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Is Road Dogg Right - Will You Always Come Back?

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Brian G. James ✔ @WWERoadDogg
I'm a wrestling fan! If we're not your thing, check out something else. But.. You'll be back, I assure you, you'll be back! #OUDK
11:47 PM - 22 Nov 2015
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Road Dogg said on 11/22 that fans would always be back. So I pose the question...no matter how bad things get, will you always be back?

My own answer is...yes, if things improve. But will fans always be back no matter how mundane the promotion gets? Will they be back even if Barney the Dinosaur guest hosts RAW, and gives a lesson on love and caring to Stardust?

Here's my point.

Rick Berman and Branon Braga thought that Star Trek fans would be back as they continued to put out repetitive storylines in their latter television series Voyager. But the fans did not return for Enterprise, and Trek was blown out of the water when former writer and producer Ron Moore reinvented the genre with the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. Those fans went away and did not come back, and Enterprise became the only Trek series since the 1980s not to go 7 seasons.

General Motors thought that they had the American market locked down, despite the quality vehicles that Japan was producing and political pressures to make smaller cars during the 1970s. But they continued to produce largely garbage, making a raft of poorly designed, brutalist rustbuckets that eroded
their market share to the point of financial peril. General Motors thought that their buyers would come back. It didn't. They haven't.

George Lucas had his vision of the Star Wars prequel trilogy and created The Phantom Menace. His vision was out of step with the market, and where Episode 1 grossed $474M, its followup did only $310M due to bad feeling resulting from the creative failure of the first movie.

So is Road Dogg right? Or does he take the audience for granted?
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Probably but I always watch RAW on YT and pirate the PPV's so FUCK YOU.
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