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is king mo backing Aces & Eights

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king mo is at impact hope he is on
the show!!!
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I thought about this the other night...

It would be great if it was someone new but it'll probably end up being Jeff Jarrett.
This could go in the A&8s thread or you could have looked down the page, there is a King Mo thread already posted today.

As far as Mo being backstage, he is likely just visiting as he starts his training in OVW in the upcoming days and or weeks. I could see him possibly being on the post show though. I dont think he will be on Impact tonight, but ya never know.
James Storm is not Aces and 8s
no one said he was thats just a pic of him and James Storm at TNA Impact today.

unless Aces and 8s is a ruthless MMA group, which they have shown no clues as to being.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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