WM and we see it as a huge event. A payoff worthy of main eventing WM XXX.

None of that has happened. Instead Dbry out of nowhere now wants a title shot in a triple threat? WTF he couldn't win at EC so this doesn't make sense. Even if he beat HHH what stops corporate kane coming out this time and doing the same thing again. DB vs HHH makes no sense at this point because DB hasn't accomplished enough in the ring to deserve it in all honesty. They are rushing this hugely because I think truthfully it never would get to this point. Shouldn't HHH be like dude you lost clean to Bray Wyatt a month ago...So now they are pushing him literally both real and kayfabe wise because fans chant for him. Not because he baited HHH by kissing Stephanie or going to his office and kneeing him in the boardroom or something. Because fans cheered him.

Instead Punk leaves and his program with HHH goes to Dbry. Batista fails so they need a face so that goes to Dbry. If DB wins even as a DB fan it seems way too soon. When the buildup is too fast, impatience comes if the payoff goes too long. We cheer DB because hes the underdog. How long does that last as champion, especially when 99% of the buildup consisted of getting screwed in matches against Randy Orton...a guy who has even clean jobbed to Cesaro recently.

Now HHH has entered the fray. It would make sense for his match with Bryan to end in NC and both enter a quadruple threat, and have HHH beat Orton while Batista holds Dbry back or something and really set off a chase for the title, But this is WM it has to end with a payoff.

The whole thing is F'ed writers backed in the corner now and I think will sell out for WM at expense of the future. People will turn on DB faster than Cena once he is no longer the underdog unless they throw a bunch of legends at him and that will only last for a while.
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