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Is the Cesaro + Heyman combination going to work?

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I do like both acts a lot and it a great combination in theory, but I'm finding the combination has had rather awkward start. Cesaro had a lot of face momentum coming out of WM30, as where Heyman had a lot of heel momentum. Combining them now has been a bit off, because Heyman being the mouth piece is over shadowing Cesaro with all the Brock Lesner defeating the streak heat as Cesaro just stands there with nothing to do, especially when it was used to fill in the dead air for the lack of Cesaro theme music. It's just taken a lot of steam out of Cesaro and his momentum. The team up has also kept Cesaro a heel and this appears to be confusing to the crowds as they cheer him like he's a face. I can't blame them, Cesaro just has this face feel at the moment. I believe the swing is such a face move to do as he acknowledges the crowd to count before he does it.

To me, it just feels like the creative are trying to shoe horn in Brock Lesner promos into Cesaro's push. They should keep both things separate, because combining them is only watering down each others impact.

how do you guys feel about these guys teaming up?
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