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Beats the hell outta me if this has been talked about since I haven't visited this section in ages, but I'm pissed - So, why not?

Does anyone who has their paychecks signed by Vince McMahon realize that there is still... rhis.. WWE 24/7 or "WWE Classics" still available? I pimp Fios on my sweet ass flat screen and I'm pissed at how stagnant 'WWE Classics' has become.

When I first bought it - which is when they were leading up to the 1997 King of the Ring - I remember that Nitro and Raw would be on for two weeks and then the next one after that for two weeks and etc.. etc.. It's cool that they've gone back two years and are featuring Raw and Nitro from 1996, but, dammit! One Raw and one Nitro from the "Monday Night War" era a month isn't enough to hold anyone over.

Not just that. I had problems with my box-thingamijig (I am far from being savvy with anything related to technology) for two months and I couldn't get any of my On Demand stuff. I didn't order "Elimination Chamber" because I'm addicted to HD and if I order a PPV, I have to get it in HD, which is more expensive. Why buy the PPV when you know you'll basically get it for free on 'Classics'? I figured that I missed out and I'd have to buy the DVD or something. But as soon as I get my On Demand back, hardly anything was updated and it was featuring the Royal Rumble. Geez, how long did they keep the Rumble up for? I remember it being on 'Classics' for another couple of weeks.

And why are they still leaving Chris Benoit out? Time has proven to mend the wounds of what happened back in June 2007. I didn't buy the DVD, but I've read the reports that WWE did indeed put all Elimination Chamber matches out for their DVD, including the one with Benoit, despite the fact that anything said about him gets taken out and replaced with crowd noise. It's no secret that WWE has slowly etching Benoit back into their history and record books, proof being in magazines and anthologies of WrestleMania and SummerSlam and whatever. On a different note, it was pretty stupid to include Batista winning the Royal Rumble when he did and you could clearly see Benoit and then he's just gone... Yet, he's on other DVDs. I'm not saying people are over it or will ever get over it. I'm just saying that people have accepted it and miss watching the greatness he once displayed in the ring.

Am I wasting my money? I don't hate 'Classics' as I like the round-table thing (do they even have new episodes of that anymore?) and some of the cards and matches they put on that I've never seen. But having 'Classics' now feels like having the internet of 1996... Too damn slow.
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