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Is there a draft this year?

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Wasn't it supposed to happen like 2 months ago
Does anyone know if it's still on this year?
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I don't think there will be one because everyone is just appearing on both shows now, really no point.

There won't be any drafts for a few years IMO, not until the rosters are star packed again, whenever that may be.
And with RAW going to three hours now, it would seem even more pointless.
I don't think there's even a brand split anymore.
With the 3 hour raw thing and every superstar gets to go to either brand, it would be pointless to have a draft.
I don't think there's going to be a huge draft event. Not because "Lol what brand split hurr hurr", but I think that the rosters will simply be quietly shuffled around over the next few months. We have NXT officially becoming developmental, which means the people regularly appearing on NXT now have to be moved up to RAW or SmackDown to make room for the developmental guys. This might be part of the reason for RAW becoming three hours, so that the NXT/Superstars guys become the (majority of) new SmackDown roster, and the RAW Supershow guys officially become the RAW roster.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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