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I only know of him from old Memphis fans waxing nostalgic. I've read good things, but the one clip I saw of him was rather unimpressive. I have a feeling he'd be another one of those wrestlers I just don't "get." Didn't he take on Lawler in "The King's" return from his broken leg injury?

Now it's time for some more Memphis questions.....

GreenLawler: Do you remember (or have you ever heard of) the fake Memphis Mil Mascaras? I read about him on Scott Bowden's site a couple years ago. They dressed a local jobber up in a Mil Mascaras outfit one time :lol Bowden wasn't 100% sure he was a fake until a few years back when Lawler or Dutch or one of those guys set him straight. I think he wrestled Lawler in that 70s angle where The King had take on all the top contenders in order to get a title shot.

Who were the Memphis Bruise Brothers? I know Mid South had Porkchop Cash and Something Boyd. Then there were the Harris Brothers later on.

Weren't the Interns a team from the 60s? I remember Lawler mentioning them in his book. I guess Memphis brought the gimmick back?
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