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Is there a list of banned moves somewhere?

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I've been wondering this for a while, and it's come back to light after this Orton Punt thing.

What other moves have been banned? Or are they not banned as much as discouraged? Piledrivers are banned for example but Undertaker, Kane and HHH have all done tombstones in the last couple of years.

Does this list of banned moves actually exist? If so, where is it?
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I know any Piledriver is banned unless they are given special permission and undergo tests to prove they can do it safely.

Kane, Undertaker and HHH are the only 3 people with the right height and strength mix to pull it off.

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The King Pile Drivered someone at a basketball game recently I think, that seems dangerous.

I'm sure the backhand slap was banned for a while, don't think it is now, just because of Ric Flair going to TNA and the crowd always going WHOOOOOO!!

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belly to belly overhead? german suplex? ( very rare )
It's not banned, but guys just prob don't know how to preform/sell it.

Brodus/Ryback do a similar move to that. It's more like a fallaway slam though, but still similar impact on the opponent.

And Taker/Kane still do tombstone, but it's not like the usual piledriver though. The opponents head never actually hits the ground. So that's why it's ok for them to still use it
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