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I understand that the IC belt is not featured much on television these days. And if there is an IC bout you'll have a short 5 minute match.

I am specifically asking about house shows.

Back in the day, they gave the IC title to the workhorses... those that could "go" 20 minutes a night, while the main event guys did 10 minutes of signature moves.

Is that still a reality today? I have yet to attend a house show, and I'm just curious to know if the IC title is still treated as such.

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The WWE Title is the new IC Title and John Cena is the new WWE Title.
This, WWE title has been the workhorse champion for years because the IC title isn't a significant belt, you could argue the 'World' title is the new IC title also but I think 'giving the ball to run with' is now the WWE title with John Cena + The Megastars of yesterday are ahead of it unfortunetly at the minute.
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