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Is our society to blame for WWE being so lackluster and boring?

  • Yes, our society is to blame

    Votes: 3 7.9%
  • No, WWE just produces bad products

    Votes: 17 44.7%
  • It's both our society and WWE. Both are resposible for lackluster products

    Votes: 18 47.4%

Is our society to blame for WWE being so lackluster and boring?

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I feel like in our current society making WWE fun or possibly even another boom is impossible.

We live in age where we simply know too much (wrestling spoilers), we get bored easily storylines and wrestlers, and we just complain and complain about whatever WWE is doing. Also, everything has been exposed in wrestling at this point so nothing feels fresh anymore.

Also, we have such variety forms of entertaintments (games, movies, TV shows, whatever social media, millions of videos from Youtube, endless web surfing....) it's just too difficult for us to concentrate on wrestling anymore. (Would you rather watch a good movie for 2 hours or watch one episode of medicore Raw for 3 hours? You tell me...)

So do you think our society is to blame for? Or is WWE just not stepping up?
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Another "it's the fans fault" post.

You may as well be trolling.
I was actually expecting the weekly "bring back the attitude era" thread when I opened this, I guess it's yet to come.

I'm starting to think with the sheer amount of ad breaks in Raw now keeping a consistent good product might be impossible for them.. We get a good opening segment or two a month, main events that often generate enough hype people forgive the drek that lead to it so things limp along.. But seriously, how can anyone put on good TV when they run ads nearly literally every 5 minutes and often full sets of ads back to back after single video packages and a few words from the clucking chickens behind the announce table?

And speaking of.. The announcing is cripplingly awful.. I tried to be forgiving.. but those days are over. That new smackdown guy in two short hours just put out better work than all of them out together last year.. Time will only tell how long it takes Vince to break him.. But tonight, when Lawler wasn't clucking it was sublime by comparison..
Actually it's all your fault that WWE is so terrible, haven't you heard?

It's directly our fault that they have no idea how to build stars, book matches, or create a coherent and entertaining programme.

And those advert breaks. All our fault.

Somebody put us in our place, please. Stupid fans we are.
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